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> Wow Mop Remix Best Bronze Farming Spots Methods Post Nerf

WoW MoP Remix Best Bronze Farming Spots & Methods (Post Nerf)

6/4/2024 2:34:35 PM

With the recent nerf to frog farming in the Timeless Isle, players have been searching for alternative ways to efficiently farm bronze in WoW Mists of Pandaria Remix. Here are some of the top bronze farming spots and methods.

Best Spots To Farm Bronze in WoW REMIX: Mists Of Pandaria

The farming landscape in WoW MoP Remix has significantly shifted due to recent nerfs, particularly to the Frog Farm on the Timeless Isle, which was previously a lucrative spot. Blizzard's adjustments and the community's ingenuity have led to the emergence of new popular farming spots:

1. SVEs on the Western Island in Townlong Steppes

Location Description: This area is isolated from the main quests of the zone, with no other major activities, leading to lower player traffic.

Mob Type: The mobs here, referred to as MTDs, are normal mobs with fast respawn rates.

Farming Method: Players can repeatedly kill these quickly respawning mobs to farm Bronze. While not as rewarding as the previous Elite mobs from the Frog Farm, this spot is currently considered one of the best alternatives.

2. Goat Farm in the Valley of the Four Winds

Location Description: The farm is situated across sloping hills with packs of goats.

Mob Type: Similar to the SVEs, these are normal mobs.

Farming Method: The goats are grouped in small packs that can be continuously cycled through, as they respawn rapidly after being cleared.

Both these spots, however, do not match the efficiency of the previously lucrative Frog Farm due to the absence of Elite mobs, which provided higher Bronze yields and additional bonuses like the Lesser Chance of Fortune.

Best Methods To Farm Bronze in WoW REMIX: Mists Of Pandaria

Now we cover the best methods to maximize your bronze acquisition efficiently after the post-patch:

1. Raid Strategy for Bronze Farming

Post Frog Farm nerf, engaging in raids has become a highly effective method for gathering significant amounts of Bronze quickly, especially with the daily lockout change from weekly to daily:

Best Raids for Bronze: Throne of Thunder and Siege of Orgrimmar are highlighted due to their higher number of bosses and thus, greater Bronze earning potential per run.

Minimum Bronze per Raid: Each boss provides a base of 600 Bronze, with additional gains from scrapping looted items and killing trash mobs, totalling over 10,000 Bronze per full raid completion.

Raid Strategies and Cheese: Utilizing the Word of Salvation meta gem strategy can drastically reduce the time needed to complete these raids, turning them into efficient bronze farming sessions.

2. Raid One-Shot Strategy: Word of Salvation Meta

Utilizing the Word of Salvation meta gem, players can create massive absorb shields on a single player, which then explode, dealing massive damage. This strategy allows for the quick clearing of raid bosses, making raids even more efficient for Bronze farming.

3. Old Reliables: Frogs and Goats

Despite nerfs, traditional farming methods like the Frog Farm and Goat Farm remain in play but with reduced efficiency. These methods are best for players who prefer mindless grinding of fast-respawning mobs.

4. Adjustments in Game Mechanics

Blizzard's recent tuning adjustments have affected mob scaling and improved gear drop rates from rares and quests. These changes enhance your overall gear level and provide more scrap materials for additional bronze.

5. More Efficiency Tips

Join Efficient Farming Groups: Look for well-organized groups that maximize the spawn rates and minimize downtime.

Utilize Gear Scrap: Don’t forget to scrap unwanted gear from raids and quests for extra bronze.

Capitalize on Daily Lockouts: With raids now on a daily lockout, make it a routine to complete these for consistent bronze income.

Furthermore, Blizzard has made adjustments, particularly for group content between levels 40 to 70, though scaling issues persist at higher levels. Enhancements in drop rates from world rares, rare Elites and quest rewards are now in effect, indirectly aiding in Bronze acquisition through gear scrapping. So farming Bronze and other items during the WoW MoP Remix event could be more effective.