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> Rocket League 2372 Giveaway 5 Winners Claim Rewards Golden Moon23 On Rocketpricescom

Rocket League 237-2 Giveaway 5 Winners - Claim Rewards (Golden Moon'23) On Rocketprices.Com

5/11/2023 2:23:42 PM

Congratulations to 5 lucky winners of our Rocket League Items Weekly Giveaway 237-2 (https://youtu.be/v9r_nh2cONs) claim your rewards in 15 days (from May 11th, 2023) - Rocket League Golden Moon'23 For Free.

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Now keep reading to check out the winner's list and get to know how to claim your rewards:

Note: Reward Claim Time: 15 Days (May 11th - May 25th, 2023) After Winner List Announced

Giveaway 236-2 Winners & Reward details


⭐Winner 1 - @Ze_Techno (Ze_Techno) | Reward 1

⭐Winner 2 - @user-nn9nu7bu9c (אור סייפלד) | Reward 2

⭐Winner 3 - @HimSalvatore (Salva.) | Reward 3

⭐Winner 4 - @artiegiovas8694 (Artie Giovas) | Reward 4

⭐Winner 5 - @xsynystrx (B3N0uZ) | Reward 5

Check out the video of picking winners 


Reward 1

10x Golden Moon'23

Reward 2

10x Golden Moon'23

Reward 3

10x Golden Moon'23

Reward 4

10x Golden Moon'23

Reward 5

10x Golden Moon'23

❗❗Note that: 

- As the stock problem with these items on Switch, we will send 1000 Credits instead.

- To be fair to all players, we will only send one reward to one game ID (if there are two or more reward orders related to the same single game id, only one reward will be sent to this game id, and the extra winners will be picked on next giveaway to get the extra rewards) so we do suggest one player only use one youtube account to join the giveaway! thanks for your support!

How To Claim My Giveaway Rewards?

 Now follow the below steps to get your rewards of winning 237-2 Giveaway:

►1) We reply winner's original comment on our giveaway 237-2 video and send a link to redeem the rewarding order No. on our store, for example:

giveways get rewards 1

►2) You access the link and fill up your private game info on it, then click “Check” to get an order no. (like ROC18xxxxxx) for trading reward in-game;

giveways get rewards 2

►3) Edit your original comment and add the rewarding order No. on it, for that we can make sure you are the right winner going to take the reward; you also can e-mail to [email protected] or message us on Facebook (@rocketitemsprices) to inform us to check your order No.

giveways get rewards 3

giveways get rewards 4

►4) We check back your comment and get the Reward Order No. , after confirming your reward No., we will reply to your original comment again to inform you to trade reward in-game with our trader;

how to get giveway rewards - rocketprices

►5) Once your reward order is confirmed, our trader will invite you in-game for trading, please accept friend invites on time. you can track your reward order status on https://www.rocketprices.com/order anytime, or check delivery on 24/7 LiveChat;

Note: We never ask you to pay for the rewarding order and send back the items in-game after trading, please ignore anyone who asks you about the rewards order details or send back items, beware of being cheated!

►6) Any problem with the giveaway, please mail to [email protected] or message us on Facebook (@rocketitemsprices)