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>Rocket League Crate Opening Top 10 Rank

Free Rocket League Credits Giveaway Every Day, Play Our Free RL Crate Simulator Now!

  1. Join The Givaway Easily: Register and Set your platform, Choose OPEN CRATE to Play our crate simulator.
  2. 20 crates opening as a round (Multiple rounds ACCPETED), your round with the highest price (total price of all the items your opened from crates) will be counted to rank on below list.
  3. NOTICE: Multiple accounts from same IP, cheating and robots is forbidden here! To Be Fair, please only register one account with your correct e-mail to play! Please do not open crates continuously for hours, otherwise it will be determined as suspicious by our system.
  4. Only the first ONE account from some IP allowed to join the giveaway every day, and other accounts from the IP will not be counted into our Rank List!
  5. The rules above would be adjusted without further notice, please read carefully before playing.
  6. Click to get know How To Win Free Crates & Get Your Rewards Step By Step
  7. Your STEAM game account must be bound to the EPIC player name, and multiple accounts from one player will be baned!
There is a rank delay of about 10 minutes on the leaderboard.
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