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> D2r Season 6 Build Tier List Best Ladder 6 Starter Builds In Diablo 2 Resurrected

D2R Season 6 Build Tier List - Best Ladder 6 Starter Builds In Diablo 2 Resurrected

2/21/2024 5:29:46 PM

Diablo 2: Resurrected's sixth ladder season kicked off soon. Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned Diablo player, an overpowered build is indispensable. Read our D2R season 6 tier list, we're ranking the best ladder 6 start builds!

D2R Season 6 Best Build - Diablo 2 Resurrected Season 6 Build Tier List

An effective Diablo 2 Resurrected ladder 6 build choice is crucial to facilitate this leveling and progression. Optimal damage, survivability and mobility granted by specific skills, gear and synergies will smooth the leveling process. This allows more time spent gaining paragon levels and experience, rather than repairs or slowly getting through areas. High farming speeds also make it easier to gain valuable crafting materials, runes and gear to further improve the build. Without further ado, check our D2R season 6 build tier list and rankings!

S Tier

Blizzard - Very strong AOE damage with little gear required

Fist of the Heavens - High single target damage with synergies and little gear needed

Hydra - Powerful spell with easily accessible skills/damage

Battle Orders (Support Only) - Crucial buff ability with minimal gear

Fire Ball Meteor - Strong ranged clear with synergies not relying on gear

A Tier

Meteor Frozen Orb - Elemental synergy and options with low gear needs

Blessed Hammer - High damage with little reliance on gear

Frozen Orb - Consistent damage and crowd control with easy requirements

Smite - High physical damage with defensive aura benefiting group play

Fire Wall - Effective fire damage requiring just skills and a basic wand

Shock Wave (Support Only) - Strong CC ability with insignificant gear requirements

B Tier

Enchant (Support Only) - Helpful buffs needing attack rating from minimal gear

Lightning - Manageable damage and utility without significant gear investment

Lightning Sentry - Effective damage and CC for early game with minimal stat requirements

Tornado - Strong crowd control with sufficient damage requiring basic gear

Summon - Reliable summons able to play without gear, utilizing skills

C Tier

Wake of Fire - Reliant on skills but struggles without sufficient +skills and gear

Plague Javelin - Requires gear to boost damage from skills and synergies

War Cry - Provides utility but benefits from gear to further amplify effects

Freezing Arrow - Needs skill boosts and sufficient damage from gear

Nova - Benefits from +skills and gear for effective damage and clarity

Lightning Strike - Functions but lacks damage without considerable +skills gear

Frost Nova - Offers utility when geared but lacks damage without investment

D Tier

Phoenix Strike - Relies heavily on equipment and charms to deal meaningful damage

Poison Nova - Struggles with damage without sufficient synergized skills and gear

Claws of Thunder - Gear dependent and lacks damage without proper optimization

Double Throw - Needs major gear and skills investment for playable damage levels

Dragon Tail - Offers utility when geared but lacks damage without extensive gear

Whirlwind - Focuses on gear rather than skills, making it difficult early ladder

F Tier

Rift - Significant +skills gear dependent for useful damage and utility

Zeal - Very gear dependent with damage scaling focused on high end gear

Fury - Reliant on optimal gear and charms for reasonable effectiveness

Multiple Shot - Large +skills and offensive aura gear dependencies

Maul - Extremely gear reliant build with questionable early viability

Jab/Fend - Overly focused on high end min-max gear optimizations

Fire Claws - Highly optimized gear is mandatory for playable damage

Frenzy - Very gear intensive build with focus on scaling damage pieces

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