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> Rocket League Rank Up Tips To Achieve Champion Ticks To Get Out Of Diamond And Improve Toward Champion

Rocket League Rank Up Tips To Achieve Champion - Ticks To Get Out Of Diamond and Improve Toward Champion

12/27/2017 12:38:40 PM

Are you stuck at the Diamond rank in Rocket League? Need effective tips, tricks to get out of diamond and achieve Champion? In this guide, we collect some tips for improving toward Rocket League Champion to help some people struggling to get to or maintain in Diamond or Champ and are looking to improve.

Rocket League Rank Up Tips To Achieve Champion - Ticks To Get Out Of Diamond and Improve Toward Champion

Rocket League Rank Up Tip - How To Improve Your Rank To Champion

Thanks to Nerdword who just hit Champion I, and shared his experiences on Reddit, below are the tips:

Being self-critical:

Honestly this is number one. This is the difference between asking “What did we do to lose the game?” to “What did I do wrong, and how did that contribute to our loss/bad play?”

It's also the difference between looking at a game and seeing ball-chasing teammates who cut rotations and realizing you are playing too slow for your team to maintain possession.

It's not always ball chasing, why not? Look, yes some people ball chase. But everyone needs to understand, if you rotate much slower than your teammates are used to, they are going to re-rotate into the gap. There is this little timer in their head that goes off after they think the person behind them should have hit the ball, and once that timer is reached, they will turn and challenge. This is because they assume you are not going for it, which means they should be challenging to either delay, or force the opponent to take a long touch.

Players at diamond or better in 3v3 that cut your rotations short, why do you do this? Instead of cycling back to defense or moving out of the opposing corner like you should so a teammate can play the ball, always come back maybe 20 feet, then powerslide around, cutting off the other teammate that's moving up to play the ball? Also, why do you rarely/never play defense? What is it about just rotating and defending proper that makes you not want to do it? It's such a rarity to see a teammate rotate even halfway decent. Don't take that juicy looking floating pass over the middle that you don't have anywhere near the angle on and go back and let your teammate who's already flying and about to slam it in do it. Don't cut out the rotation on defense where your goalie is going to make the play to clear it b/c you think your hit into the middle is a better option.

Looking at your replays you could definitely see that when teammates didn't jump past you in the rotation, you would often lost our team possession, hurt rotations, or didn't get shot/clear opportunities because you were hesitating/slow, and those things led to more shots on our net, and more goals on us. So sending a replay is always better to fix your own problems but most of the time.



It's known but still, we see a lot of players being the last guy in defense committing or going for a double commit. If someone is cutting, be careful and go back, it's always better than still going. Also, when you are rotating, don't rotate on the ball side. If the ball is on the left side, go to the right side and positionate yourself. Chasing the ball or being on the same side can be a mess for a lot of things (bumping your mate, hitting the ball for a pass, not allowing your mate to go for the ball)

Sometimes, you can blame yourself for not being able to hit the ball or save the ball but you were really close. For me, it is usually not a lack of skill but the problem is before the action happened. If you put yourself in a bad angle, it will be a lot more difficult to make your move so you have to analyze the situation quickly and put your car in the best way possible to handle the action which is coming. Some examples: being inside the goal instead of the 2nd post which allows you to go on the wall if needed for an easy clear, etc.



It sounds stupid but you literally just need to do everything a bit faster/earlier: Rotations, shot/clear/save commitments, speed on shots/clears, aerial height/speed, picking up boost, challenging, decision making, switching back to ball cam to look for my next move, etc.

It don’t need to be orders of magnitude faster, but you could see that the extra quarter second you’d take to line up a shot, finally decide to commit or go up for an aerial is often the difference between making a pass or getting the ball cleared towards my goal.


Getting skills so that speed doesn’t kill

Maintaining consistency while playing faster

The problem with playing faster is if you just try to do everything faster, you'll also do everything worse: You'll land awkwardly more, whiff aerials, backflip more, lose momentum, miss rotations, double commit, have shots/clears/passes off target, mess up dribbles, etc.


Making opportunities vs waiting for mistakes

Embracing risk taking

Offense/rotations are different: At most levels you could depend on making a few decent centers and rotating solidly and eventually the defense would break and you’d get a goal. Hell, rotating/filling gaps on defense/taking advantage of mistakes is basically what get you into diamond. To generate offense in high diamond/champ we need to make an opportunity through a slick pass, great shot, an unlikely challenge, a demo, boost stealing, or we need to hold offensive pressure for a very long time in order for the defense to break down. This meant you have to take more risks in game to be productive, and that a whole slew of shots that used to be stupid/too risky/whatever is now necessary, and you have to trust that my teammates would be there to back you up if my attempt don’t work out.


Other Minor things:

1. Only play when you’re playing well (and not tilted): Some days you just don’t have it and you can’t play at the level you’d like. When it’s like this you can either try to force it (and likely de-rank), or recognize that today isn’t the day and practice some skills/do something else. If you can't recognize when you're tilted, set a loss streak limit where you quit playing that mode after 2 or 3 consecutive losses.

2. Trust your teammates: If you don't trust your teammates to be there for the shot/win the challenge/make the clear/rotate back when you take the shot, you'll never feel comfortable going for the shots/passes you need to in order to generate offense.

3. Look at your replays! Shout out to /r/RocketLeagueAnalysis and the coaching discord for being great resources to help find flaws in your game! It’s easier for outsiders to see your mistakes then for you to see them yourself. You can get more Rocket League guides on RocketPrices.Com, also cheap Rocket League Items, Crates and unlock Rocket League Keys are hot sale here, up to 6% OFF with coupon "XMAS"!