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> Last Epoch 10 Best Build Tier Lists For Launch 2024

Last Epoch 1.0 Best Build Tier Lists for Launch (2024)

2/19/2024 6:51:10 PM

The official launch of Last Epoch is here, can't decide what to play? We get you covered with the Last Epoch Build Tier List 2024 for 1.0 Launch, where we rank the best builds for leveling, speed farming, bossing, arena, and corruption running!

Last Epoch 1.0 Build Tier List - Best Builds for Leveling, Arena, Boss, Corruption, Farming

We finally have the official release of Last Epoch! Although we have already got a lot of game information in the previous LE beta version, the 1.0 Patch is about to bring new content, which is likely to change some of the original gameplay.  With the transition to the official release, players can expect a substantial upgrade in game quality, an improved gameplay experience, and enhanced visual fidelity. The developers, Eleventh Hour Games, have introduced a new content delivery system known as "Cycles," promising regular updates every few months that will expand end-game scenarios, and introduce new skills, items, system refinements, and quality-of-life improvements. These changes will refresh the build meta in Last Epoch 1.0. So whether you are an early access player or a newbie, you may be thinking about which build will be the best to start with for the Last Epoch 1.0 launch. That's why we've sorted out these Last Epoch Best Build Tier Lists here for you.

Last Epoch 1.0 Best Leveling Builds Tier List

This tier list ranks the effectiveness of classes or builds in terms of their ability to level up quickly and efficiently. The top-tier classes like Falconer, Blade Dancer, Paladin, Warlock, Rune Master, and Shaman are likely to be very efficient at gaining levels, either due to high damage output, good survivability, or efficient area-of-effect abilities. The mention of a "tier list tier list" seems like a humorous aside, referencing the meta-commentary on the proliferation of tier lists.

  1. Falconer (S Tier)

  2. Bladedancer  (S Tier)

  3. Paladin  (S Tier)

  4. Warlock  (S Tier)

  5. Runemaster  (S Tier)

  6. Shaman  (S Tier)

  7. Forge Guard (A Tier)

  8. Necromancer  (A Tier)

  9. Marksman  (A Tier)

  10. Lich (A Tier)

  11. Druid (A Tier)

  12. Spellblade (A Tier)

  13. Beastmaster (A Tier)

  14. Sorcerer (B Tier)

  15. Void Knight  (B Tier)

Last Epoch 1.0 Best Speed Farming Build Tier List

The speed farming tier list focuses on the ability of classes or builds to quickly clear areas of enemies and collect loot, which is essential for acquiring resources to improve a character's power level. Classes like Hydron, Blast Rain Marksman, and various Rogue builds are highlighted as particularly effective. The list also acknowledges that some builds may not be as fast initially but become faster once fully developed, like the Echo Warpath Void Knight.

  1. Hydrahedron Runemaster (S Tier)

  2. Blast Rain Marksman (S Tier)

  3. Shadow Daggers Bladedancer (S Tier)

  4. Torment Warlock (S Tier)

  5. Shadow Dagger Falconer (S Tier)

  6. Explosive Ballista Falconer (S Tier)

  7. Ballista Falconer (S Tier)

  8. Plasma Orb Runemaster (A Tier)

  9. Nova Hammerdin Paladin (A Tier)

  10. Echo Warpath Void Knight (A Tier)

  11. Smite Hammer Throw VK (A Tier)

  12. Bleed Warlock (A Tier)

  13. Death Seal Lich (A Tier)

  14. Wraith Necromancer (A Tier)

  15. Pure Falconer (A Tier)

  16. Dancing Strikes Bladedancer (A Tier)

  17. Lightning Swarmblade Druid (A Tier)

  18. Frostbite Swarmblade Druid (A Tier)

  19. Thorn Totem Shaman (A Tier)

  20. Cold DoT Werebear Druid (B Tier)

  21. Earthquake Werebear Druid (B Tier)

  22. Squirrel Beastmaster (B Tier)

  23. Glacier Sorcerer (B Tier)

  24. Frost Claw Runemaster (B Tier)

  25. Frostbite Frost Claw RM (B Tier)

  26. Spark Charge Runemaster (B Tier)

  27. Holy Trail Javelin Paladin (B Tier)

  28. Judgement Aura Paladin (B Tier)

  29. Hungering Souls Lich (B Tier)

  30. Roid Mage Necromancer (B Tier)

  31. Marrow Shards Lich (B Tier)

  32. Bowmage Marksman (B Tier)

  33. Explosive Totem Shaman (B Tier)

  34. Fireball Sorcerer (B Tier)

  35. Static Orb Sorcerer (B Tier)

  36. Smite Hammerdin Paladin (B Tier)

  37. Devouring Orb Void Knight (B Tier)

  38. Bleed Hammerdin Paladin (B Tier)

  39. Dragonsong Marksman (B Tier)

  40. Hail of Arrows Marksman (B Tier)

  41. Golem Necromancer (C Tier)

  42. Tempest EQ Beastmaster (C Tier)

  43. Elemental Nova Sorcerer (C Tier)

  44. Electrify Javelin Paladin (C Tier)

  45. Harvest Lich (C Tier)

  46. Shatter Strike Spellblade (C Tier)

  47. Disintegrate Runemaster (C Tier)

  48. Ignite Shield Rush FG (C Tier)

  49. Multishot Marksman (C Tier)

  50. Swipe Werebear Druid (D Tier)

  51. Upheaval Beastmaster (D Tier)

  52. Flame Reave Spellblade (D Tier)

  53. Rive Void Knight (D Tier)

  54. Manifest Armor Forge Guard (F Tier)

Last Epoch 1.0 Best Bossing Build Tier List

This list categorizes classes or builds based on their prowess in taking down tough single-target bosses. It includes top-tier builds like the Squirrel Beast Master and Shocking Tempest Earthquake Beast Master, which are likely to have strong single-target damage and survivability. There's also a mention of upcoming changes and content creators debating the accuracy of these lists, suggesting the dynamic nature of the game's meta.

  1. Squirrel Beastmaster (S Tier)

  2. Tempest EQ Beastmaster (S Tier)

  3. Shatter Strike Spellblade (S Tier)

  4. Manifest Armor Forge Guard (S Tier)

  5. Wraith Necromancer (S Tier)

  6. Blast Rain Marksman (S Tier)

  7. Explosive Ballista Falconer (S Tier)

  8. Pure Falconer (A Tier)

  9. Ballista Falconer (A Tier)

  10. Frostbite Swarmblade Druid (A Tier)

  11. Lightning Swarmblade Druid (A Tier)

  12. Hydrahedron Runemaster (A Tier)

  13. Plasma Orb Runemaster (A Tier)

  14. Frostbite Frost Claw RM (A Tier)

  15. Rive Void Knight (A Tier)

  16. Smite Hammer Throw VK (A Tier)

  17. Smite Hammerdin Paladin (A Tier)

  18. Bleed Hammerdin Paladin (A Tier)

  19. Electrify Javelin Paladin (A Tier)

  20. Bleed Warlock (A Tier)

  21. Shadow Dagger Falconer (A Tier)

  22. Shadow Daggers Bladedancer (A Tier)

  23. Upheaval Beastmaster (B Tier)

  24. Earthquake Werebear Druid (B Tier)

  25. Explosive Totem Shaman (B Tier)

  26. Thorn Totem Shaman (B Tier)

  27. Disintegrate Runemaster (B Tier)

  28. Frost Claw Runemaster (B Tier)

  29. Static Orb Sorcerer (B Tier)

  30. Elemental Nova Sorcerer (B Tier)

  31. Fireball Sorcerer (B Tier)

  32. Glacier Sorcerer (B Tier)

  33. Ignite Shield Rush FG (B Tier)

  34. Echo Warpath Void Knight (B Tier)

  35. Judgement Aura Paladin (B Tier)

  36. Nova Hammerdin Paladin (B Tier)

  37. Torment Warlock (B Tier)

  38. Hungering Souls Lich (B Tier)

  39. Marrow Shards Lich (B Tier)

  40. Death Seal Lich (B Tier)

  41. Dancing Strikes Bladedancer (B Tier)

  42. Dragonsong Marksman (B Tier)

  43. Multishot Marksman (B Tier)

  44. Hail of Arrows Marksman (B Tier)

  45. Swipe Werebear Druid (C Tier)

  46. Flame Reave Spellblade (C Tier)

  47. Spark Charge Runemaster (C Tier)

  48. Devouring Orb Void Knight (C Tier)

  49. Holy Trail Javelin Paladin (C Tier)

  50. Golem Necromancer (C Tier)

  51. Roid Mage Necromancer (C Tier)

  52. Harvest Lich (C Tier)

  53. Bowmage Marksman (C Tier)

  54. Cold DoT Werebear Druid (F Tier)

Last Epoch 1.0 Best Corruption Build Tier List

Corruption mechanics often involve increased difficulty for greater rewards. This tier list ranks builds on their ability to handle these escalated challenges. Builds like Hydron Rune Master and Bleed Warlock are expected to do well in these scenarios. The rankings are based on theorycrafting and could change with the game's updates, underscoring the speculative nature of these assessments.

  1. Hydrahedron Runemaster (S Tier)

  2. Plasma Orb Runemaster (S Tier)

  3. Bleed Warlock (S Tier)

  4. Torment Warlock (S Tier)

  5. Wraith Necromancer (S Tier)

  6. Explosive Ballista Falconer (S Tier)

  7. Blast Rain Marksman (S Tier)

  8. Ballista Falconer (A Tier)

  9. Swipe Werebear Druid (A Tier)

  10. Lightning Swarmblade Druid (A Tier)

  11. Frostbite Swarmblade Druid (A Tier)

  12. Squirrel Beastmaster (A Tier)

  13. Frostbite Frost Claw RM (A Tier)

  14. Spark Charge Runemaster (A Tier)

  15. Frost Claw Runemaster (A Tier)

  16. Judgement Aura Paladin (A Tier)

  17. Holy Trail Javelin Paladin (A Tier)

  18. Nova Hammerdin Paladin (A Tier)

  19. Bleed Hammerdin Paladin (A Tier)

  20. Echo Warpath Void Knight (A Tier)

  21. Death Seal Lich (A Tier)

  22. Roid Mage Necromancer (A Tier)

  23. Golem Necromancer (A Tier)

  24. Shadow Dagger Falconer (A Tier)

  25. Shadow Daggers Bladedancer (A Tier)

  26. Pure Falconer (A Tier)

  27. Thorn Totem Shaman (B Tier)

  28. Explosive Totem Shaman (B Tier)

  29. Earthquake Werebear Druid (B Tier)

  30. Glacier Sorcerer (B Tier)

  31. Static Orb Sorcerer (B Tier)

  32. Fireball Sorcerer (B Tier)

  33. Smite Hammer Throw VK (B Tier)

  34. Smite Hammerdin Paladin (B Tier)

  35. Electrify Javelin Paladin (B Tier)

  36. Ignite Shield Rush FG (B Tier)

  37. Rive Void Knight (B Tier)

  38. Marrow Shards Lich (B Tier)

  39. Hungering Souls Lich (B Tier)

  40. Dancing Strikes Bladedancer (B Tier)

  41. Hail of Arrows Marksman (B Tier)

  42. Tempest EQ Beastmaster (C Tier)

  43. Upheaval Beastmaster (C Tier)

  44. Cold DoT Werebear Druid (C Tier)

  45. Shatter Strike Spellblade (C Tier)

  46. Disintegrate Runemaster (C Tier)

  47. Elemental Nova Sorcerer (C Tier)

  48. Devouring Orb Void Knight (C Tier)

  49. Manifest Armor Forge Guard (C Tier)

  50. Harvest Lich (C Tier)

  51. Multishot Marksman (C Tier)

  52. Bowmage Marksman (C Tier)

  53. Dragonsong Marksman (C Tier)

  54. Flame Reave Spellblade (F Tier)

Last Epoch Best Arena Build Tier List

Finally, the arena tier list ranks the builds based on their competitiveness in player-versus-environment (PvE) or player-versus-player (PvP) arenas where players aim to climb leaderboards. Builds such as Swipe We Bear Druid and Plasma War Rune Master are mentioned as being effective in this setting. The tier list also notes that some builds might be slated for nerfs in future patches, which would affect their rankings.

  1. Swipe Werebear Druid (S Tier)

  2. Hydrahedron Runemaster (S Tier)

  3. Plasma Orb Runemaster (S Tier)

  4. Nova Hammerdin Paladin (S Tier)

  5. Bleed Hammerdin Paladin (S Tier)

  6. Death Seal Lich (S Tier)

  7. Wraith Necromancer (S Tier)

  8. Torment Warlock (S Tier)

  9. Blast Rain Marksman (S Tier)

  10. Explosive Ballista Falconer (S Tier)

  11. Ballista Falconer (S Tier)

  12. Hail of Arrows Marksman (S Tier)

  13. Lightning Swarmblade Druid (A Tier)

  14. Frostbite Swarmblade Druid (A Tier)

  15. Earthquake Werebear Druid (A Tier)

  16. Thorn Totem Shaman (A Tier)

  17. Squirrel Beastmaster (A Tier)

  18. Glacier Sorcerer (A Tier)

  19. Frost Claw Runemaster (A Tier)

  20. Frostbite Frost Claw RM (A Tier)

  21. Spark Charge Runemaster (A Tier)

  22. Echo Warpath Void Knight (A Tier)

  23. Holy Trail Javelin Paladin (A Tier)

  24. Judgement Aura Paladin (A Tier)

  25. Manifest Armor Forge Guard (A Tier)

  26. Hungering Souls Lich (A Tier)

  27. Golem Necromancer (A Tier)

  28. Roid Mage Necromancer (A Tier)

  29. Bleed Warlock (A Tier)

  30. Marrow Shards Lich (A Tier)

  31. Shadow Daggers Bladedancer (A Tier)

  32. Shadow Dagger Falconer (A Tier)

  33. Bowmage Marksman (A Tier)

  34. Pure Falconer (A Tier)

  35. Cold DoT Werebear Druid (B Tier)

  36. Explosive Totem Shaman (B Tier)

  37. Tempest EQ Beastmaster (B Tier)

  38. Static Orb Sorcerer (B Tier)

  39. Fireball Sorcerer (B Tier)

  40. Elemental Nova Sorcerer (B Tier)

  41. Smite Hammer Throw VK (B Tier)

  42. Electrify Javelin Paladin (B Tier)

  43. Smite Hammerdin Paladin (B Tier)

  44. Devouring Orb Void Knight (B Tier)

  45. Harvest Lich (B Tier)

  46. Multishot Marksman (B Tier)

  47. Dancing Strikes Bladedancer (B Tier)

  48. Upheaval Beastmaster (C Tier)

  49. Shatter Strike Spellblade (C Tier)

  50. Disintegrate Runemaster (C Tier)

  51. Flame Reave Spellblade (C Tier)

  52. Rive Void Knight (C Tier)

  53. Ignite Shield Rush FG (C Tier)

  54. Dragonsong Marksman (C Tier)