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> Elden Ring Dlc Pre Guide How To Prepare Runes Items For Shadow Of The Erdtree

Elden Ring DLC Pre Guide - How To Prepare Runes & Items for Shadow of the Erdtree?

5/24/2024 2:03:29 PM
Prepare for Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree DLC with Runes & Items from AOEAH

The highly anticipated DLC for Elden Ring, Shadow of the Erdtree, is coming soon and promises to bring exciting new challenges, lore, and rewards for Tarnished willing to traverse its dangers. While FromSoftware has not yet announced an official release date, it's never too early to start preparing your character so you can immediately dive in when it launches.

If you want to hit the ground running in the DLC, having a stockpile of Elden Ring runes along with upgraded weapons, armor, and talismans will give you a big advantage. The new story trailer provides hints about the enemies and environments you'll encounter, so you can tailor your build accordingly. And the best place to acquire runes and gear for the DLC is AOEAH, your #1 online store for Elden Ring items.

Stock Up on Elden Ring Runes from AOEAH.COM

No matter what build or playstyle you use, having extra runes on hand is always beneficial in Elden Ring. Runes allow you to level up your character, strengthening your attributes and equipping more powerful weapons and spells. They also let you purchase smithing stones for upgrading gear and crafting materials for items like flasks and consumables.

AOEAH offers fast delivery of any amount of Elden Ring runes you need, with full stock available around the clock. Their prices are highly competitive, and you can purchase runes safely and securely using your preferred payment method. Stocking up on a large reserve of runes will give you the freedom to immediately level up, upgrade weapons/armor, and craft supplies as soon as the DLC launches.


Get Your Weapons & Armor Ready from AOEAH.COM

The DLC's story trailer provides a few hints about the enemies and environments we'll see in the Land of Shadow. Glimpses of mummified beasts, decaying labs, and ghostly spirits indicate this will be one of the eeriest areas yet. To prepare your build, look for weapon types and damage types that will counter these foes.

Holy/sacred weapons are great against undead enemies, while slash and strike weapons work well against cloth or decaying flesh. Poison and scarlet rot can help whittle down tanky enemies and spirits. For armor, focus on high holy and magic defense to counter the occult forces of the DLC.

At AOEAH, you can buy fully upgraded weapons, armor sets, and talismans for all builds. Their Elden Ring items stock includes legendary armaments like the Sacred Relic Sword, Hand of Malenia, Rivers of Blood, and more. Get your endgame gear now so you can focus on the new content when it releases.

Craft Consumables & Tools

Having consumables like perfumes, greases, pots, and crystals will give you tactical advantages in the DLC's many unknown situations. Craftables like stalwart horn charms and purifying crystal tears also provide buffs that may come in handy.

Stock up on rare crafting materials at AOEAH so you can craft these items yourself, or buy them directly if needed. Some important ones to have are Perfume Bottles, Sanctuary Stones, Silver Tear Husk, Grave Violet, and more based on your build. With these tools at your disposal, you'll be prepared to handle any obstacle.

Acquire Support Spirits

Spirit summons are invaluable assets in tough Elden Ring battles, providing a helpful ally and distraction. The DLC will likely contain challenging new bosses where a spirit summon can turn the tide. AOEAH offers a full stock of the rarest and most powerful spirits like Lhutel the Headless, Mimic Tear, Black Knife Tiche, and more.

Having an arsenal of upgraded spirits covering different roles like tanking, ranged damage, or healing ensures you have the right summon for any situation. They can also draw aggro during large-scale mob fights. Grab some spirits from AOEAH to strengthen your DLC journey.

Be Ready for Surprises

While the new trailer provides clues, much about the DLC remains shrouded in mystery. There will surely be unexpected enemies, deadly environments, and well-hidden secrets to uncover. Maintaining a balanced build with solid all-around defenses, damage types, and consumables ensures you can handle whatever gets thrown your way.

AOEAH has every item and resource you need to prepare any build for the DLC. Their delivery is fast and reliable, allowing you to gear up quickly. With a stockpile of runes, weapons, consumables, and spirits, you'll march into the Land of Shadow ready for its challenges.

Explore the rich new lore and overcome thrilling battles when Elden Ring's DLC arrives. Until then, prepare your armory with Elden Ring runes, weapons, and more from AOEAH!