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> Last Epoch 10 Best Paladin Build Top 2 Most Overpowered Paladin Builds

Last Epoch 1.0 Best Paladin Build - Top 2 Most Overpowered Paladin Builds

4/22/2024 3:25:57 PM

The Paladin is one of the tankiest Mastery Classes in Last Epoch. In this Last Epoch 1.0 Paladin build guide, we bring you the top 2 best Paladin builds. Whether you're seeking to smite foes with righteous fury or traverse the ethereal realms with swift determination, these best LE Paladin builds have you covered.

Last Epoch 1.0 Paladin Build Guide - Top 2 Best Paladin Builds in LE

The Paladin, renowned for its exceptional durability in Last Epoch, harnesses formidable auras and buffs to enhance survivability while maintaining a potent offensive presence. Our Paladin build capitalizes on this strength by leveraging the Hammer Throw skill, creating a vortex of hammers capable of inundating entire screens with devastating damage. Veterans of ARPGs will find comfort in its reminiscent playstyle, akin to the legendary Diablo 2 Hammerdin or Path of Exile's Spectral Helix, while newcomers will appreciate the Paladin's innate resilience. Next, we talk about the skills, passive 

Last Epoch 1.0 Best Paladin Build

This is the new best immortal insane damage Paladin Sentinel build has many casts and procs that spread even more bursts of lightning around. You're striking down on a target with holy lightning like you're a god. With 1.0, it only got better thanks to Healing Hands. It's a skill that finally got a skill tree. With it, you can now auto trigger Healing Hands whenever you cast Smite. A literal 100% chance, like a double proc of damage. Compared to the Judgment build, you're much more in control of your damage targeting and blasting anything you like. Its DPS potential is explosive and bursty all thanks to its reliance on spell crit. With the setup, attacking is also generating a ton of warding.  Overall, you've got a high DPS, flashy, super mobile, and the best LE 1.0 Paladin build.


  • Smite: 3 Blinding Flash, 1 Order of Lagon, 1 Unbalanced Scale, 5 Sacrifice, 3 Pillars of Light, 1 Atonement, 4 Deep Impact

  • Holy Aura: 2 Vital Boon, 5 Shelter from the Storm, 2 Vital Boon, 4 Redemption, 1 Purification, 2 Rahyeh's Devotion, 3 Fanaticism, 3 True Strike

  • Healing Hands: 4 Hand of Aurelus, 1 Rahyeh's Chariot, 1 Sun Shroud, 1 Divine Barrier, 1 Homeward, 1 Searing Light, 2 Bane of Evil, 2 Cleric's Wrath, 2 Virtue of Patience, 1 Purity of Thought, 2 Blessed Parish, 2 Prayer of the Fallen, 2 Urgen Hearing

  • Sigils of Hope: 2 Iron Sigils, 4 Enduring Hope, 1 Tetragram, 4 Empowering Sigils, 1 Last Wish, 2 Word of Alacrity, 2 Invigorate, 1 Polygram

  • Javelin: 1 Mighty Delivery, 1 Burning Strength, 1 Siege Barrage, 1 Battle Standard, 1 Surprise Initiative, 3 Ardent Symbol, 1 Capture the Flag, 1 Divine Intervention, 5 Righteous Descend, 3 Serrated Javelin, 2 Excellent Balance

Passive Trees

  • Sentinel: 8 Juggernaut, 1 Fearless, 1 Stalwart, 5 Armour Clad, 5 Relentless, 

  • Forge Guard: 1 Steel Aegis

  • Void Knight: 2 Abyssal Endurance

  • Paladin Mastered: 8 Conviction, 1 Honour, 10 Heavenfire, 5 Valor, 5 Holy Icon, 10 Prayer, 10 Holy Precision, 1 Divine Essence, 12 Reverence of Duality, 12 Light of Rahyeh, 5 Valor


  • Helm: Sentinel's Augury Helm of Endurance

  • Shield: Cleric's Ironglass Shield of Endurance

  • Scepter: Imbued Argent Sceptre of Blinding

  • Relic: Witch's Solar Commandment of Regrowth

  • Armour: Manafused Solarum Plate of Purity 

  • Gloves: Experimental Arcane Bracers of Acid

  • Ring: Cleric's Mercantile Insignia of Deflection, Rejuvenating Sapphire Ring of Purity

  • Amulet: Devotion

  • Belt: Lucky Osprean Belt of the Ox

  • Boots: Eterra's 

Last Epoch 1.0 Best Paladin Build

This ultimate Endgame Last Epoch Holy Trail Paladin Build Guide, tailored for levels 50-100 post-1.0, primes you for formidable endgame prowess, establishing itself as the best Paladin build in Last Epoch. The Holy Trail Sentinel Paladin Build helps you run through highly empowered Monoliths, beat most all bosses with ease run through such high waves in Arena. It boasts incredible potency and stands as an exceptional choice to traverse the game effortlessly across all difficulty levels.


  • Volatile Reversal: 2 Time Sap, 1 Timelost Vitality, 1 Terminal Void Rift, 3 Dark Expanse, 3 Harbinger of Dust, 1 Incipient Void Rift, 3 Disintegration, 3 Time Rifts, 2 Traveller's Fatigue, 1 Timelost Wisdom

  • Javelin: 1 Go for the Legs, 1 Keen Outlook, 1 Forceful Hurl, 1 Strategic Patience, 5 Spear to the Thigh, 1 Burning Strength, 4 Mighty Delivery, 1 Holy Trail, 4 Pilgrimage, 1 Path of Judgement

  • Holy Aura: 2 Vital Boon, 4 Redemption, 1 Hope, 1 Purification, 1 Rahyeh's Devotion, 2 Rahyeh's Fury, 2 Burning Blows, 5 Shelter from the Storm, 2 Demoralizing Aura

  • Sigils of Hope: 4 Empowering Sigils, 1 Last Wish, 3 Invigorate, 4 Quiet Mind, 2 Iron Sigils, 5 Enduring Hope, 1 Tetragram

  • Shield Rush: 4 Warrior's Entrance, 1 Echoes of the Charge, 4 Splintering Impact, 4 Rush Mastery, 2 Protective Speed, 4 Consuming Path, 1 Dark Rush

Passive Trees

  • Sentinel: 8 Juggernaut, 8 Fearless, 4 Armour Clad

  • Forge Guard: 10 Battle Hardened

  • Void Knight: 5 Abyssal Endurance

  • Paladin Mastered: 8 Conviction, 10 Valor, 7 Holy Icon, 10 Prayer, 8 Faith Armour, 12 Reverence of Duality, 12 Light of Rahyeh


  • Helm: Solarum Greathelm

  • Staff: Gate Staff

  • Relic: Dread Banner

  • Armour: Solarium Plate

  • Gloves: Maehlin's Hubris

  • Ring: Opal Ring, The Invoker's Scorching Grasp

  • Amulet: Gold Amulet

  • Belt: Nomad Belt

  • Boots: Transient Rest