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> Elden Ring Dlc Prep Best Talismans Buffs Weapons Consumables To Prepare For Shadow Of The Erdtree

Elden Ring DLC Prep: Best Talismans, Buffs, Weapons, Consumables To Prepare for Shadow of the Erdtree

4/10/2024 5:25:29 PM

The Shadow of the Erdtree DLC for Elden Ring is on the horizon, and it's time to get your character ready for the new challenges. This comprehensive guide will help you optimize your character, ensuring you're equipped with the right gear, upgrades, and knowledge. Let’s go over the details of the top 10 tips to ensure your Tarnished is fully prepared.

Top 10 Tips To Prepare Elden Ring DLC

1. Rune Farming

Leveling Up: Aim to be between levels 100-150, which is suitable for both PvE and PvP. This level range allows for balanced stat distribution, particularly allowing for 60 vigor, the recommended amount for end-game survivability.

Farming Locations: Mohgwyn's Palace is the prime spot for rune farming. Use AOE attacks to quickly dispatch groups of Albinaurics, or lure the giant crow off the cliff for a quick and risk-free rune collection.

Accessing Mohgwyn's Palace: Varre's Questline is a shortcut to the palace early in the game. Follow the questline from "The First Step" Site of Grace, defeating Godrick, and then completing tasks for Varre at the Rose Church.

Efficiency Boosts: Equip the Gold Scarab Talisman and use Gold Pickled Fowl Foot to boost Elden Ring rune acquisition. These can significantly speed up the leveling process.

2. Powerful Talismans

There are a bunch of powerful talismans that will be useful for any build:

Great Jar's Arsenal: This talisman is essential for maintaining a medium load for agility. Obtain it by navigating the underground areas below Limgrave and defeating the challenges at the Great Jar.

Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman: A must-have for physical damage reduction. It is located in the Haligtree after a series of platforming and enemy encounters.

Erdtree's Favor +2: Increases health, stamina, and equip load. It's hidden in the Ashen Capital, after navigating treacherous drops and defeating formidable foes.

Offensive Talismans: Consider stacking talismans that increase your damage output. The Ritual Sword Talisman, for example, boosts attack power when at full health, and the Claw Talisman increases jump attack damage.

3. Powerful Buffs

Other than talismans, one of the quickest ways to make any character more powerful is making sure you have a set of temporary buffs that you know how to stack correctly:

Body Buffs: Boiled Crab offers significant physical damage negation, while Flame, Grant me Strength boosts physical and fire damage. Both are accessible and powerful options.

Aura Buffs: Golden Vow can be found as a Weapon Art or as a more powerful spell, augmenting both offense and defense. It's a strong choice for nearly any build.

Crystal Tears: Select Crystal Tears that synergize with your build to create potent combinations for your Flask of Wondrous Physick, like Greenburst Crystal Tear for stamina and Crimsonburst Crystal Tear for health.

4. Infinite Smithing Stones

To experiment with new weapons, collect:

Bell Bearings: Collect all Miner's Bell Bearings to buy unlimited smithing stones from the Twin Maiden Husks. Locations include various tunnels and ruins across the Lands Between.

Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones: To upgrade somber weapons to +10, defeat ancient dragons in Farum Azula and collect the stones they guard, or find hidden ones in challenging locations.

5. Infinite Glovewort

Spirit summons can be maxed out with:

Bell Bearings for Glovewort: Streamline your spirit summon upgrades with Glovewart Picker's Bell Bearings, found in catacombs and hidden locations like Farum Azula.

Choosing Spirits: The Mimic Tear is a universally strong option, but consider spirits that complement your build's theme for an added strategic edge.

6. Golden Seeds and Sacred Tears

One of the easiest ways to become more powerful is to take a tour around the Lands Between collecting all of the golden seeds and Sacred Tears Along the way. Golden Seeds increase the amount of crimson and cerulean flasks you can carry and Sacred Tears increase how much health or FP you'll flasks replenish. If you're interested in picking up the vast majority of these quickly, then you can simply hop on torrent and follow this route that I'm showing on screen. This way, it's as simple as running past these trees and picking them up. However, if you want to hunt down every last one, then you're going to have to do some legacy dungeons. So for a full list containing every seed and tear, check out the link in the description.

7. Larval Tears

For the flexibility to respec and test new builds, stock up on Larval Tears:

Respeccing: Stock up on Larval Tears, which are scattered throughout the world in various locations. These allow for respecs at Rennala to test new builds with the DLC content.

8. Poise Guide

Understanding Poise: Check your poise on the equipment screen and aim for at least 51 to avoid being staggered by most enemy attacks. Equip armor pieces or talismans to reach the desired poise level.

9. Powerful Consumables

Rune Arcs: These consumables are key to unleashing your equipped Great Rune's power. Farm them from merchants or through multiplayer activities.

Status Counters: With sleep swamps shown in the DLC trailer, stocking up on stimulating Boluses to counteract sleep build-up could be crucial.

Offensive Items: Freezing pots inflict frostbite, which damages and debuffs enemies, making them susceptible to increased damage. These can be crafted from materials found in specific locations.

10. Defeat Radahn & Mohg Easily

Radahn and Mohg must be defeated to access the DLC:

Boss Strategies: Utilize the re-summoningstrategy for Radahn by keeping your summons alive as much as possible. For Mohg, use Mohg's Shackle to bring him down easily in the first phase and the Purifying Crystal Tear to negate his deadly Nihil attack.

Radahn: Continuously summon allies and consider ranged attacks like Crepus's Black-key Crossbow with rot-inflicting bolts for a safer engagement.

Mohg: Accessible early through the Rune Farming Guide or via the consecrated snowfield. Use bleed weapons against him for effectiveness and obtain Mohg's Shackle and the Purifying Crystal Tear to mitigate his abilities.

By following these detailed tips, your Tarnished will be thoroughly prepared for the Elden Ring DLC, "Shadow of the Erdtree." Proper preparation will not only enhance your experience but also give you the best chance of triumphing over the new challenges that await.