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> Wow Sod Phase 3 Best Ranged Melee Hunter Pets

WoW SoD Phase 3 Best Ranged & Melee Hunter Pets

4/12/2024 2:28:28 PM

Phase 3 has arrived and everyone is asking what is the best hunter pet in WoW Season of Discovery now. While the answer varies based on if you're melee or range, your composition is also a relevant factor. With this WoW SoD Phase 3 Best Hunter Pet guide, we go over the top picks for you!

WoW Season of Discovery Phase 3 Best Hunter Pets

WoW Season of Discovery Phase 3 brings exciting changes for Hunters, particularly in the choice of pets for both melee and ranged specs. With new dynamics introduced in the Sunken Temple raid, selecting the right pet is crucial for optimizing performance. This guide will explore the best options for both melee and ranged Hunter pets, covering their strengths, optimal uses, and how to enhance their abilities in Phase 3.

WoW SoD Phase 3 Best Pets for Melee Hunters

1. Wind Serpents

Wind Serpents stand out due to their synergy with raid debuffs that enhance nature damage. When paired with specific weapons like the Serpent Striker offhand, which increases nature damage taken by targets and reduces their nature resistance, Wind Serpents can potentially outperform other pets. They are particularly effective when other raid members use abilities or items that further reduce nature resistance or boost nature damage, like those from Boomkins and Shamans.

2. Cats

Cats are a robust choice due to their independence from raid compositions. With a 2.0 attack speed, they pair well with the Hunter's Flanking Strike. Cats typically perform well in simulations, especially when not reliant on specific debuffs provided by other raid members. They are versatile and consistently strong across various setups.

3. Core Hounds

While not initially built into the simulation tools, Core Hounds have shown potential in practical in-game tests. They benefit from fire damage buffs like Scorch and can perform comparably to Wind Serpents under certain conditions. However, they lack mobility-enhancing skills like Dash, which could be a downside in dynamic combat situations.

WoW SoD Best Pet for Ranged Hunters

1. Cats (Focus on Attack Speed)

For ranged Hunters, particularly those playing the Marksman spec, cats are unequivocally the top choice due to the Focus Fire rune. This rune enhances the Hunter's and pet's attack speed significantly. Cats can rapidly generate and replenish Frenzy stacks because of their ability Claw, which has no cooldown and a low focus cost. This makes them capable of maintaining high DPS and synergy with the Hunter's abilities.

Optimal Cat Choices:

Broken Tooth: Known for its 1.0 attack speed, making it potentially the best choice if you can manage its rare spawn and high competition.

Swamp Jaguar: Offers a 1.2 attack speed and is relatively easier to tame compared to Broken Tooth.

WoW SoD Phase 3 Best Pet Training and Abilities

When taming and training your pet, ensure it learns the most effective abilities:

  • Claw and Bite: Essential for maximizing DPS and utility in combat.

  • Prowl and Dash: Useful for stealth and mobility, enhancing both survival and positioning in raids.

In WoW's Season of Discovery Phase 3, the choice of hunter pets is influenced heavily by the specific needs of melee and ranged specs, as well as the synergies with raid compositions. Wind Serpents and Cats are generally the most potent choices for their respective roles, with Core Hounds being a viable alternative under the right conditions. Always consider the dynamics of your raid group and the specific debuffs available when choosing your pet to maximize your effectiveness in the Sunken Temple raid and beyond.