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> Season Of Discovery 2540 Leveling Guide Best Leveling Locations Dungeons In Phase 2

Season of Discovery 25-40 Leveling Guide: Best Leveling Locations & Dungeons in Phase 2

2/23/2024 3:44:27 PM

With Phase 2 of WoW Classic's Season of Discovery now live, many players will find themselves in the level range of 25 to 40 as they continue their adventures. Read our Season of Discovery phase 2 leveling guide, we share the best way to level from level 25 to level 40.

WoW Season of Discovery Phase 2 Leveling Guide (25-40)

In WoW Season of Discovery Phase 2, by utilizing rested experience bonuses and optimizing group dungeon runs, players can maximize their experience gains and advance through these levels as quickly and conveniently as possible. In this WoW SoD 25-40 leveling guide, we'll break down the best level-aligned zones and dungeons to farm at each step, as well as tips on utilizing the rested experience system. Whether you're powering alts through or progressing your main, following these recommendations will save hours of time spent grinding mobs or running redundant quests.

1. Level 25-30

The fact that rested Exp gives you 200% of your regular Exp gains. In 8 hours of resting in an Inn or in major city, you will get one bar of rested Exp. Your maximum cap on rested Exp is going to be 10 days or 240 hours and this will equate to 150% of a level. Let's say you're level 25 and you just start at the very beginning, you're going to have up to level 26 and a half of rested Exp double Exp gains. Now every day will give you three bars that you're not on a character that you leave in the middle of a city. 

From level 25 to level 30, running BFD or Black Phantom Deeps raid. Between level 25 and 29, you're going to be getting 25,000 experience for the entire raid.

BFD Raid Non-Rested Exp

LevelBossEXP Gain
Level 25-29
25,000 EXP

1-53,000 EXP Per

6-75,000 EXP Per
Level 30-35
12,500 EXP 

1-51,500 EXP Per

6-72,500 EXP Per
Level 36-39
5,500 EXP

1-5650 EXP Per

6-72,000 EXP Per
  • Lockout every 3 days in BFD

BFD Raid Rested Exp

LevelBossEXP Gain
Level 25-29
50,000 EXP

1-56,000 EXP Per

6-710,000 EXP Per
Level 30-35
25,000 EXP

1-53,000 EXP Per

6-75,000 EXP Per
Level 36-39
11,000 EXP

1-51300 EXP Per

6-74000 EXP Per
  • Lockout every 3 days in BFD

You're going to be getting a total of about 34,000 experience per lockout per character every 3 days and this takes you about maybe an hour to do between getting the group together. This is your best SoD Phase 2 leveling method at this point, because you get 34,000 experience per run and you're only going to have to run BFD one time every 3 days to get a level.

2. Level 30-33

Once you get to level 30, your most efficient way of leveling in Wow Season of Discovery Phase 2 is unfortunately going to be a running Scarlet Monastery graveyard until level 33. 

Scarlet Monastery GY Non-Rested Exp

Full ClearingRuns for LvlHours
Level 30 - 10,000 EXP (4 Bars)52.5
Level 31 - 12,000 EXP (4.5 Bars)4.52
Level 32 - 13,000 EXP (4.5 Bars)4.52
Level 33 - 13,000 EXP4.52

Scarlet Monastery GY Rested Exp

Full ClearingRuns for LvlHours
Level 30 - 20,000 EXP (8 Bars)2.51.25
Level 31 - 24,000 EXP (9 Bars)
Level 32 - 26,000 EXP (9 Bars)2.51.25
Level 33 - 26,000 EXP2.51.25

3. Level 34-37

Next, we're going to have Scarlet Monastery library runs from level 34 to level 37. The only time difference between rested XP and non-rested XP is 4 hours because you're going to have a lot of group drops especially if you're only doing two runs.

Scarlet Monastery LIB Non-Rested Exp

Full ClearingRuns for LvlHours
Level 34 - 12,000 EXP (4 Bars)62
Level 35 - 12,000 EXP (3.5 Bars)72.5
Level 36 - 11,000 EXP (3 Bars)72.5
Level 37 - 10,000 EXP (2.5 Bars)7.52.5

Scarlet Monastery LIB Rested Exp

Full ClearingRuns for LvlHours
Level 34 - 24,000 EXP (4 Bars)31
Level 35 - 24,000 EXP (4.5 Bars)3.51.5
Level 36 - 26,000 EXP (4.5 Bars)3.51.5
Level 37 - 26,000 EXP (4.5 Bars)3.751.5

4. Level 38-40

Lastly at level 38, all you need to do is complete the Cozy Sleeping Bag questline. This will give you 15,000 experience total from just doing the questline itself. So instead of having to level in Scarlet Monastery Cathedral, you're going to spend an hour and a half doing the quest line. Then you're going to have rested XP for the entirety of level 38 and 39. By the time you hit 40, you're going to be fully done and completed. The difference in running Cathedral, rested XP, and non rested XP, doing the Sleeping Bag quest or not is about 2-hour difference.

Scarlet Monastery CATH Non-Rested Exp

Full ClearingRuns for LvlHours
Level 38 - 26,000 EXP 41.5
Level 39 - 26,000 EXP42

Scarlet Monastery CATH Rested Exp

Full ClearingRuns for LvlHours
Level 38 - 52,000 EXP 21
Level 39 - 52,000 EXP21