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> Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree Dlc New Areas Map Locations

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC New Areas & Map Locations

5/3/2024 6:07:14 PM

The recent gameplay trailer for the Elden Ring DLC has sparked a flurry of excitement and speculation, especially regarding the new areas introduced. From open fields to legacy dungeons, the trailer offers a tantalizing glimpse into what awaits players in this expanded universe. Let's discuss and analyze these new biomes and environments, attempting to pinpoint their locations and understand their significance within the game's lore.

  • The Land of Shadow and Its Expansive Fields

The trailer kicks off with a captivating shot of the "Land of Shadow," a vast open world area characterized by a wheat field dotted with phantom gravestones. This scene, which was initially revealed in the DLC's concept art, has now been confirmed through the collector's edition art book as an open field. Unlike the base game, the DLC appears to blur the lines between field and dungeon areas, promising a more seamless transition between different zones.

  • Key Landmarks and Battles

As we progress through the same biome under the consistent skybox, several scenes unfold that help us map out this area further. Notable moments include a confrontation with a knight NPC and a battle against a Wicker man, both set amidst the same backdrop of wheat grass and gravestones. A ruined castle visible in these scenes serves as a crucial landmark for pinpointing these encounters within the field.

The Legacy Dungeon

Moving deeper into the valley, the trailer showcases a legacy dungeon breaking apart and floating into the sky, reminiscent of the game's mystical aesthetics. The architectural motifs and the presence of a bridge linking this area to another suggest that this dungeon is not only a pivotal area but also connected to other significant sites within the game, like the Cathedral of Mana mentioned later in the trailer.

  • Diverse Biomes and Mysterious Encounters

Transitioning through various skyboxes, the trailer introduces us to different biomes, each with unique environmental elements and challenges. One such area features a blue flower field under a bluish-gray sky, possibly indicating the proximity to Kian architecture, which is known for its association with such flora in the base game.

The Caran NPC Scene

In a significant shift of environment, we encounter a Caran NPC in a room strikingly similar to the Church of the Cuckoo, hinting at a location near Rhealucaria. This scene, coupled with the presence of wrecked ships and a void-like background, suggests a coastal setting integral to the DLC's expanded geography.

  • The Grand Legacy Dungeon

Central to the DLC's narrative and promotional material is a main legacy dungeon, depicted with towering structures and an inverted arch. This area, connected by a bridge to a nearby forest biome, features prominently in the trailer and is highlighted with concept art in the collector's edition showcase. The final concept art hints at a boss arena inside this dungeon, potentially setting the stage for a climactic battle against a key adversary.

  • Underground Mysteries and Hidden Swamps

Apart from the above-ground locations, the trailer also hints at several underground areas and a mysterious swamp, challenging players to navigate these obscured terrains. These areas, rich with Trina's lies and distinctive flora, add layers of depth and intrigue to the DLC's expansive world.

The Elden Ring DLC promises an enriching expansion of the game's universe, with new areas that are both vast in scale and rich in detail. Whether it's the open fields of the Land of Shadow, the mystical legacy dungeons, or the diverse biomes introduced, each area offers unique challenges and deepens the lore of this beloved world.

With only two months left until the DLC's release, excitement continues to build. Fans are eager to explore these new areas and uncover all the secrets they hold. As we await the opportunity to dive back into the world of Elden Ring, let's keep the discussion going in the comments below. What area are you most excited to explore?