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> Wow Sod Phase 2 Gold Farming Guide Top 10 Fast Gold Making Ways In Season Of Discovery P2

WoW SoD Phase 2 Gold Farming Guide: Top 10 Fast Gold Making Ways in Season of Discovery P2

2/21/2024 11:56:29 AM

Welcome to our WoW Season of Discovery SoD Phase 2 gold farming guide, where we'll detail the top 10 gold farms you should be focusing on to maximize your earnings. These farms offer steady gold income from materials, boe drops, and more. Let's get started!

WoW Season of Discovery Phase 2 Gold Farming Guide

WoW SoD Phase 2 offers players numerous opportunities to amass gold through various methods. Whether it's farming, flipping items on the Auction House (AH), or taking advantage of in-game events, there's something for everyone. We are excited to share the strategies you can employ to boost your in-game wealth now.

1. Auction House Flipping

One of the first and most straightforward methods is AH flipping. Keep an eye out for items like the fail Club that can be bought for less than two silver and flipped for a profit. With First Aid, you can craft Heavy Silk Bandages from Silk Cloth, which can be sold for up to four silver each, doubling your investment.

2. Crafting and Consumables

The recipe for Dragon Breath Chili is a hot commodity in Phase 2. It requires items like Small Flame Sacs, which can vary in price from 50 silver to 1.82 gold. Farm these in Swamp of Sorrows or the Badlands, where you can also potentially nab a pet or high-level gear to sell. Remember that crafting allows for an AFK profit as you can do other things while your character works.

Crafting Mat Farming Locations

Swamp of Sorrows Welps

We often farm Small Flame Sacks in the Swamp of Sorrows, targeting welps. These creatures not only yield the desired sacks but can also be skinned for extra profit if you've leveled your Skinning skill. This spot is suitable for players around level 33 and can be lucrative up to level 40, potentially netting around 300 gold.

Badlands Welps

If Swamp of Sorrows is overpopulated, head to the Badlands. Higher-level welps here drop valuable loot, and you might even snag a pet. High-level green or rare items can be sold for significant amounts, especially to level 40 players gearing up.

Wetlands Welps

Another excellent zone is the Wetlands, where lower-level welps also drop Small Flame Sacks. The area boasts minimal downtime and quick kill rates.

3. Farming Specific Materials

Elemental Air and Magic Dust can be farmed from Dust Devils in Westfall. Although they have a low drop rate, they're still valuable. For those with mounts, farming Elemental Air in Arathi Highlands might be more efficient, and you'll also acquire Thundering Charms, which are sought after by Warriors for the Whirlwind Weapon quest.

Elemental Fire and Elemental Earth, along with Solid Stones, can also be farmed in the Arathi Highlands. These materials sell well on the AH, making them a good source of steady income.

4. Fishing and Cooking

Fishing in Alterac Mountains for Raw Greater Sagefish can be profitable, especially if you have cooking skills to turn your catch into sought-after consumables.

5. STV Arena Event

Participating in the STV Arena event, which occurs every three hours, allows players to obtain Arena Master trinkets, consumables, and sometimes green or rare items. Selling the right consumables, like Greater Mana Potions, can be quite lucrative.

6. Questing and Level 40 Items

Questing, particularly at max level, provides increased gold rewards. Avoid completing yellow or orange quests if you can, as you might need them in Phase 3 for leveling. In Tanaris, slaying Pirates can drop a rare level 40 item that can be sold for a significant amount.

7. Solid Chests and Add-Ons

Using an add-on like Gatherer (Gathermate2), you can locate Solid Chests across various zones. These chests can contain valuable items, including Truesilver Bars which are highly valued on the AH.

8. Skinning and Raw Gold

Skinning beasts and selling leather, alongside raw gold farming, is a consistent way to earn WoW SoD gold. Meat from these beasts can also be sold on the AH for a profit.

9. Darkmoon Faire (DMF) Exotic Vendors

When the DMF event is active, take advantage of the exotic vendors. You can flip items like Superior Healing Potions for four to six times their purchase price.

10. Secret Gold Trick

Finally, a secret tip for those in Booty Bay: Purchase the build the winter blueprint when it's priced under two gold. You can resell it for up to ten times the price, depending on the market fluctuations.

The key to successful gold farming is diversification and taking advantage of market conditions. Keep an eye on the AH, know the value of the items you're farming, and don't be afraid to try new methods. For more tips and tricks on making gold in WoW, check out our news page for updates on all things related to the Season of Discovery. Happy gold farming!