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> Rocket League Fifth Anniversary Event New Items Series 2020 Summer Updates

Rocket League Fifth Anniversary Event, New Items Series & 2020 Summer Updates

2020/6/16 11:14:03

Are you still disappointed that the expected summer event did not drop into Rocket League? Don’t be panic! Psyonix revealed some good news which features the Rocket League's Fifth Anniversary and the updates coming to the game this summer! Now follow us to find out what new content is upcoming and when we can expect to see in the game!

2020 Rocket League Summer Events & New Updates

Small Game Update In Preparation For the Fifth Anniversary event

Release Time: 10:00 a.m. PDT (5 p.m.  UTC), June 16, 2020

To prepare for this major update of Rocket League 5th Anniversary event, the game will be getting a “small game update” on all platforms on June 16, which should contain a new but yet-inactive Item Series. 

New Rocket League Item Series

Release Time: Next Week (June 22, 2020 Predicted)

Psyonix said it will reveal the new item series at some point next week, but didn’t go into more detail. Should it will be a summer themed item series covering new black market decals, goal explosions, import cars and exotic wheels? More details about these items will be known after getting the small update on June 16. And also you can expect to get them from Rocketprices.Com with the best offer!

Rocket League 5th Anniversary Event

Start Time: At the end of June (June 29, 2020 Predicted)

End Time: Two week lasting (July 12, 2020 Predicted)

On July 7, Rocket League will be celebrating its fifth anniversary. An opportunity not to miss Psyonix, which promises a dedicated event, and tells us a little more about what awaits the players. At the end of the month, a special Rocket League Fifth Anniversary event will be launched. The Rocket League‘s fifth birthday celebration will last two weeks and will offer players various limited-time modes, as well as new Rocket League- and Psyonix-themed items in the event shop. More details about the modes and items will be revealed in the next few weeks.

More Updates In This Summer and The Second Half of 2020

First, Psyonix indicates a major update will be released later this summer, and that many things are to be expected during the second half, both in terms of functionality and updates. The developers will say no more for the moment, and prefer to focus on the fifth anniversary of the game. The only question is what else could be brought to the game after five years?

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