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Rocket League Blueprint Prices

Check out all revealed Rocket League Blueprints Prices in the last 15 days here, covering the current value of all blueprints for normal, certified, painted, special edition Rocket League Items!

Rocket League Blueprints allow players to construct specific items if they have the schematics for them. To build an item, players will have to pay a specific amount of Credits, the game’s new currency. With revealing the Blueprint, players will know the exact Rocket League Item they’re getting from then decide to build or trade it to others. So revealed Rocket League Blueprints comes to trading market with different values, if you want to make a good trade, check out the Rocket League Blueprint Prices in Credits on RocketPrices.Com! Our Rocket League Blueprints Price Index list the current value of all revealed Blueprints for normal, Certified, Painted, Special Edition Rocket League Items (car bodies, decals, wheels, goal explosions, trails, rocket s, toppers, player banners and more), also cover four platforms - Xbox One, PC, PS4, Switch!

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