Welcome to Buy Cheap Rocket League Items from Rocketprices.com, a huge number Rocket League Credits, Blueprints, Skins in stock.

Welcome to Buy Cheap Rocket League Items from Rocketprices.com,
a huge number of Rocket League Crates, Keys, Skins in stock.

> Win Top 10 Painted Nimbus Car Designs With Percussion Metalwork Rocketprices Huge Rocket League Weekly Giveaway 342

Win Top 10 Painted Nimbus Car Designs With Percussion, Metalwork | RocketPrices Huge Rocket League Weekly Giveaway 34-2

6/13/2019 3:21:46 PM

Win 10 FREE Rocket League Nimbus Car Designs (total 60+ keys valued) with the most popular global decals - Percussion, and painted limited wheels - Metalwork, Join our Huge Weekly Giveaway 34-2 Now! 100% FREE & SIMPLY for all players, even get chance to win Free White Octane (100+ keys valued)!

RocketPrices Huge Rocket League Weekly Giveaway 34-2

FREE Rocket League Titanium White Octane and Top 10 Painted Nimbus Car Designs Give Away from Top Rocket League Items Store - RocketPrices.Com! Subscribe our Youtube Channel, Like and Comment this Huge Weekly Rocket League Giveaway 34-2 video (https://youtu.be/2S6I7QhMsgk) on youtube, earn big chance to win one of the Top 10 Nimbus designs in the video, worthing more than 60+ Rocket League keys. What's more, once comments reach 600+, one special winner will be piecked to get the most expensive car - White Octane (100 keys for Switch player instead)!

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⭐1. Start from PDT 00:00AM 13th Jane To PDT 24:00PM 19th Jane, 2019, Subscribe our Youtube Channel, WATCH, LIKE and COMMENT the below video on Youtube to earn the chance for winning one of the painted Guardian GXT car designs showing in the video!



⭐2.  Max 11 Winners Would Be Picked from the Comments! More comments we get, More winners will be picked!

1) Comments reach 20, 1 winner will be picked; reach 40, 2 winners will be picked; reach 60, 3 winners…..and so on (Filter duplicate users), so 200+ comments get, max 10 winners will be picked. The 10 car designs in the video will be sent 10 winners in corresponding sequence.

2) If total comments (Filter duplicate users) reach 600+, one extra winner will be picked to get White Octance!

Winner Reward 10

Car: White Nimbus (Primary- C6-R4, Accent-C1-R1 )

Decal: White Percussion

Wheels: White Metalwork

Winner Reward 9

Car: Nimbus (Primary-C2-R1 , Accent-C1-R4)

Decal: Black Percussion

Wheels: Black Metalwork

Winner Reward 8

Car: Sky Blue Nimbus (Primary-C4-R4 , Accent-C14-R4)

Decal: Sky Blue Percussion

Wheels: Grey Metalwork

Winner Reward 7

Car: Cobalt Nimbus (Primary-C6-R7 , Accent-C9-R3)

Decal: Cobalt Percussion

Wheels: Cobalt Metalwork

Winner Reward 6

Car: Crimson Nimbus (Primary- C8-R4, Accent-C1-R2)

Decal: Crimson Percussion

Wheels: Crimson Metalwork

Winner Reward 5

Car: Forest Green Nimbus (Primary-C4-R2 , Accent-C8-R4)

Decal: Forest Green Percussion

Wheels: Forest Green Metalwork

Winner Reward 4

Car: Purple Nimbus (Primary- C10-R4, Accent-C11-R4)

Decal: Purple Percussion

Wheels: Purple Metalwork

Winner Reward 3

Car: Pink Nimbus (Primary- C10-R3, Accent- C13-R1 )

Decal: Pink Percussion

Wheels: Pink Metalwork

Winner Reward 2

Car: Orange Nimbus (Primary-C3-R4 , Accent-C4-R6)

Decal: Orange Percussion

Wheels: Orange Metalwork

Winner Reward 1

Car: Saffron Nimbus (Primary-C1-R7,Accent-C5-R3)

Decal: Saffron Percussion

Wheels: Saffron Metalwork

Special Reward For 600+ Comments

Titanium White Octane


1)       As the stock problem with these items on Switch, we will only send equivalent Rocket League Keys (PS4 price) instead.

2)    To be fair for all players, we will only send ONE reward to ONE game ID (If  there are two or more reward orders related to same single game ID, only ONE reward will be sent to this game ID, and the extra winners will be picked on next giveaway to get the extra rewards) So we do suggest one player only use one youtube account to join the giveaway! Thanks for your support!


⭐3. On 20th Jane, 2019, we use our own Youtube comment picker (https://www.rocketprices.com/youtube-comment-picker) to pick winners, and video record the picking progress,  then reply the winners' original comment on the GIVEAWAY video and send a  redeem link for trading reward, winner can use the link to redeem a Reward Order No. and add it to his/her original comment, we will check and reply the comment again. 

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