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> Diablo 4 Season 3 Best Build Top 5 Stier Builds For Each Class In D4 S3

Diablo 4 Season 3 Best Build - Top 5 S-Tier Builds for Each Class in D4 S3

1/26/2024 11:38:18 AM

In Diablo 4 season 3 Season of the Construct, whether you're a fan of elegantly stomping enemies and expressing your magical prowess as a sorcerer or you prefer letting the undead do that heavy lifting as a necromancer, it doesn't matter. Read our D4 Season 3 starter build guide, we’re introducing you to the top 5 best S-Tier builds for each class

Diablo 4 Season 3 Build Guide - Top 5 Best Builds for All Classes in D4

Here are the top starter builds recommended for each class going into Season 3, we're going to break down the tips and tricks to ensure that you have the ultimate experience in the new endgame content.!

1. D4 Season 4 Best Barbarian Build - HoTA

The best Diablo IV S3 Barbarian build is Barbarian Hammer of the Ancients because it's good to be the king. One of the most overpowered builds from season 2 is back at the top of the tier list in season 3. HoTA is the perfect balance of all things, it has excellent AoE and single-target damage. It boasts unparalleled offense and solid defense. Somehow it is both fast-paced and chill.

Skill: The classic HoTA build uses Lunging Strike, HoTA, three shouts, and Wrath of the Berserker.

Gameplay: The typical gameplay is very simple because most of our abilities are not part of our rotation, we only use them once or twice each minute on bosses elites, or emergencies.

2. D4 Season 4 Best Druid Build - Lightning Storm Druid

Lightning Storm Druid has dethroned Tornado for a top spot. This is going to be a Werewolf Lightning build that utilizes the Tempest Roar to convert our Lightning Storm into a werewolf skill which allows us to add a bunch of new scaling and damage and quality of life to the build. This is going to be a fast-paced build, even though you have to stand still to cast your ability, we're going to be obliterating the screen in a few casts. With max movement speed, it actually plays relatively quickly even though we're going to be standing in place to deal our damage. The benefit of Lightning Storm is it hits enemies off-screen!

Gameplay: Before they even get close to you, you’re allowed to spec into a ton of damage while still playing safe. This build is going to be a relatively low-button build because we're focusing on just holding down our lightning storm. We've got defensive abilities when we need to use them to stay alive but it's a relatively easy build to play.

Noted: The only thing that you need to worry about cooldown-wise for this build is your grizzly rage. As we're going to get a ton of spirit cost reduction and increase damage while we are in grizzly rage as long as you've got enemies to hit, we should be able to keep up grizzly rage near 100% of the time though. The play style for this build is a bit more strategic, you are going to be a bit more squishy because we are a ranged build.


3. D4 Season 4 Best Rogue Build - Penetrating Shot Rapid Fire 

Penetrating Shot Rapid Fire is one of the most anticipated builds in Season 3. Their skills and uniques got some major buffs and they're looking to be on par with Melee Rogues now. But Penetrating Shot is probably the one that stands out the most, it has a great combo between AoE damage from penetrating shots that decimates large packs of enemies and then you have rapid fire to clear up the elite's single targets and the bosses. There are multiple viable play styles for Range Rogue across the board.

Skill: This is a combo point build so you always try to hit exactly three comb points before you release your core skill and this has perfect synergy with the rework prison passive that wants you to use exactly free skills before one of your core skill Spenders. Despite running a basic skill and two Spenders is still room for a lot of mobility in this build, it can include Dash and Shadowstep if you want to go fast. Or you can leave out one or two of those skills to get some extra utility and raw power in your build.

Gear: Most of the legendary aspects of this build are actually in the codex. It's very easy to set up and it doesn't require any special uniques to work or any special stats in your items. Some uniques that are useful to look out for though are the Sky Hunter or the reworked unique bow for the Precision key passive.

Playstyle: This is a fun-to-play build that combines everything the Rogue does best and has many different tricks up its sleeve. It's fast-paced action-packed and the positioning matters making this a very dynamic play style.

Overall this is a great all-round build that can do any content in the game all the way up to T100 Nightmare dungeons without any trouble. It's superb for leveling up, it's going to be a great speed-running build if you want to level fast to 100.


4. D4 Season 4 Best Sorcerer Build - Sorcerer Firewall

The Firewall Sorcerer is one of the most powerful leveling builds in Diablo 4 Season 3. First, you must reach level 8 with full Renown to unlock the firewall because it is not a core skill and you want to immediately unlock the Mage firewall node to really unleash the power of this build. This node continues to burn enemies after they have left the firewall AoE. This means you can space your firewalls apart for efficient leveling. While a firewall is not one of the core abilities of the Sorcerer, it has no cool-down and a reasonable mana cost, which makes it a fast-paced leveler.

Noted: This is an AoE build and struggles with a single target. So tuning your construct to do single-target damage in season 3 will be beneficial for this build.

Skills: You only need to use one button to damage your firewall, but as you drag enemies through your firewalls, you need to be mindful of the damage they can do to you, which is why we have defensive skills like ice armor or flame shield to protect us.


5. D4 Season 4 Best Necromancer Build - Bone Spear Necro

Bone Spear leveling is one of the best leveling builds in Diablo 4 season 3 and it has some new tricks that let you move even faster this time around. At level 1, decompose can now grant you a 30% movement speed buff if you channel it for 1.5 seconds. While we won't include decomposing in our builds much past level 50 during the very early levels, a 30% movement speed bonus is an incredible buff and it solves one of Necromancer's biggest problems in the early game. Bone Spear's amazing crit chance and raw stats also benefit season 3's Seneschal Companion right away.

Skills: Take initiates to decompose for 3 points, supernatural bone spear for 3 points, 1 point into corpse explosion, and 3 points into Grim Harvest. This sets us up for our gameplay loop.

Gameplay: First start a fight by channeling decompose for 1.5 seconds on an enemy, you'll have channeled for 1.5 seconds because this will also generate a corpse. Once you do that, you'll have a 5-second 30% movement speed buff. Use this time to move forward towards your next objective and group enemies while you move forward. Once the movement speed buff has fallen off, then turn around and unleash all of your damage by casting bone spear. Dump your entire essence orb if necessary and kill as many enemies as possible. If any enemies are left finish them off with corpse explosion or use corpse explosion to help refill your essence orb. Now move on to the next pack of enemies and repeat this process.