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> Top 10 Best Painted Animus Gp Car Designs With Mystery Decals And Rocket Pass Items

Top 10 Best Painted Animus GP Car Designs With Mystery Decals and Rocket Pass Items

1/9/2019 3:22:22 PM

Are you trying to find the best designs for your Animus GP? Now we want to step it up and do something for the payers who have troubles in building a flashy Animus GP now! Here we are going to presenting we think Top 10 Best Animus GP Car Designs in Rocket League, which are built with painted black market decals, exotic wheels and Rocket Pass items.


Rocket League Animus GP

The paintable, Certifiable and tradable Animus GP is an Import Battle-Car released on July 5, 2017, as part of the second anniversary update. Animus GP is Breakout type maximizes the length in exchange for an even narrower frame and low profile. You can obtain it by opening the Overdrive Crate or trading with other players, it cost less than 5 keys in market now even the Titanium White Animus GP, check it’s Rocket League prices in keys in keys here. It’s one of the best cars out there, but it’s more suitable for high-level players than the moderately competitive and casual playerbase.


Rocket League Animus GP Designs

6 Import, 3 Rare, and all universal decals can be used for Rocket League Animus GP Car Designs. Don’t worry about your money if you don’t have enough money for trading Rocket League items. You also can make a flashy Animus GP in budget with some cheap decals, wheels, toppers, s as this outstanding-looking car is really easy to match. But if you would like spending money for your game, black market decals and exotic wheels always can make your Animus GP unparalleled and conspicuous. Let’s take a review of some nice designs as below:

Purple Animus GP Design -1

Body: Purple Animus GP

Fecal: Parallax

Wheel: Purple SLK

Topper: Robo-Visor

Primary/Accent: C8-R5/C13-R5


Crimson Animus GP Design -2

Body: Crimson Animus GP

Decal: Spectre

Wheel: Crimson Septem

Topper: Crimson Catfish

Primary/Accent: C8-R4/C1-R7


Sky Blue Animus GP Design -3

Body: Sky Blue Animus GP

Decal: L-ITA 99

Wheel: Lime Apex

Topper: Cherry Top

Primary/Accent: C4-R3(Metallic[Smooth])/C5-R4(Glossy Block)


Grey Animus GP Design -4

Body: Grey Animus GP

Decal: Biomass

Wheel: Grey Apex

Topper: Saffron Drink Helmet

Primary/Accent: C1-R6  


Pink Animus GP Design -5

Body: Pink Animus GP

Decal: Slipstream

Wheel: Pink Capacitor IV

Topper: Pink Drone III

Primary/Accent: C4-R3/C13-R2


Lime Animus GP Design -6

Body: Lime Animus GP

Decal: Heatwave

Wheel: Saffron Plasmatic

Topper: Lime Phoenix Wings III

Primary/Accent: C1-R7/C5-R3


Cobalt Animus GP Design -7

Body: Cobalt Animus GP

Decal: Sky Blue Future Shock

Wheel: Cobalt Rocket Forge III

Topper: Purple Visor

Primary/Accent: C10-R3/C9-R1


Forest Green Animus GP Design -8

Body: Forest Green Animus GP

Decal: Labyrinth

Wheel: Saffron Rocket Forge III

Topper: Lime Unicorn

Primary/Accent: C1-R6   


Burnt Sienna Animus GP Design -9

Body: Burnt Sienna Animus GP

Decal: Zhangtek

Wheel: Orange Daemon-Kelpie

Topper: Burnt Sienna Surfboard   

Primary/Accent: C8-R1(Burlap)/C4-R3(Matte)


Animus GP Design -10

Body: Animus GP

Decal: Fire God

Wheel: Saffron Gripstride HX

Topper: Burnt Sienna Halo

Primary/Accent: C1-R6/C4-R4

That’s all about Animus GP car designs today, more Rocket League Car Designs will be updated here, stay tuned! Go to check our Rocket League Items Trading if you want to buy some cheap RL items for your car.