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> Last Epoch 10 Tier List Best Class Mastery Builds In Last Epoch

Last Epoch 1.0 Tier List - Best Class (Mastery) & Builds in Last Epoch

2/19/2024 10:30:52 AM

With the highly anticipated full release of Last Epoch approaching on February 21st, many Exiles new and old will be delving into the world of Eterra to embark on epic adventures. Read our Last Epoch 1.0 class and build tier list based on extensive player testing and developer previews, evaluate each class mastery and optimized character setup to determine their relative power and performance.

Last Epoch 1.0 Best Class & Build - Last Epoch 1.0 Tier List & Ranking

Choosing the best class and build for Last Epoch can greatly enhance your gameplay experience and increase your chances of success in various game modes and content. The best classes abd builds have been meticulously crafted and optimized by theorycrafters, experienced players, and extensive gameplay analysis. These classes builds are designed to maximize your character's potential and provide the highest level of performance, whether it's dealing damage, surviving tough encounters, or supporting your team. Without further ado, let's check Last Epoch 1.0 best class and builds for launch.

Last Epoch 1.0 Class Tier List

S Tier

  • Warlock

Considered S-tier due to strong curse synergy and damage over time potential. Mad Alchemist's Ladle particularly boosts this playstyle.

  • Spellblade

High mobility and damage from W generator plus Shatter Strike builds. Very strong defense from Ward gain.

  • Druid

Werebear is extremely tanky and damage builds like Swarmblade are effective. Long-standing top-tier mastery.

  • Paladin

Holy Aura is incredibly powerful group support. Multiple strong damage builds like Hammerdin and Javelin.

A Tier

  • Runemaster

Versatile caster with damage skills like Frostbolt and utility. Could see nerfs but should still be strong.

  • Lich

Power depends entirely on Death Seal which may be adjusted. Otherwise very impactful necromancy.

  • Falconer

Adds new skill options for Marksman/Bladedancer but power depends on Falcon itself. Could be higher.

  • Beastmaster

Pets provide good damage and utility. Bear needs a buff but other options perform well.

B Tier

  • Necromancer

Relies on specific setups more than other options but can still function well.

C Tier

  • Sorcerer

Struggles for identity with Runemaster powercreep and lacks class-defining skills.

D Tier

  • Forge Guard

Underpowered and slated for significant changes. Not recommended until rebalanced.

Last Epoch 1.0 Build Tier List

S Tier

  • Rive Void Knight

  • Nova Hammerdin Paladin

  • Harvest Lich

  • Dancing Strikes Bladedancer

  • Warpath Echo Void Knight

These are considered the strongest, most powerful Last Epoch 1.0 builds. They outperform other builds in all aspects of the game. Can complete the highest level of endgame content like deepest corruption levels.

A Tier

  • Flame Reave Spellblade

  • Upheaval Beastmaster

  • Smite Shield Throw Paladin

  • Ignite Shield Rush Forge Guard

  • Death Seal Lich

  • Hammerdin Paladin

  • Reign of Winter Bowmage Marksman

  • Disintegrate Runemaster

  • Glacier Sorcerer

  • Smite Hammer Throw Void Knight

Very strong builds but not quite as powerful as S-Tier. Capable of completing most endgame content. May have some weaknesses or reliance on certain skills/gear.

B Tier

  • Thorn Totem Shaman

  • Hail of Arrows Marksman

  • Dragonsong Marksman

  • Shadow Dagger Bladedancer

  • Frostbite Frost Claw Runemaster

  • Multishot Marksman

  • Cold Dot Werebear Druid

  • Lightning Swarmblade Druid

  • Frostbite Swarmblade Druid

  • Manifest Armor Forge Guard

Good, viable builds but lack dominance of S-Tier. Can complete endgame but have less room for error. Require more optimized gear/play compared to S-Tier.