Welcome to Buy Cheap Rocket League Items from Rocketprices.com, a huge number Rocket League Credits, Blueprints, Skins in stock.

Welcome to Buy Cheap Rocket League Items from Rocketprices.com,
a huge number of Rocket League Crates, Keys, Skins in stock.

> Congratulate The 5 Halloween Giveaway Winners Get Your Painted Octane Cars Now Rocketpricescom

Congratulate The 5 Halloween Giveaway Winners, Get Your Painted Octane Cars Now - RocketPrices.Com

2018/11/2 17:45:38

Congratulate to the 5 lucky ones for winning our Halloween Giveaways! 

halloween giveaway winner

⭐Winner 1: William Fuller

⭐Winner 2: Stopper30 YT

⭐Winner 3: GenjI One Trick

⭐Winner 4: Trinity Nuesca

⭐Winner 5: WoodHaft

⭐ Now follow below steps to get your rewards - the corresponding painted octane cars:

►1. Please get your Youtube FRIEND INVITE LINK and send to us

Youtube - Friend invite link

Youtube - Friend invite link 2

Youtube - Friend invite link 3

Youtube - Friend invite link 4       

►2. We will accept your friend invite and message you on Youtube for sending rewards

►3. You give us your game information (Xbox tag, Steam Custom URL, PSN Online ID or Switch Friend Code), correct e-mail address.

►4. We will use the info you offered us to create an order for sending rewards on our system, then send you the Order No.

►5. You use the order No. to update order status to READAY FOR DELIVERY on https://www.rocketprices.com/order to inform our trader to contact you in-game for trading rewards.

►6. We never ask you pay for the order and send back the items in-game after trading, please ignore anyone who ask you about your the rewards Order details.

►7. Any problem, please messge us on Youtube or on Facebook (@RocketItemsPrices)

⭐Winner 1: William Fuller ► Reward 1

Car: Burnt Sienna Octane {C7-R1-Circuit Boaro, C2-R1-Circuit Boaro}

Decal: Sticker Bomb

Wheels: Demon Disc

Boost: Night Terror

Topper: Hot Wheels

Trail: Binary

Antenna: Fuzzy Skull

⭐Winner 2: Stopper30 YT ► Reward 2

Car: Sky Blue Octane{C10-R1-Trigon,C13-R2-Trigon}

Decal: Trigon

Wheels: Troublemaker IV

Boost: Night Terror

Topper: Sky Blue Halo

Trail: Classic

Antenna: Shadow Witch

⭐Winner 3: Genji One Trick ► Reward 3

Car: Purple Octane {C9-R1-Fire God,C13-R2-Fire God }

Decal: Fire God

Wheels: Pink Capacitor IV

Boost: Netherworld

Topper: Ghost

Trail: Purple Laser Wave III

⭐Winner 4: Trinity Nuesca ► Reward 4

Car: Forest Green Octane {C7-R1-Fire God,C6-R4-Fire God}

Decal: Fire God

Wheels: Forest Green Raijin

Boost: Saffron Power-Shot

Topper: Forest Green Witch’s Hat

Trail: EKG-OMG

⭐Winner 5: WoodHaft ► Reward 5

Car: Orange Octane {C5-R3-Dissolver,C15-R7-Dissolver}

Decal: Dissolver

Wheels: Demon Disc

Boost: Saffron Plasma

Topper: Pumpkin

Trail: Blazer

Antenna: Fuzzy Vamp

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