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> Rocket League Flip Reset Tutorial Training Pack Codes 2023

Rocket League Flip Reset Tutorial & Training Pack Codes 2023

2/21/2023 11:18:16 AM

If you want to learn how to flip reset fast, you came to the right place, because in this guid we are going to be showing you exactly how to flip reset start to finish in under six minutes. We'll be covering all the most important steps of the flip reset with the most common mistakes, so if you can read to the end we guarantee you'll have everything you need to land your first flip reset by the end of the guide. 

How To Flip Reset in Rocket League?

Jumping into how to flip reset, we're going to break this up and do three steps, but before you another basic mechanic you should learn for being able to do flip reset:

Step 1 - Learn Aerial Car Control First

We will have you open up training and go to the default Pro Aerial pack. Now the reason we're starting out here instead of in free play is that this is our sort of flip reset test. What we want you to do in this pack is practically jumping up and trying to reach this ball midair while flying without even going for the reset or anything like that. If you cannot fly upside down and connect with every single one of these shots, you're actually not ready to learn how to flip reset.

The truth is flip resets require significantly more aerial car control than just normal Aerials, and so if you can't consistently finish this pack while flying upside down, you first have to learn the basics of air roll and aerial car control.

Step 2 - Setup

We're going to start in free play for each one and break down the do's and don'ts to get you hitting these as fast as possible. The reason to start in free play and not training packs is because if you try to learn the flip reset in training packs you'll learn it faster to start out, but when you actually try to transition it into your in-game play you're going to struggle. So to get setup, you should do the below practices:

  • 1 - Once you're in free play, the setup is we want to aim to connect with the ball just half a hexagon up the wall. If you've never noticed before if you open up Utopia Coliseum, you'll see these hexagons etched onto the wall and we need to roll the ball up the wall with such a speed that we can connect with it right as the ball is crossing half of a hexagon. If we connect with the ball any sooner, we won't get enough pop into the air and if we connect with it later we may hit the ball too far off the wall, and we won't actually be able to follow it up on track with a net.

  • 2 - Once you get that height down, step number two is you want to get just about one car length of space between yourself and the ball before running up the wall and making your first touch. The reason for this and the most common mistake people get into when starting these setups is simply staying glued to the ball the entire time and driving through it up the wall, if you do this you won't actually create any separation between the ball and the wall and you won't be on track for a good setup.

  • 3 - The last thing you're going to want to do for the setup is basically right before you make this pop off the wall you need to just momentarily hit your brakes before connecting with the ball, this way when you jump off the wall to chase after the ball you'll have separation rather than being glued right next to it and already being stuck to the ball like on their dribble setup. 

  • So to recap: Drive through it at about Midfield, create one car length of space between you and the wall, connect with it at half a hexagon, and then hit those brakes before jumping off and flying at the ball.

Step 3 - Reset

If you watch Pro players or high-level players reset, you may notice them air rolling or tornado spinning a ton before they get it, but if you're just getting into resets this is actually not what we want to do. Instead, if you're just First Learning the reset, we suggest you practice rolling your car over immediately, that way you can fly the ball upside down and you don't have to air roll before the reset. This will make it more obvious that you're going for the reset but first, we need to learn how to get it then we can make it look good. Then you should do the below practices to learn the reset:

  • 1 - If you're setting up off of the left wall, you're going to have to air roll slightly to the right to get your car upside down and in line with the ball. 

  • 2 - While you're doing this air roll adjustment, we want to make sure we're not doing what's called boosting through the adjustment. This is one of the most common mistakes you can make especially if you're newer to flip resetting, but what will happen if you boost through the aerial adjustment immediately is you'll end up too high above the ball and you'll have to fly back down to get your reset. So instead we want to simply air roll opposite the wall, we're on and not boost through the adjustment.

  • 3 - Finally once you get your car in line, you're going to want to boost as fast as possible up and through the ball then at the last second when you're half a car length away, pull down on your joystick as hard as you can to force your car into the ball and get the reset. This is the final and most critical point where most people make mistakes, the cue is you need to imagine that you're boosting through the ball and slapping your car onto it. But you absolutely don't want to do is just fly under the ball and sort of do this hover method letting the ball fall back down onto you. The reason the hover method doesn't work is that one you won't always be going fast enough to get the reset. And even if you do somehow get it you're not going to be in a good position to follow it up. 

  • 4 - When you instead fly through the ball and go out and actually grab that reset yourself, you're going to find that you can actually land it much more consistently and you'll be in a better position to score afterward.

Step 4 - Finish (Shot)

Depending on the angle at that you set up your flip reset and the moment that you got it, the difficulty of how much you'll need to adjust to being in a position to actually shoot will vary. So the best tip that we could give to actually help you with the shot is simply to improve the setup and the moment when you get the flip reset. When you're starting, you need to follow these best practices to get a good shot:

  • 1 - Make sure you're not boosting through the reset.  When you pull down on your joystick and go for that slap into it, make sure you let go of a boost just before you connect with the ball 

  • 2 - Make make sure your setup is quick enough so that way you're connecting with the ball while it's traveling upwards, because if you wait or it takes too long for you to get the reset until the ball is falling down your car is going to be more likely to bounce off the ball instead of sticking to it after the reset

  • 3 - Make sure that you're connecting with the ball as straight on as possible. You can get a reset for attacking the ball from the side, but if you don't have the aerial car control to adjust after it's going to make your follow-up really difficult. So focus on getting as a textbook of a setup as possible that way your follow-up will be easiest afterward.

Rocket League Flip Reset Training Packs 2023

If you want to practice your flip reset, these free training packs will help you improve:

  • 1F27-4030-7FDE-B4D5 (Beginner Training Pack)

  • 41BA-E310-EBFD-F32F (Advanced Training Pack)

  • 1E87-21E8-D5A4-2179

  • 1F27-4030-7FDE-B4D5

  • 1BCF-D9F2-3642-F7B9


So that's all of our Flip Reset tutorials, if you stick with it and rep things out, we guarantee you'll land your first reset in no time, or if not then you might just not be ready for the flip reset, so in that case maybe check out our air dribble tutorial.