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> Rocket League Powerslide Guide Tutorial How To Do 180 Powerslide Jturn

Rocket League Powerslide Guide & Tutorial | How To Do 180 Powerslide & J-Turn

6/18/2019 11:19:56 AM

Use powerslide when you need to turn, which makes you be able to do sharp turns, which gives you a greater sense of car control and positioning early on! Then how to perform Powerslide effectively in Rocket League? In this guide we will present the useful Rocket League Powerslide Tips!

Rocket League Powerslide Guide & Tutorial


Rocket League Powerslide

Powerslide is one of the most underrated basic mechanics in Rocket League, as it’s very easy technique to learn even if you just started playing the game, but it's also a fundamental necessity at even the highest levels of competitive play, giving you an advantage against the lower ranks who are not using powerslides.

Why is power sliding important? Well without power sliding, our car just makes a wide arcing motion whenever we try and turn, and in fact we can never actually fully square up to the ball and make sure that our nose is pointing at it, because we aren't able to turn sharp enough. However power sliding allows us to make these sharp turns and aim our nose at the ball when we need to.


Rocket League Powerslide Guide - How To Do Powerslide

So if you are new in Rocket League or you still haven’t use powerslide, starting to learn and practice the mechanic now is wisdom! So we do believe that teaching you how to Power Slide here will benefit you in the long run.

Powersliding with boost lets you:

- Turn fast;

- Boost in the direction of the ball, get your car into the proper position;

- Accomplish your goal of always facing the ball (move the ball towards the opposition goal) and it helps you do it faster;

Rocket League Powerslide Button & Controlls:

- Xbox One Controller: Square

- PS4 Controller: X

- PC (Keyboard): Left Shift

3 Main steps to do Powerslide:

- High speed to go past the ball;

- Powerslide and let go early;

- Boost when the nose is facing towards the ball

Get more master tips for perform a effective Powerslide by watching below video:

There are two very basic powerslide maneuvers, the first one is called the 180 drift turn and the second one is called a j-turn.

Rocket League Powerslide - 180 Powerslide

This is a fairly basic maneuver, and you will often find yourself doing this whenever you are retreating back to the net and then you need to turn around quickly to face up field to prepare to defend from an incoming shot to perform.

This mechanic simply drive and then when you're ready to turn hold down the power side button and turn left or right as soon as your car is spun around 180 degrees and is facing the opposite direction simple release the power slide button.


Rocket League Powerslide - J-turn

Sometimes you need to spin around and face the other direction quickly but reversing, turning, stopping, turning and driving forward again is a really slow, inefficient means of doing this. That's where the j-turn comes in.

Here's how to perform a J-turn, start by holding down the reverse button, when you're ready to start spinning, hold down the power slide button and turn in one direction, once you've spun 90 degrees release the reverse button, press the accelerator and turn in the opposite direction than you were turning before, as soon as your car is facing the other direction release the power side button and continue driving forward.

Hope that this short guide helps give you a better understanding of the technique, and we highly encourage you to start practicing it right now because at higher levels you will see everybody doing this, but even at the lower levels this is going to give you an early advantage over the rest of the competition on the field. Want to get more useful tips to improve your gameplay? Check out our Rocket League Guides & News here. Also if you are looking for the best place to buy Rocket League Items, welcome to RocketPrices.Com!