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Lords of the Fallen items contain weapons, armor sets, rings, amulets, potions, and spell runes. If you are stuck in the early stages of the game, you can swiftly level up by continually beating the first boss and earning these LotF Items. These items can be obtained as drops from killing enemies and bosses. However, if you want to save time and obtain them conveniently and fast, purchasing LotF Items from an internet store is a fantastic option. Rocketleague.com is a trustworthy website that offers Lords of The Fallen Items for PS, Xbox, and PC on, with fast delivery, guarantee safety, and 24/7 customer service. Whether you favor mighty weapons, protective armor, empowering accessories, or consumable boosts, we have all the stock. We have rich experience and professional team, which can provide you with the lowest price and the best discount. 

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Lords of the Fallen Items Guide: How to Unlock


There are several weapon categories including axes, staves, hammers, swords, daggers, and more. Each has unique attack animations and damage types like slash, crush, magic etc. Stronger weapons cause more damage but are slower.

Enemy drops: Defeated enemies will randomly drop weapons they were using, providing constant gear upgrades as you progress.

Chests: Exploring off the main path and unlocking chests can reward you with powerful weapon loot.

Boss rewards: Defeating major bosses grants specialty weapons related to that enemy.

Merchants: Certain merchants sell weapons if you have enough gold to purchase them.


Armor provides protection in combat at the cost of slower movement and stamina regen. Heavier armor has higher defense but impairs mobility.

Crafting: Using recipes, you can craft armor at Blacksmiths using looted materials.

Boss drops: Bosses will drop leg/helmet armor related to their visual theme.

Secret areas: Hidden rooms or completing puzzles reveals special armor sets.

Perk rewards: Raising certain perks to 5 unlocks the ability to buy that armor type.

Rings and Amulets

These accessories provide defensive and offensive buffs when equipped. Effects include extra damage, vitality, spell power, luck, etc.

Secret passages: Phasing through walls leads to hidden rooms with ring/amulet rewards.

Daily quests: Special daily challenges reward special rings and amulets upon completion.

Crafting: Rings and Amulets can be forged using rare crafting materials.

NG+: Completing New Game+ unlocks upgraded versions of all rings/amulets.

Runes and Charms

These consumable items provide temporary effects and buffs. Runes enhance weapon damage for a short duration. Charms boost stats like strength, luck, spell power, etc.

Defeated bosses have a chance to drop runes/charms related to their abilities.

Investigating environmental objects may make charms appear.

purchasing rune and charm bundles from special vendors.

Random loot drops from chests, vases, and enemy kills.