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> Top 5 Best Useful Tips For You To Be A Good Teammate And Win Games In Rocket League

Top 5 Best Useful Tips For You To Be A Good Teammate and Win Games In Rocket League

5/20/2020 2:36:06 PM

If you're getting different teammates most of the time but losing every ranked Rocket League game you play, here are the Top 5 Best Useful Tips for you to be a good teammate in Rocket League!

There are so many people that think that their teammates are holding them back from ranking up in Rocket League. The most ironic thing about this is that most people who say this are people who spend their time solo queueing meaning that they're getting queued up with different teammates almost every single game. If you're losing every ranked game you play but you're getting different teammates most of the time, there's one common factor for all these games that you're losing is you. Why? Let's divide up the player base into three categories: 

  • Good Teammates - They play really well and do more than they're expected to to hold up their end of the team.

  • Okay Teammates -  They are just okay now pretty neutral and the outcome of the game depends on which category you end up falling into.

  • Bad Teammates - They've had a really bad day of Rocket League and they're just making mistakes that are leading the team to get scored.

The outcome of the game depends on which team has better players, like a team with one neutral player and one good player will win a team with one good player and one bad player. The thing about this matchup is that most players even at Grand champ think that you can control how good you play, but you can't control your teammate. But actually your play style can directly affect how good your teammate plays individually, here we are going to give you five of the best ways you can play that will ensure your teammate does the best they can. These tips work really well in any playlist so they apply to anyone who plays 2v2 or 3v3.

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No. 5 - Stop Going For Flip Resets

Let's stop going for flip resets! Surely, they're pretty cool but the whole point of a flip reset is to make it look like you're about to drop it but then you end up hitting it again with some power. This can be a huge risk for double commits, you may be faking out the other team but you're also faking out your teammate. From his point of view, it looks like you just screwed up your air dribble so he's thinking he needs to dive in and take possession before the opponents do. That's a completely fair mentality for him to have, so if you end up missing the goal on the flip reset, your teammate will have already gone and assumed the other team didn't double commit, it'll be a wide-open goal on an easy breakaway. This happens way more often than you think. Flip resets are so glorified that people try and convince themselves that they're way more competitively viable than they actually are. The only time you go for a flip reset is if you know you are not going have enough booze to air dribble so you get your flip right off the bat and then flip into it as early as you can. There's way less of a chance that your teammate is going to get faked out by this, so it's useful to use when you know you're going to run out of boost and your teammate isn't going to be anywhere near to follow up your touch. 

No. 4 - Stop Hesitating 

It's easier said than done but you've got to get in the habit of making your decisions early. Hesitating causes a chain reaction between you and your teammate where each of you can't decide who's going to do what. If you can't decide if you're going to commit how is your teammates supposed to decide if he's going to. A couple common bad habits and hesitating include turning your car left and right as you're unsure if you're going to go for it or turn back and doing this forward and back motion in it, we're all guilty of from time to time. In Rocket League, you feel like you have to keep your car moving the whole time in order to play fast, but if you're not going anywhere there's no point in doing this forward and back motion. It'll fake out your teammates and put you in a Nancy mood where you feel like you have to do something but you're not sure exactly what. The best way to stop hesitating is by making your decisions early no matter what it's better to make a bad decision early than not make one at all. When you make a bad decision early sure your teammate might yell at you and get all toxic but at least it'll give them time to recover and make a decision of their own. When you don't make a decision at all and you get scored on from hesitating, you don't learn anything from that mistake other than stop hesitating which is obvious. If you make your decision early, it makes you much more readable from your teammates perspective which is exactly what you want. Even if you do end up making a bad decision from choosing to early, at least you can still learn from it unlike if you just hesitated and got caught in no man's land.

No. 3 - Be Obvious

This one kind of goes hand-in-hand with stop hesitating, but this is make it very clear by your movements around the field that you're committing to a decision. That decision may be that you're moving upfield to be ready for a pass, or that you're committing to the ball, or most importantly when you're going straight back. The thing is if you are solo queueing you would much rather have a predictable teammate that isn't very good rather than an unpredictable teammate that plays much better on his own. At a high level of play, if you don't know what your teammates' plan is you can get punished really easily for just minor mistakes, that's why it's super important to make it obvious to each teammate what your next moves.

No. 2 - Don't Be Afraid To Pass 

Lots of the time in solo queue, players try and do everything on their own and just have their teammate there for backup. The only way a team play happens with this strategy is if one player puts a shot on and then that gets saved, and then the other comes in to clean up a mess. A common strategy we recommend that isn't even risky and requires no communication at all, is purposely missing the net by a little bit. So if you're dribbling downfield and there's one opponent in net try purposely flicking it off the backboard to allow your teammate to follow it up. It's way harder to read a bounce off the backboard when you're in net than just a shot on goal, so passing it off the backboard or to the side of the net is a really useful strategy to incorporate team play into your solo queue games. And it can even bait in the defender to go for a save when it's not even on target. 

No. 1 - Trust Your Teammate

Your teammate is the same rank as you for a reason, it's so easy to critique other people for the way they play when you're not watching from their perspective with an open mind. Even if you know for a fact that your teammate is horrible, you'll have a better chance at winning if you trust them rather than if you don't and you cut them off in high tense situations. Let's say you and your teammate are both on defense if there's a shot on net you need to trust that your teammate is going to make the save, unless you genuinely think that you yourself couldn't make that save if you were in his position. If you don't trust him and he makes the save, well you just double committed and the other team will probably have a free shot, and it would be a hundred percent your fault. If you don't trust him and he does miss and you do end up making that save, well you still double committed so it's probably gonna be another free shot anyway, and the same idea goes if you're on offense. There's a ton of you out there that are probably just gonna disregard this tip but put it as number one for a reason, it's definitely the most common and easiest way to allow you and your teammate to work better which ultimately leads to the generation of good habits and more games won.