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> Congrats To 10 Winners Of Weekly Giveaway 292 Get Your Rewards 10 Guardian Gxt Designs On Rocketprices Now

Congrats To 10 Winners of Weekly Giveaway 29-2, Get Your Rewards - 10 Guardian GXT Designs On RocketPrices Now!

2019/5/16 16:18:55

Congratulations to 10 lucky WINNERS of our Giveaway 29-2, get your rewards - Rocket League Painted Guardian GXT Car Designs with Hex Tide decals, Generator II wheels now!

rocketrprices huge rocket league items weekly giveaway 29-2 winners

Total 10 WINNERS are picked this time as we received total 287 comments (PDT 00:00AM 9th May To PDT 24:00PM 15th May, Filter duplicate users) on our Huge Weekly Rocket League Giveaway 29-2 Video.

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Now keep read to check out the winners list and get know how to get your rewards.

GIVEAWAY 29-2 Winners & Reward Details


⭐Winner 1 - Joey Burris | Reward 1

⭐Winner 2 - Gaming with COS | Reward 2

⭐Winner 3 - Karma | Reward 3

⭐Winner 4 - laween hamza | Reward 4

⭐Winner 5 - Edwin Scott | Reward 5

⭐Winner 6 - Hazza 2790 | Reward 6

⭐Winner 7 - DREAMONIC VAMPEROR | Reward 7

⭐Winner 8 - Matt Huffman | Reward 8

⭐Winner 9 - Ping Spoofing | Reward 9

⭐Winner 10 - Ömer Kalay | Reward 10

Check out the video of picking winners (https://youtu.be/daKNDaXfSxY)


Winner Reward 1

Body: Pink Guardian GXT

Decal: Intrudium

Wheel: Pink Ved-ava II

Winner Reward 2

Body: Forest Green Guardian GXT

Decal: Intrudium

Wheel: Forest Green Ved-ava II

Winner Reward 3

Body: Grey Guardian GXT

Decal: Intrudium

Wheel: Grey Ved-ava II

Winner Reward 4

Body: Sky Blue Guardian GXT

Decal: Intrudium

Wheel: Sky Blue Ved-ava II

Winner Reward 5

Body:  Crimson Guardian GXT

Decal: Intrudium

Wheel: Crimson Ved-ava II

Winner Reward 6

Body: Burnt Sienna Guardian GXT

Decal: Burnt Sienna Hex Tide

Wheel: Burnt Sienna Generator II

Winner Reward 7

Body: Orange Guardian GXT

Decal: Orange Hex Tide

Wheel: Orange Generator II

Winner Reward 8

Body: Saffron Guardian GXT

Decal: Saffron Hex Tide

Wheel: Saffron Generator II

Winner Reward 9

Body: Cobalt Guardian GXT

Decal: Cobalt Hex Tide

Wheel: Cobalt Generator II

Winner Reward 10

Body: Purple Guardian GXT

Decal: Purple Hex Tide

Wheel: Purple Generator II

❗❗NOTE THAT: To be fair for all players, we will only send ONE reward to ONE game ID (If  there are two or more reward orders related to same single game ID, only ONE reward will be sent to this game ID, and the extra winners will be picked on next giveaway to get the extra rewards) So we do suggest one player only use one youtube account to join the giveaway! Thanks for your support!

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How To Get My Giveaway Rewards?

 Now Follow below steps to get your rewards of winning 29-2 Giveaway:

►1) We reply winner's original comment on our Giveaway 29-2 video and send a link to redeem the Reward Order No. on our store, for example:


►2) You access to the link and fill up your private game info on it, then click “Check” to get a Order No. (like ROC18XXXXXX) for trading reward in-game;


►3) Edit your original comment and add the Reward order No. on it, for that we can make sure you are the right winner going to take the reward; you also can e-mail to [email protected] or message us on Facebook (@RocketItemsPrices) to inform us to check your order No.



►4) We check back your comment and get the Reward order No. , after confirming your reward No., we will reply your original comment again to inform you to trade reward in-game with our trader;

how to get giveway rewards - rocketprices

►5) Once your Reward Order confirmed, our trader will invite you in game for trading, please accept friend invite on time. You can track your Reward Order status on https://www.rocketprices.com/order anytime, or check delivery on 24/7 LiveChat;

NOTE: We never ask you pay for the Reward order and send back the items in-game after trading, please ignore anyone who ask you about the rewards Order details or send back items, Beware of being cheated!

►6) Any problem about Giveaway, please mail to [email protected] or message us on Facebook (@RocketItemsPrices)