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> Top 5 Beautiful Twinzer Car Design In Rocket League

Top 5 Beautiful Twinzer Car Design in Rocket League

8/6/2021 3:28:28 PM

The Twinzer is fast in Rocket league, easy to control and spins faster, and feels smoother overall. Do you want a nice, functional look for your Twinzer? This guide shows many colors of Twinzer use some unique and cool decal and wonderment. If you like these rocket league designs, you can buy rocket league items from rocketprices.com.

Rocket League Twinzer

Rocket league Twinzer is a battle tank that was released on May 29, 2018. It is only available from Impact Crate and is categorized as an 'import' series. The Twinzer was later offered in Player's Choice Crate on November 21, 2018. Its design is based on the popular Octane and an off-road vehicle. However, it differs in that it has an engine at the front and no spoiler. The official artwork shows it with black Saptarishi wheels.

Rocket league Twinzer Car Design 

Below are five cool Twinzer car designs: 

Titanium White Twinzer Design-1

Bodies: Twinzer-Titanium White

Wheels: Parabolic-Titanium White

Decals: Interstellar-Titanium White

Primary: C4-R1

Accent: C1-R1


Sky Blue Twinzer Design-2

Bodies: Twinzer-Sky Blue

Wheels: Parabolic-Sky Blue

Decals: Interstellar-Sky Blue

Primary: C4-R4

Accent: C3-R2


Grey Twinzer Design-3 

Bodies: Twinzer-Grey

Wheels: Parabolic-Grey

Decals: Interstellar-Grey

Primary: C2-R1

Accent: C1-R3


Orange Twinzer Design-4 

Bodies: Twinzer-Orange

Wheels: Parabolic-Orange

Decals: Interstellar-Orange

Primary: C3-R4

Accent: C7-R6


Cobalt Twinzer Design-5

Bodies: Twinzer-Cobalt

Wheels: Parabolic-Cobalt

Decals: Interstellar-Cobalt

Primary: C6-R4

Accent: C8-R1