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> Rocket League Defense Tips And Tricks Fend Off Shots Clear Ball Play The Opponent

Rocket League Defense Tips and Tricks - Fend Off Shots, Clear Ball, Play The Opponent

3/18/2019 2:10:04 PM

Rocket League Defense Tips and Tricks - This is a guide on how you keep your gate clean at the back and initiate attacks from behind.

Rocket League Defense Tips and Tricks

As the saying goes: In attack you win games, in defense you win championships. Being a solid defender is the first step in becoming a good Rocket League player and increases your chances of respecting more experienced, better players. From a good defense, a passable attacking game develops almost by itself. In this chapter, we'll show you how to shoot, how to push the ball forward, and how to make life a bit harder for your opponents. In this way you not only avoid goals, you also frustrate the other team. This is the moment when even good players make mistakes and you benefit from any inattentiveness.

Rocket League General Defense Tips

Not too hesitant!

As in real football comes at some point the moment in which you win by far no flower pot more. Backtracking in front of a ball-bearing player may be sensible for a while, but at some point you need to stop to prevent worse and allow your team to attack. Best before the leather comes too close to the goal, where it is easy prey for a running from behind opponent.

Sometimes the opponent plays instead of the ball

There are many situations in which you can not reach the ball, but the opponent who is getting ready for the shot. If you drive into it in a straight line with full boost, you can even destroy it. Often, however, even a normal push is enough to prevent him from making a sure hit. Always ask yourself if a brave rammer might not be the better choice than to fly hopelessly past the ball. But make sure you do not put it on "kills" on devil's part: you often meet your colleagues or, in the end, unhappily knock the leather into your own box.

Watch your boost

It is very important to always have a certain reserve boost in the tank so that you do not end up in the dry at the crucial moment. Remember the position of the boost fields and try again and again out of the game to drive over these fields. Here again and again applies: Boost not always and everywhere, but uses this turbo with an overview and tact. For example, a good moment to replenish your boost is when you've cleared the ball far ahead. Then, while the ball is in the air, drive into one of the corners of the field to collect a full tank of fuel.


Rocket League Defending - Fend Off and Clear Shots

Do not use a solid goalkeeper!

You can not emphasize it often enough: this is football with cars, but you should not bet on a solid goalie, because the most promising shot defense rarely takes place between the posts, but rather in front. Instead, you should always deny yourself who takes the role of the "flying Keepers". It can change every few moments depending on the game situation, but you should already give a signal that you are now playing this role. What makes a "flying keeper"? Well, he's basically a goalkeeper who works the full length of the pitch. In general, he lingers just short of the center line to hedge his team against collapses and shots coming on goal.

Depending on how much the situation is in control and the opponent is dominated, he shoots forward as needed to set a free ball or flies for an aerial (more on page 4 of this guide). If you just park between the posts, you simply leave your team in the lurch and put less pressure on the opponent than would be possible. Finally, when you clear a ball into the opponent's chest, it's important that you chase the leather, so just one player should not take that role alone. Instead of the thrusting flying keepers, another player has to go back and take over the job. Unless, of course, in front of the opponent's goal there is a lot of excitement and you only have to push the ball across the line with united power.

From the position slightly behind the midline you always have a good view of what is happening in front of you and enough time to respond to changing circumstances. Of course, there are also situations where it is best defended between the posts. If you are constricted in front of your own box, it helps to go behind the goal line and jump out of the box with Boost to ward off shots.

Only in the late stages of a four-on-four can the use of a fixed goalie make sense if it is to defend a tight lead for half a minute. However, one should also decide depending on the situation, because sometimes a modified tactics also ensures that the entire team is out of step and it is not going so well.

Fend off balls

If you find yourself pushed back between the posts, an old football rule applies: If you defend the ball, this never goes to the middle, where already other opponents could lurk on Abstauber. Shoot the leather to the side. If you succeed in clearing the ball with force into one of the rock faces, it will bounce off the gang at high speed towards the opponent's side and offer little opportunity for a goal. Forwards you should only shoot the ball when there is no enemy behind it and you see the chance to initiate such an attack.

Defend "behind the gate" or in front of it

Since the huge ball must be fully over the line to be a goal, you should always pull back one line behind the line in frontal attacks. This gives you more time to respond, and greater overview of the field. In this situation, of course, opponents who come from the sides are a problem. If you have good teammates, the honing kings will be bothered by the flanks. For the first moment it only counts to move your vehicle with maximum force against the ball. This is usually best done with a roll forward, as you also avoid that a flat under the ball moving opponents "lops" you. If the attack on your goal comes from the side, however, it is often better to stand slightly in front of the goal line, because you can intercept passports better.


Rocket League Defending - After the defense

Switch to attack

Defense is the best basis for a good attack. Always look for the moment when you can switch from your half of the field directly to attack by making a ball contact. The second in which an opponent is too far from the leather to maintain possession and in which you can spit the game device in the opposite direction with a targeted boost. As soon as you touch the ball so that it leaps forward, you must move forward and take your defensive stance. Then all that counts is to put the leather in the opposing net. Even as a flying keeper you will score many goals, because you can time-shoot high free balls from the center circle with a full boost tank and see exactly where there are gaps in the defense.

Fast turnaround

To quickly switch from defensive to attack or vice versa, the following move is recommended: If you head straight into one of the gates at full throttle, your car will fly up the rear wall and along the ceiling to drive at full speed back up the field. In the air, you only have to turn the tires down again and you are moving in the opposite direction with lightning speed.

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