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> Wow Sod Phase 2 Best Hunter Pets For Raid Pvp Tank Season Of Discovery P2 Pet Tier List

WoW SoD Phase 2 Best Hunter Pets for Raid, PvP, Tank | Season of Discovery P2 Pet Tier List

2/15/2024 5:25:26 PM

Hello, Hunters of Azeroth! As we step into the eagerly anticipated WoW Season of Discovery Phase 2, it's time to focus on our loyal companions: the Hunter pets. With changes and nerfs introduced, selecting the right pet becomes crucial. Let's dive into the best Hunter pets for Phase 2, ensuring you're well-prepared for the challenges ahead.


WoW Season of Discovery Phase 2 Best Hunter Pets Ranking

Before selecting your pet, it's vital to acknowledge the recent nerfs that have impacted Hunters. Beast Mastery Rune's damage bonus was reduced, and focus regen saw a significant drop. Despite these changes, the introduction of new talents such as Beastial Discipline and Beastial Wrath can mitigate these effects, particularly for Beast Mastery Hunters.

Hunter Class Changes in Phase Two:

  • Pet Focus: Pets are expected to play an even more significant role in Phase Two, with a possibility of pets tanking bosses due to new talents.

  • Disclaimer: Future changes to runes and talents could impact the current understanding and predictions of the class meta.

Talent Build Strategy:

  • Unleash Fury and Beastial Discipline: These talents increase pet damage and focus regeneration, respectively.

  • Intimidation: This talent increases pet threat, which might become more valuable if pet tanking becomes viable.

  • Frenzy: This talent increases pet attack speed after a critical hit, synergizing with the increased crit chances from other talents.

  • Keystone Talent for Level 40: This talent significantly boosts pet damage, particularly when combined with Beast Mastery and other buffs.

  • Melee Weaving and Talent Choices: The focus is on enhancing melee weaving with talents like Flanking Strike, and there's a debate between choosing Cobra Strikes or Master Marksman based on gameplay style.

Top 5 Hunter Pets for WoW SoD Phase 2

Considering various circumstances, here are the top 5 hunter pet options that are often highly regarded in different aspects of the game:

1. Gorillas: The Thundering Comeback

Gorillas are making a splash with their Thunderstomp ability. Despite its 1-minute cooldown, the potential damage output, especially in AoE situations, is substantial. With pet scaling and various multipliers like Beastial Wrath, a well-timed Thunderstomp could lead to devastating effects on the battlefield.

2. Wind Serpents: The Focused Fury

Wind Serpents remain a strong choice due to their ability to regain focus quickly and unleash Lightning Breath. As of Phase 2, the original focus regen is restored, allowing them to perform at their best. While the new ranks of Lightning Breath can't be trained until Level 41, their damage multipliers still make them a formidable option.

3. Scorpions: The Poison Specialists

Scorpions were a dominant force in Phase 1, but nerfs have toned them down. However, with longer boss fights anticipated in Phase 2, the scorpion's poison could prove valuable. Keep an eye on specific encounters where their poison can stack and maintain its potency over time.

4. Cats: The Swift Hunters

Cats are set to take the lead with their Dash ability, allowing them to close distances swiftly and maintain high DPS. They will also benefit from updated Claw and Bite abilities, both receiving rank six in Phase 2. With a 110% damage multiplier, cats are expected to excel in the next phase.

5. Raptors

Similar to Cats, they offer a high damage modifier and can benefit from the Frenzy talent. They are especially viable when you need a pet with a slow attack speed for abilities like Flanking Strike.

WoW SoD Phase 2 Best Hunter Pets Picking Tips

Here we are deep into the strategy and meta of pet selection for World of Warcraft, specifically focusing on the transition from Phase 1 to Phase 2 in what seems to be a classic or seasonal iteration of the game:

Best Hunter Pets For PvE Content (Raids and Dungeons):

  • Cats and Raptors: With a 10% damage modifier, these pets are strong contenders for pure DPS output. Cats may have an edge due to their availability and slightly higher health pool, which can be beneficial in AoE situations.

  • Wind Serpents: If the changes to resistances favor their nature damage or if there are specific encounters where ranged damage is safer or more practical, Wind Serpents could still be viable despite a lower damage modifier.

Best Hunter Pets For Tanking:

  • Raptors: Given their slightly higher armor compared to cats, Raptors may serve as better tanks if pet tanking becomes a practical strategy in Phase 2.

  • Turtles or Bears: If damage mitigation is more important than threat generation, pets with defensive abilities like Shell Shield for Turtles or higher base armor and health like Bears could be considered.

Best Hunter Pets For PvP Content:

  • Wind Serpents: The burst nature damage from Lightning Breath and the lack of widespread nature resistance among player characters can make Wind Serpents powerful in PvP.

  • Spiders or Scorpids: If crowd control is important, pets with abilities like Web (Spiders) or Scorpid Poison (Scorpids) can be useful for controlling enemy players.

Best Hunter Pets For Solo Play and Utility:

  • Carrion Birds: With abilities that can debuff enemies (e.g., Demoralizing Screech), Carrion Birds can be useful for solo questing or farming.

  • Spirit Beasts: If available in Phase 2, these pets often come with unique abilities like healing or damage mitigation, making them versatile companions for a variety of content.

Despite the nerfs, Hunters can look forward to a range of viable pet options in Season of Discovery Phase 2. Gorillas, wind serpents, scorpions, and cats are all strong contenders, each bringing unique abilities to the table. Remember to consider your playstyle and the content you plan to tackle when choosing your pet. Stay tuned, Hunters, and prepare for an exciting phase ahead. Happy hunting!