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> Diablo 4 Season 4 Best Build Top 5 New Best Builds For Each Class In D4

Diablo 4 Season 4 Best Build - Top 5 New Best Builds For Each Class In D4

4/8/2024 11:13:40 AM

Tons of players are looking for new builds in Diablo 4 Season 4. In this D4 Season 4 build guide, we’re bringing you the new best highest damage builds for all classes. This means either builds that weren't possible before or ones that are only now strong enough to at least be worth talking about.


1. New D4 Season 4 Barbarian Build

There were potential versions of this build in the past that could exist but were just so unbelievably comparatively weak that they were mostly ignored. However, this was fixed in the PTR by buffing the way that flat damage effects work, to begin with by making them scale with your weapon damage. Also, the combination of a new legendary that makes Dust Devils not only gain size to have each one be larger but also gain multiplicative damage boost in exact equality to its size increase. They also added a tempering manual that lets Barbarians put four different Dust Devil size affixes on their weapons or even chance for each Dust Devil to become two Dust Devil. If you stack all these boosts together and boost them up with the different masterworking, you can get them absolutely nuts. Overall, this build definitely has far more damage than survivability even by Barbarian standards. It's essentially somewhat of a glass cannon but it is just such an offensively strong glass cannon that is hard to ignore.


2. New D4 Season 4 Sorcerer Build

Sorcerer's main fun new build is really cool and it's almost entirely based around the unique item, Fractured Winterglass. What this does is make Frozen Orb have a 35 to 50% chance to spawn any random conjuration skill when it explodes. It makes any conjuration attack have up to 100% lucky hit chance to launch a Frozen Orb at enemies. The best part of this is it infinitely loops within itself. This means if you fire a Frozen Orb and get lucky it makes a conjuration skill. The conjuration skill will get the lucky hit chance to fire a Frozen Orb and that new Frozen Orb can again have up to a 50% chance to spawn a new conjuration skill which can just loop in itself if you hit the Frozen Orb. In any room that you enter, you just fire off a bunch of Frozen Orbs, then the Frozen Orbs create the minions that make more Frozen Orbs to make more minions.


3. New D4 Season 4  Rogue Build

They have been boosting a number of Stun Grenade related effects for multiple patches in a row. Thanks to two main changes, this is now absolutely a thing. The first is that now every Stung Grenade based aspect in the game has a secondary line of text that just reads. Additionally increases grenade skill damage by 25% to 40% and the second is that Stun Grenades being a flat damage effect have just been buffed in general with the General Flat damage effects of the game to scale with actual weapon damage itself of the player. In combination with stealth changes, you run every single grenade based affix to increase the damage as much as possible with those new lines of text. Most of your actual grenades come from the opportunist aspect which pops them down when you go into stealth. This isn't necessarily meta but you can pop stealth every 3 seconds or drop a ton of grenades that both stun and murder all of enemies. This is very strong for Rogue like power increased exponentially from previous attempts at grenade builds.


4. New D4 Season 4 Necromancer Build

There is some really cool stuff going on with Bone Spear and Mage Minions where they fire off Bone Spears to match the player’s Bone Spear damage. What seems to be the strongest is a new concept for Necromancers based on bugged interaction. Even if the numbers do go down, the build will still be functionally the same unless they just remove certain parts of the game. This build was created with a very specific, mixing of different things. The main concept is blight as a skill with the brand new unique amulet, Ebonpiercer. This makes blight shoot 4 bonus smaller projectiles that pierce enemies to deal bonus shadow damage. But the interaction here that's funky is that the bonus blight projectiles each count. They each have their own lucky hit chance that matches blight's lucky hit chance. Lucky hit chance in this game for each skill is defined by how quickly that skill is expected to hit. Blight is not expected to hit often so it has a relatively high lucky hit chance for that reason. But with this unique, you now fire out 5 projectiles every time you press blight and each of them has that same lucky hit chance. We have the Tempering manual that gives you a lucky hit chance to apply tens of thousands of elemental damage. When it procs with one of the types being Shadow combine that with Necromancer, having Shadow Blight as a key passive, and now what you have is high lucky hit chance, triggering five times as frequently as they should for massive Shadow damage explosions that then also combo back into Shadow Blight for the key passive bonuses.


5. New D4 Season 4 Druid Build

The biggest changes to Druid have simply been to make companions actually worth using and make them actually somewhat strong. Having them scale properly with player stats, also makes playing companion focus builds more viable. The most fun one is the classic legendary that makes your wolves into Werewolf Companions and then also makes them apply Rabies which is also better now because Rabies has once again been buffed in another patch. Essentially you can go nearly full companions now and have it be actually strong. Build around the werewolves, the werewolf mode for yourself, Shred for speed and poison as your general main non-companion damage, but you're pretty much relying on the companions to do the job. However, the only real weak spot being the AoE damage.