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> Diablo 4 Season 3 Best Nm Dungeons For Sologroupglyph Xp Leveling D4 Season 3 Dungeon Tier List

Diablo 4 Season 3 Best NM Dungeons for Solo/Group/Glyph XP Leveling | D4 Season 3 Dungeon Tier List

1/24/2024 10:14:49 AM

With this Diablo 4 Season 3 Nightmare Dungeon Tier Lists, we rank the best NM dungeons for leveling (Solo & Group XP), Glyph XP farming and overall running!

Diablo 4 Season 3 Nightmare Dungeon Tier List - Best NM Dunegons for Solo/Group/Glyph XP Farming

Blizzard just unveiled the complete nightmare dungeon lineup for Season 3 in Diablo 4, and we must say, it's shaping up to be an exciting run. Our initial plan was to dive right in and test everything out, but then it hit us - we can't accurately gauge the experience gains as all our characters have maxed out at level 100. However, fear not! We've been compiling these tier lists since Diablo 4 launched, so we have a solid understanding of how dungeons have evolved from Season 1 through Season 3. This knowledge allows me to give you a sneak peek at which dungeons are likely to be the cream of the crop and which ones might not be worth your time.

Remember those dungeons from previous seasons that were just unbeatable? Well, some have maintained their god-tier status. Let's take a closer look:

D4 Season 4 NM Dungeon Tier List for Solo XP Farming

When venturing into the Nightmare Dungeons of Diablo 4, your goal is to maximize your XP gain by selecting dungeons with a high density of Elite enemies and straightforward pathing. This ensures you can navigate quickly and encounter as many XP-rich mobs as possible. Based on these criteria, here are the current top picks for solo XP farming:

  1. Belfry Zakara (S Tier)

  2. Flooded Depths (S Tier)

  3. Lights Watch (S Tier)

  4. Sirocco Caverns (S Tier)

  5. Buried Halls (A Tier)

  6. Carrion Fields (A Tier)

  7. Ghoa Ruins (A Tier)

  8. Jalals Vigil (A Tier)

  9. Sanguine Chapel (A Tier)

  10. Vault of the Forsaken (A Tier)

  11. Broken Bulwark (B Tier)

  12. Deserted Underpass (B Tier)

  13. Forbidden City (B Tier)

  14. Grinning Labyrinth (B Tier)

  15. Luban’s Rest (B Tier)

  16. Steadfast Barracks (B Tier)

  17. Bloodsoaked Crag (C Tier)

  18. Conclave (C Tier)

  19. Crusader’s Cathedral (C Tier)

  20. Endless Gates (C Tier)

  21. Fetid Mausoleum (C Tier)

  22. Hallowed Ossuary (C Tier)

  23. Heathen’s Keep (C Tier)

  24. Inferno (C Tier)

  25. Leviathan’s Maw (C Tier)

  26. Oldstones (C Tier)

  27. Renegade’s Retreat (C Tier)

  28. Sepulcher of the Forsworn (C Tier)

  29. Tormented Ruins (C Tier)

  30. Whispering Vault (C Tier)

Diablo 4 Season 3 Dungeon Tier List for Glyph XP Farming

Here is the Diablo 4 Season 3 dungeon tier list organized by their estimated time to completion and efficiency for farming Glyph Experience:

  1. Ghoa Ruins (S Tier)

  2. Hallowed Ossuary (S Tier)

  3. Sirocco Caverns (S Tier)

  4. Tormented Ruins (S Tier)

  5. Belfry Zakara (A Tier)

  6. Crusader’s Cathedral (A Tier)

  7. Deserted Underpass (A Tier)

  8. Flooded Depths (A Tier)

  9. Forbidden City (A Tier)

  10. Light’s Watch (A Tier)

  11. Broken Bulwark (B Tier)

  12. Heathen’s Keep (B Tier)

  13. Inferno (B Tier)

  14. Jalal’s Vigil (B Tier)

  15. Sanguine Chapel (B Tier)

  16. Vault of the Forsaken (B Tier)

  17. Bloodsoaked Crag (C Tier)

  18. Buried Halls (C Tier)

  19. Carrion Fields (C Tier)

  20. Conclave (C Tier)

  21. Endless Rest (C Tier)

  22. Fetid Mausoleum (C Tier)

  23. Grinning Labyrinth (C Tier)

  24. Leviathan’s Maw (C Tier)

  25. Luban’s Rest (C Tier)

  26. Oldstones (C Tier)

  27. Sepulcher of the Forsworn (C Tier)

  28. Steadfast Barracks (C Tier)

  29. Vault of the Forsaken (C Tier)

  30. Whispering Vault (C Tier)

D4 Season 3 Dungeons Tier List (Overall)

S Tier Dungeons

These are the dungeons you'll want to prioritize for the best experience and loot:

  • Blind Burrows

  • Guulrahn Canals

  • Uldur's Cave

  • Aldurwood

  • Ghoa Ruins (Ghoa is particularly outstanding because you can head straight for the boss and clear it quickly, making for efficient runs.)

A Tier Dungeons

Still excellent choices, these dungeons offer great rewards and should be high on your list:

  • Mariner's Refuge

  • Mercy's Reach

  • Champion's Demise

  • Tomb of the Saints

  • Akkhan's Grasp

  • Charnel House

  • Dead Man's Dredge

  • Komdor Temple

  • Deserted Underpass

B Tier Dungeons

A respectable choice, but not as efficient as the higher tiers:

  • Kor Dragan Barracks

C Tier Dungeons

These are somewhat lackluster and might not be the best use of your time:

  • Collapsed Vault

  • Serpent's Lair

Salvage Tier

Consider these dungeons your last resort. They're not recommended unless there's a specific item or reason you need to run them:

  • Bastion of Faith

  • Faceless Shrine

  • Prison of Caldeum

  • Path of the Blind

  • Betrayer's Row

  • Maugan's Works

  • Shivta Ruins

Blizzard also hinted at some new entries to the dungeon rotation this season. We'll have to play through them to see how they stack up, but we are optimistic.

This tier list is about 95% accurate based on extensive data from past seasons. So gear up, summon your Sena pets, and get ready to blast through Season 3! I'll be there grinding away and I hope to see many of you in-game.