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> Rocket League Ceiling Shuffle Tutorial How To Driving On The Ceiling To A Shot

Rocket League Ceiling Shuffle Tutorial - How To Driving On The Ceiling To A Shot

8/8/2018 4:11:59 PM

In Rocket League, players are still finding and innovating on new mechanics. Recently a new mechanic about driving on the roof also named Ceiling Shuffle has been discovered and replicated! How to driving on the ceiling? Check out this Rocket League Ceiling Shuffle Tutorial.


How To Driving On The Ceiling In Rocket League?

Driving on the ceiling in Rocket League? This new Ceiling Shuffle mechanic has been found by players for a while, it’s really a cool Rocket League trick while the freestyler waits for a pass! Take a look at the original founder JimJoms TV’s video you will see how cool it is:


How is actually trying to drive on the roof with a ball that has a constant down force going to change anything at all? A detailed tutorial as below posted by player u/HoraryHellfire2 to teach you how to start driving on ceiling step by step, even you can try a shot on the roof! Let’s check out now:

1. Fly to the ceiling with a medium to medium-slow speed. You don't want to be going too fast.

Line up your car straight with the momentum you're going. It's easier this way.

2. Boost before contact with the ceiling. Boost seems to want to make your wheels stick with ease. I can't seem to be able to replicate it without boost, unlike the original founder. This is likely because a softer landing is needed.

3. Before you reach the ceiling, you also want to air roll your car so that 2 side wheels make contact before other two side wheels.

4. When making contact with the ceiling, be sure to steer in the same direction you air rolled (if you air rolled left, steer to the left). Continue this turn for a split second amount of time. Probably 0.1-0.2 second (100ms to 200ms). Honestly, it's something you got to get a feel for.

5. Swap your turning direction and hold for 0.2-0.4 second (200ms to 400ms). Repeat as much as needed.

- Note, during swaps, you may want to lean forward while swapping, so that your car won't pull off the ceiling by leaning itself back, as it has done this to me a lot for some reason. To do this, you roll your left analog stick from left to up to right while staying on the edge of the input.

7. When you want to fall off the ceiling stop accelerating or stop turning. It will take a split second to fall off. There is also the ability to jump off of the ceiling, but I don't know the timing well, because your car usually will just use its second jump instead.


Is The Ceiling Shuffle Mechanic Practical?

It seems this technique is unable to keep you on the ceiling indefinitely, but rather, for an extended period of time more than normal. So you can’t see the mechanic being practically useful competitively, because you are over-committing to a generally bad and risky position. It's like pre-jumping for an aerial three seconds ahead of time. Nobody competitively pre-jumps that far in advanced. Not only that, but the recovery time is quite long. Actually, all of the mechanics we have now people said weren't practical for in the game application, yet here we are with ceiling shots, half flips, the 30 different kinds of flicks, wave dashing, and so on and so on. This will more than likely find a time and a place.

However, this is a good technique to learn for freestyling and being fancy, because long preemptive pre-jumps is a huge part of freestyling, and this would work wonders. Especially you can stay close to the ceiling for a long time, so your teammate can give you a direct pass near the ceiling for the really difficult banger shots.


Hope this guide can help you learn the new mechanic. Find out more Rocket League guides on our news page, also safe and nice Rocket League Trading you can find on RocketPrices.Com! Now welcome to join our new giveaway event - Play Crate Simulator Win Free Crates!

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