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What Is Elden Ring Item?

Weapons - There is a huge variety of melee weapons like swords, clubs, axes, halberds, etc. that players can find and equip.

Armor - Heavy armor provides more damage protection but reduces mobility. Lighter armor allows for rolling and dodging. Players piece together armor sets.

Magic - Players can find or purchase magic spells, incantations, items to use sorceries or pyromancies from different teachers.

Ashes of War - These enchant weapons and allow skills/special attacks to be used. Some improve attributes or add elemental damage.

Keys - Used to unlock doors, chests, gates in the vast open world to access new areas.

Crafting Materials - Items like smithing stones, ghost gloves, erdleaf flowers used for upgrading weapons, crafting arrows/items.

Consumables - Healing items, throwable items, buffs/debuffs that provide temporary effects in combat.

Quest Items - Unique items acquired during questlines that progress NPC storylines or unlock new areas/abilities.

How To Farm Elden Ring Items?

The most reliable ways to farm items in Elden Ring include repeatedly killing enemies in areas like dungeons, catacombs and enemy encampments to accumulate dropped runes, crafting materials and weapons. 

-Looting golden treasure chests hidden around the map for valuable consumables and crafting kits. 

-Targeting specific enemies with high drop rates for certain items such as rune bears for rune arcs and Crystalians for smithing stones. 

-Completing NPC questlines to obtain unique quest items, spells and armaments. 

-Raiding underground mines rich in mining deposits like Selia Crystal Tunnel and Caelid Catacombs.

-Unlocking golden seed and sacred tear sites for permanent ability boosts and spells. 

-Slaughtering regular field bosses that sometimes drop rare smithing stones and upgrade materials. 

-Participating in online multiplayer invasions and co-op for rune arcs, group buffs and a chance at loot from defeated opponents.

-Repeating quick dungeon routes in places like mausoleums and catacombs to amass mid-level upgrade materials in one farming run.