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> Wow Sod Phase 3 Healer Tier List Level 50 Best Healer Specs Ranking In Season Of Discovery P3

WoW SoD Phase 3 Healer Tier List (Level 50) - Best Healer Specs Ranking in Season of Discovery P3

4/1/2024 11:59:04 AM

Which is the best healer class and spec in WoW Season of Discovery Phase 3? Read our updated WoW SoD Phase 3 Healer Ranking and pick up the best healer for raid and PvP!


WoW SoD Phase 3 Healer Ranking - Best Healer Specs at 50 Level in Season of Discovery P3

World of Warcraft's Season of Discovery (SoD) Phase 3 has introduced a plethora of changes to the healing landscape, shaking up the meta and leaving players to question which healers now reign supreme. Let's sort out the healer tier list and see how the specs stack up.

1. Priest Healer (S Tier)

Priests remain a linchpin in any guild, essential for Horde and important for Alliance. They excel at tank healing with strong shields and offer vital raid buffs like stamina and spirit. The Homunculus rune reduces armor and increases damage output, while Shadowfiend now offers even more damage. With new runes like Divine Aegis, Priests' critical heals create additional shields, pushing their HPS even higher. Priests are highly valuable for their dispels and remain the quintessential tank healer with decent AoE capabilities.

2. Resto Druid (S Tier)

Resto Druids are known for their consistent healing over time (HoT) effects, making them versatile healers capable of both raid and tank healing. The buffs to Lifebloom and Wild Growth, along with new runes like Fluorescence, enhance their AoE and tank healing abilities without compromising their core identity. Resto Druids are anticipated to become the highest output healers due to their improved healing capabilities and mana efficiency.

3. Holy Paladin (A Tier)

Holy Paladins maintain a clear identity as tank healers with high-scaling talents and a focus on casting a single spell repeatedly. The new Fanaticism rune offers a 15% critical chance boost, synergizing with their Illumination talent to reduce spell costs on critical heals. While their AoE capability is limited, their role as dedicated tank healers is secure, bolstered by essential raid dispels.

4. Mage Healer (B Tier)

Mage healers, despite their high heals per second (HPS), suffer from unreliable healing mechanisms. Their healing requires casting damage spells and multiple global cooldowns, which can be cumbersome during intense raid battles. The addition of the Chronostatic Preservation rune grants them a more consistent healing option, and the buff to Regeneration has improved its effectiveness significantly. Mage healers also benefit from the Temporal Anomaly rune in the helmet slot, providing shields to the party. However, Mage healers still need a reliable healer to complement their kit, making them less desirable for top guilds, but a potential asset for average guilds.

5. Resto Shaman (C Tier)

Resto Shamans have historically lagged behind other healers, primarily due to mana efficiency issues and subpar AoE healing compared to their potential. The Healing Rain ability and a new shield mechanic that adds threat to the tank offer some uniqueness. However, new runes such as Tidal Waves and Riptide seem misplaced, suggesting a design conflict between AoE and tank healing. Unless Riptide receives significant tuning, Resto Shamans may not see much improvement in their standing.

The healer meta in WoW SoD Phase 3 has significantly shifted. Resto Druids emerge as the top-tier choice for their unparalleled healing output, followed closely by Priests with their robust tank healing and utility. Holy Paladins remain a solid choice for tank healing, while Mage healers show promise but require a secondary healer to be effective. Resto Shamans, unfortunately, seem to be the least favored, with their role and effectiveness still in question. As the meta evolves and new runes are revealed, these rankings may change, but for now, this is where healers stand in the SoD Phase 3 tier list.