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> Spend 10 Minutes To Play Our Free Rocket League Crate Simulator Win Free Rocket League Keys Crates Every Day

Spend 10 Minutes To Play Our Free Rocket League Crate Simulator Win Free Rocket League Keys & Crates Every Day!

8/4/2018 2:17:01 PM

Have you played the complete free Rocket League Crate Opening Simulator on Rocketprices.Com? If not, you should have a try now! Since it released, millions of crates have been opened with RL Crate Simulator by players, now we giveaway 200 x free Rocket League Keys and Impact Crates every day to thank your support and love of our service, just spend few minutes to open crates then you will get chance to win free keys/crates/items for your game!

Spend Minutes To Simulate Opening 20 Crates, Win Free Impact Crates & Keys!

As you know, our Rocket League Crate Opening Simulator allows you to open unlimited Rocket League Crates like you do in the game, without paying any real money or key! Now you can still feel free to open crate with it and you will get chance to win free real in-game crates if your opening rank to Top 10 on the leaderboard.  

Simulate To Open Crates, Win Free In-Game Crates/Keys, Try Your Luck Now!

Note: Free Rocket Leagues Keys Giveway Start From September 1, 2018!

Play Free Rocket League Crate Open Simulator Win Free Keys & Crates

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Read The Rules Of  WIN FREE CRATES Event Carefully

Rewards For Top 10 Winners: Every Day, Total 100 x Impact Crates (10 Crates To Per Player)  and Total 55 x Free Rocket League Keys To Top 10 Winners (10 Keys to Top 1 player, 5 Keys To each Player of Top 2-10 players)

Special Rewards For The 25th/50th/75th/100th/125th (all the multiples of 25, no limited) Ranked Player: Every Day, 5 x Free Rocket League Keys as Special Reward To each player who is ranked on the 50th/100th/150th/200th …, and so on - Start From 10th October, 2018

Huge Extra Free Rocket League Items For VIP Customers Weekly: Every of our customer who made $1+ order and play crate simulator, can rank on our Top VIP Crate Opening every week to win extra rewards such as black market decals, exotic wheels.

Register To Play: You should register on our site to join this activity, then set your platform (PS4, PC, Xbox, Switch) before starting, and please choose OPEN CRATE to play!

Crates To Open: 20 crates opening as a round, you can feel free to open as many as you want!

Open Crates To Rank: Multiple rounds ACCPETED, the round with the highest price will be counted for you!

Top 10 Winners: Every day, TOP 10 Players will be picked out according the total price of the items (refer to RL PS4 prices) from the 20 crates opening. Go to the page TOP 10 RANK to check the winner list.

Award Notice: We inform the winners through e-mail (so please register with your real e-mail)

Reward Send Time: The winners on Sunday to Thursday receive their rewards on the next day, while on Friday and Saturday, rewards will be postponed to send on next Monday!

More Notices: RocketPrices.Com reserve the right to explain the terms of the event. The rules on the trail run would be adjusted without further notice, please check before playing. Multiple accounts from same IP, cheating and robots is forbidden here! To Be Fair, please only register one account with your correct to play!

How To Play Our Crate Simulator and Win Free Crates Step By Step?

1. Register on https://www.rocketprices.com/register (or click Sign Up) with your correct information (in especial e-mail address) then Sign In

RocketPrices - Register

2. Go to https://www.rocketprices.com/rocket-league-crate-simulator (or click CRATE SIMULATOR), all crates available for opening are listed here

rocketprices - signin

3. Select the Rocket League crate you want to open, only one crate can be selected to open per time

4. Keep clicking OPEN CRATE to open all 20 crates (20 x keys are given to each crate per day)

RocketPrices - Play Crate Simulator, Win Free Impact Crates

5. You can click SELETC CRATE or go back to our Rocket League Crate Simulator page to select other crates to open

6. You can check the day's rank and the ranks history for other days in TOP 10 RANK, If the Reward on your Name marked "Sent" means you win and can go to take your rewards (free crates and free keys) now, how to redeem your reward? Keep reading...

Click "Sent" go to update your right Trade Info for getting your free crates (the initial game ID on the order are a false one we set for generating Order in our system);

Simulate To Open Crates, Win Free In-Game Crates - TOP 10

7. E-mail will sent to winners on the next day, including a special rewards order No. from our site. You please go to search this order No. on https://www.rocketprices.com/order and submit your correct trade information for the free crates/keys delivery.

RocketPrices Order Track

8.  Also you can check it under “My Rewards Order No” on your account, then Click the order No.  

Rocket League Crate Simulator - Win Free Crates Rewards Order

9. Update your right Trade Info (Xbox Tag, PSN ID etc.) on the order for trading rewards in-game, then fill up the e-mail you used to register and click SubmitRocketPrices Submit Your Trade Info

10. Our delivery guy will invite you and trade the free crates to you in Rocket League.

RocketPrices - Submit Trade Info 2

Watch the below video to get know more details:

Any Problem, Please Feel Free To Contact Us:

E-mail: [email protected]

Facebook: @RocketItemsPrices

Facebook Online Time: 6 PM to 3 PM PDT / 9 PM to 6 AM EDT Monday to Friday, please leave us message anytime, we will response you ASAP. 


RocketPrices.Com, as a trustworthy website for Rocket League items trading, is always around you! We will feel greatly pleasure if you are enjoying all our service, which will make us progress in the future.

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