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Lords of the Fallen Vigor is the player's experience points (EXP) and currency for leveling up characters, thus increasing their statistics, purchasing items and equipment from merchant, such as Accessories, Weapons, Armor, Shields, and Magic. There are many ways to obtain Vigor including defeating enemies, using Enervated Vigor Skull (a consumable item that provides players with a certain amount of vigor), and exploring the umbral realm. But the easiest and the fastest way is to directly buy LotF Vigor from online store. Rocketleague.com now sells Lords of The Fallen Vigor for PS, Xbox, and PC with fast delivery, guarantee safety, refund policy, and 24/7 customer service. We adjust our prices every day according to market conditions, you are guaranteed to get the best services and LotF Vigor at the cheapest prices to meet all your shopping needs. 

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Lords of the Fallen Vigor Guide: How to Farm

Leveling Up: Whenever your character gains a level, your Vigor score will automatically boost by 1 point. This provides a steady increase as you progress through the game and gain XP.

Vigor-Boosting Gear: Equipping certain weapons, armor, rings, and amulets that provide a Vigor stat boost is a great way to increase your pool size. Focus on gear that specifically lists Vigor bonuses when equipped.

Investing Attribute Points: When putting points into Strength, Magic, Dexterity etc, investing some into the Endurance attribute will also raise your Vigor. Balance attributes wisely.

Using the Vigor Shrine: Activating the Vigor Shrine found in the Rhogar Realm will convert your Arcane resource into bonus Vigor for a short duration. Use it before boss fights.

Consuming Vigor Potions: Keep a stock of Vigor Potions on hand to use during combat. They will instantly replenish a portion of lost Vigor, allowing you to keep fighting at peak capacity.

Starting Class: Some classes like the Cleric begin with higher base Vigor. Picking a class with high starting Vigor gives you an advantage.