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> Rocket League Under Epic Games 10 Changes We Can Expect For The Game

Rocket League Under Epic Games: 10 Changes We Can Expect For The Game

2019/5/7 0:00:12

The developer Psyonix is acquired by Epic Games, what does this mean for the future of Rocket League and for its players? What changes could we see in the coming years as Rocket League goes under the banner of Epic? Here we present 10 things you would see in the future of Rocket League under Epic Games.

Rocket League Under Epic Games - 10 Changes We Can Expect For The Game


Epic Buys Psyonix: Does Rocket League Disappear From the Steam Store?

Epic Games buys the developer studio Psyonix. Its primary game Rocket League will thus appear for the gaming platform Epic Games Store. That should not mean, at least for now, that the popular football game with cars from other distribution platforms like Steam disappears. "The Psyonix team will continue to bring the full Rocket League experience across all platforms for all current and new players," Epic Games wrote in a press release email. Rocket League is available on Steam for PC and for the consoles PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch - and in the future also in the Epic Store.


10 Changes We Can Expect For The Future of Rocket League

What’s the future of Rocket League on Steam PC. Everything is not confirmed but will be clear soon. While what changes we can expect to happen in Rocket League with Epic? One famous Rocket League Youtuber - FLuuMP talked about some of positive things that may be coming from this acquisition on his latest video, including the things that people are worried about as well. Follow us to take a look.


No. 10 - More Updates

The possibility of Rocket League has weekly or at least more frequent updates. Now this could come with less bugs and faster bug fixes in general when an update is put out. Why? More money from Epic means the ability to hire more people to fix these kinds of problems to keep players happy.


No. 9 - Item Shop

A potential item shop would be added. Psyonix already showed what this could look like with the eSport shop, but why not have a full-blown shop where people could buy new and old limited time items like wheels, decals, cars. They’ve shown that they can basically do that with the eSport shop now.


No. 8 - Server Support

Again, more money means more support and servers is one of these areas that Rocket League needs more support, we all know this. We hope Epic Games does two more servers, better servers whatever that entails sometimes.


No. 7 - Content Creator Codes

It could be pretty awesome for content creators. We could now have the potential for creator codes through the Epic game storm so having Rocket League running this platform just opens up these possibilities in ways, that weren’t possible through steam.


No. 6 - Rocket League Mobile

Although there are potential complications with Rocket League having mobile version, we to think the game on mobile would be amazing if it worked well.


No. 5 - More Content

This goes along with the idea of having more regular updates to the game, with that could come more content and potentially new and different content that Psyonix maybe just couldn’t produce in-house. The style of content would not been changed as they could have bigger teams and more people working on projects.


No. 4 - Creative Mode

A creative mode in Rocket League where players can build their custom maps, this would be amazing for the game and for expanding the player base. Rocket League needs more fun game modes and maps both for players and for content creators, which can take the game to the next level and bring in more casual players.


No. 3 - Updating Custom Training

This one is a bit random now, just something that I would to see and it stems from an old post on the Rocket League subreddit. Custom training is by far one of the best things that was added to Rocket League in the past few years, updating it and giving players more options would be massive and maybe it would be possible with Epic.


No. 2 - eSports Investment

Basically, again more money means more exposure and appeal of eSports orgs, bigger prize pool means more attention from gamers worldwide, more money to host international tournaments means just more exposure to more people that’ what eSports needs!


No. 1 - Free To Play

Rocket League could potentially adopt the free-to-play model including things like an item shop with creator codes available and weekly updates like all of this we talked about above. If we want it to become a top-tier title and eSport, this is what has to happen, all of the big games and eSports are free to play, so under Epic Games, all of this becomes possible.

What do you think about these ideas? Watch the below original video from FLuuMP to get know more details:

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