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> Rocket League Season 7 Rocket Pass Items Fast To Unlock Rocket Pass 7 Free Premium Pro Rewards

Rocket League Season 7 Rocket Pass Items - Fast To Unlock Rocket Pass 7 Free, Premium, Pro Rewards

6/16/2022 3:58:16 PM

Rocket League is heading towards its seventh anniversary. Appropriately, the Rocket League Season 7 begins on June 15th with completely new Battle Pass rewards, a new car, and other innovations. Here we summarize the full list of Rocket League Season 7 Rocket Pass Free, Premium, and Pro Rewards, as well as the fast methods to unlock these new Season 7 Luxury-Themed Items.

Rocket League Season 7 Update - Rocket Pass & New Content

Psyonix kicked off, the seventh season of Rocket League this Wednesday, June 15th. The new luxury and glamor-themed season bring major changes such as changes to Custom Training, the new Battle Pass, the “Maestro” car, and the Colosseum Utopia arena variation, in addition to the awards for last season. 

  • New Season Theme & Battle-Car - After the Nomad from Season 6 was received with mixed feelings, fans are now offered a more classic car. Season 7 is all about the celebrations, and to match, there's a new VIP-themed car, the Maestro. The exterior of the battle car is reminiscent of luxury limousines such as those from the British brand Bentley and comes with a Dominus hitbox.

  • Utopia Coliseum Arena (Gilded) – The Utopia Coliseum Arena is getting a facelift for Season 7 and will be available from the start of the season.

  • New Rocket Pass – The Season 7 Rocket Pass will feature the majestic Maestro car and include items such as Carat Cutter wheels, marble floor decals, and more.

  • Custom Training - Season 7 also brings improvements to Custom Training in addition to the improved interface. Now, it is no longer necessary to execute the kicks in a specific order, being able to choose the specific kick desired. Progress has also been added to each pack to save developer data and player time without having to restart packs to complete them. Players will also be able to reset any pack progress to repeat the training as many times as desired.

  • Summer Anniversary Event –A new limited-time event celebrating the Rocket League's seventh anniversary will be available later this summer, with more information to be revealed at a later date.

  • Additional Updates – Season 6 Competitive Rewards will be distributed shortly after the start of Season 7

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Rocket League Season 7 Rocket Pass Rewards

Themed with luxury and ostentation, the main novelty of the season and the most awaited by players is the new Battle Pass. Through the Rocket Pass, Rocket League fans will be able to decorate both the cars and the garage with a touch of refinement, in addition to having access to other special features that will appear throughout the season.

In Rocket League Season 7, the red carpet is rolled out and fireworks adorn the night sky in Utopia Colosseum. It will also be elegant with the new Battle Pass, which will give you golden items for the first time in addition to new tires, decals and titles. In order to get these, you have to reach at least level 70, some parts are only available at level 150! 

Rocket League Season 7 Rocket Pass Free Rewards

Still, players can unlock free rewards including Uncommon Drop and free new battle-car customization items automatically by reaching certain tiers in the free Rocket Pass:

Tier 1 - Fat Stacks Topper, Barbershop Wheels, Denim Paint Finish

Tier 2 - Aspiring Influencer

Tier 5 - Uncommon Drop

Tier 8 - Breakout: King Monke

Tier 10 - Uncommon Drop

Tier 13 - Aquarium 

Tier 15 - Uncommon Drop 

Tier 18 - Fat Stacks

Tier 20 - Uncommon Drop

Tier 22 - Denim

Tier 25 - Uncommon Drop

Tier 28 - Takumi: Sizzled 

Tier 30 - Uncommon Drop

Tier 32 - Chic Geek

Tier 35 - Uncommon Drop

Tier 38 - Excavator

Tier 40 - Uncommon Drop

Tier 43 - Credit Hoarder

Tier 45 - Rare Drop

Tier 48 - Barbershop

Tier 50 - Rare Drop

Tier 55 - Rare Drop

Tier 60 - Rare Drop

Tier 65 - Very Rare Drop

Tier 70 - Very Rare Drop

Tier 80 - Very Rare Drop

Tier 90 - Very Rare Drop

Tier 100 - Very Rare Drop

Tier 110 - Very Rare Drop

How To Get RL Season 7 Rocket Pass Free Items?

1. Play games to tier up

2. Buy from reliable Rocket League items store such as Rocketprices.Com

Rocket League Season 7 Rocket Pass Premium Rewards

Still, players can unlock untradeable Rocket Pass Premium Rewards (including premium battle cars, premium Player Banners, premium Titles, Black Market decals, XP Boosts, Credits, and Special Edition items can now be unlocked prior to tier 70) by purchasing Premium Rocket Pass upgrade with 1,000 credits and leveling up for 70 tiers:

Tier 1 - Maestro (Body)

Tier 2 - Maestro: Outline (Decal)

Tier 3 - Shield Breaker (Rare Boost)

Tier 4 - 10% Party XP Boost (XP Boost)

Tier 5 - Zomba (Player Banner)

Tier 6 - Ochroid (Wheels)

Tier 7 - Undergrowth (Animated Decal)

Tier 8 - Kinda Big Deal (Title)

Tier 9 - Deco-Dare (Paint Finish)

Tier 10 - 5% XP Boost (XP Boost)

Tier 11 - Open Up (Player Anthem)

Tier 12 - 100 Credits

Tier 13 - Chauffeur (Wheels)

Tier 14 - Shield Breaker (Trail)

Tier 15 - Fancy Shades (Topper)

Tier 16 - Deco Palm (Player Banner)

Tier 17 - Maestro: Appollo (Decal)

Tier 18 - Golden Goalkeeper (Title)

Tier 19 - Dragonfly (Antenna)

Tier 20 - Debutante (Wheels)

Tier 21 - Deco Palm (Paint Finish)

Tier 22 - Octane: Summer Slide (Decal)

Tier 23 - 5% XP Boost (XP Boost)

Tier 24 - 100 Credits

Tier 25 - Better Days (Player Anthem)

Tier 26 - Halcyon (Wheels)

Tier 27 - Contestor (Avatar Border)

Tier 28 - Maestro: Marble Floor (Decal)

Tier 29 - Old School (Antenna)

Tier 30 - A-Lister (Title)

Tier 31 - Diamante (Wheels)

Tier 32 - 5% XP Boost

Tier 33 - Boujee (Decal)

Tier 34 - Bling (Paint Finish)

Tier 35 - Shield Breaker (Goal Explosion)

Tier 36 - 100 Credits

Tier 37 - Born 2 Boost (Decal)

Tier 38 - Shushi Roller (Wheels)

Tier 39 - 5% XP Boost

Tier 40 - Maestro: Brume (Decal)

Tier 41 - Premiere (Player Banner)

Tier 42 - Flow Form (Wheels)

Tier 43 - Maestro: Ombre (Decal)

Tier 44 - Fancy Cane (Antenna)

Tier 45 - Marred Shard (Animated Decal)

Tier 46 - Carat Cutter (Wheels)

Tier 47 - Octane:Blinkpad (Animated Decal)

Tier 48 - 100 Credits

Tier 49 - Debonair (Paint Finish)

Tier 50 - 5% XP Boost

Tier 51 - A-Lister (Wheels)

Tier 52 - Maestro: Huntress (Animated Decal)

Tier 53 - Phoenix Fire (Trail)

Tier 54 - Gala (Wheels)

Tier 55 - Dominus: Agamid (Animated Decal)

Tier 56 - Frequen-C (Animated Decal)

Tier 57 - Deco (Avatar Border)

Tier 58 - 5% Party XP Boost

Tier 59 - Halcyon: Revolved (Wheels)

Tier 60 - 100 Credits

Tier 61 - Palm Frond (Animated Decal)

Tier 62 - Jellyfish (Topper)

Tier 63 - Phoenix Fire (Rocket Boost)

Tier 64 - Debutante: Crystalized (Wheels)

Tier 65 - Red Carpet Ready (Player Title)

Tier 66 - 5% XP Boost

Tier 67 - 100 Credits

Tier 68 - Affluenter (Animated Decal)

Tier 69 - A-Lister: Inverted (Wheels)

Tier 70 - Phoenix Fire (Goal Explosion)

Tier 80 - 100 Credits 

Tier 90 - 100 Credits 

Tier 100 - 100 Credits 

Tier 110 - 100 Credits

How To Get Rocket League Season 7 Rocket Pass Premium Items?

1. Buy Rocket Pass Premium with 1000 Credits

2. Play games to tier up and unlock the corresponding rewards, or buy Rocket Pass Bundle with 2,000 credits if you want to get a 12 additional tiers

3. Or unlock more tiers with your Rocket League credit balance to unlock more rewards

Rocket League Season 7 Rocket Pass Pro Rewards

Players at Tiers 70 or above can unlock Pro Rewards by unlocking Pro Tiers via progression. Each Pro Tier grants you a chance to receive a Painted and/or Certified version of a Premium Rocket Pass item you've already acquired. Unless you've finished the full set of each Paint Color and Certification for the current Pass, there are no duplicate awards from Pro Tiers.

How To Get Rocket League Season 7 Rocket Pass Pro Items Fast?

1. Earn XP in-game to advance through the Rocket Pass Tiers. Focusing on Daily/Weekly challenges and playing Rocket League casual and ranked games will help you earn a lot of XP in a short amount of time!

2. Use credits to upgrade your tiers in-game; the more tiers you buy at once, the greater the discount; if you have enough credits, we recommend buying 30 Tiers at a time to obtain a 50% discount. This method is best for those that wish to get all of the RP Pro items. And don't worry, you can get Rocket League Credits at the best prices on Rocketprices.Com!

3. Trade your desired Rocket Pass 7 Pro Items with other players, but make sure you select a trustworthy dealer with fair Rocket League Season 6 Rocket Pass trading costs.

4. Purchase Rocket Pass Pro Rewards from a reputable Rocket League Items store, such as Rocketprices.Com, for quick delivery.

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