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> Rc Toy To Rocket League Announced In Cooperation With Hot Wheels


2/14/2018 3:30:50 AM

Psyonix and Hot Wheels teamed up to release "Rocket League" remote-controlled cars.


Psyonix today announced a new toy set that will be released this fall under the name "Hot Wheels Rocket League RC Rivals Set". The set will be equipped with bluetooth-linked Octane and Dominus battle cars, which are controlled by the players with their smart devices to bring "Rocket League" home to life.


In addition to the toy set, which will receive more details later this year, Psyonix and Hot Wheels will also release new "Hot Wheels" DLCs for "Rocket League" after the first "Hot Wheels" content from 2017 were very successful.


As you can see in the previous image, Hot Wheels will launch two remote control cars with Octane and Dominus designs, which will be included in a package together with a carpet that simulates the stadium, a ball and a cargo base.

The set will include LCD markers to show the scores, an infrared sensor that will identify when you score a goal and Bluetooth technology in the cars so you can handle them from your cell phone.

There is not yet an exit date, but we hope they give us time to save, since the set with two cars will cost $ 179.99, just over $ 3,350 Mexican pesos.  If you are a collector, this is a piece that you can not let go.

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