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> Rocket League New Useful Mechanic Double Wavedash Instant Supersonic Special

Rocket League New Useful Mechanic: Double Wavedash - Instant Supersonic Special

12/25/2017 11:56:40 AM

Want to be professional player in Rocket League, you have to discover and learn more hard mechanic to keep up. And there are always some hide mechanics are not be known, so everyday players can find out new play skill which would be very useful in gaming but hard to learn to most of you, such as the one we are going to talking about today. It is double wave dash with instant supersonic, which was discovered and posted on reddit by one player a few days ago. Let’s check out more details.

Rocket League New Useful Mechanic - Double Wavedash

Rocket League Double Dash - Instant Supersonic

Below are the new mechanic which found by usedwolf:

How to do the Double Wavedash? Even usedwolf is hard to explain the exactly inputs now as no one can do it 100% yet. But he said he was initially practicing Wave Dashing, but messed up and ended up getting the double wavedash. He think that he may have jumped slightly too early causing a second wavedash instead of jumping like you see in the clip. He is only getting it much more often now (maybe 1/5 tries), but he is having a problem with overcorrecting too far to the side on the second wavedash and not getting the full momentum and/or spinning out. The key to getting it to rock consistently seems to be angling your car perfectly on one of your back wheels then wavedashing right behind the opposite corner wheel. He hold powerslide down the entire time; however, not sure if that's needed/ the best thing to do yet.

What’s the difference between this double wavedash and a normal wavedash? Although it is going to supersonic at the end of it as well, it’s not same as the normal wavedash. It depends what speed you're going. Traveling at the highest speed you can get to by only holding the throttle down. At that speed, wave dashing and a diagonal flip while boosting is a really common way to get to supersonic. With this, you're basically skipping that diagonal flip and hitting supersonic from the wavedash.

How to get two wave dashes? If you open the video on gfycat you can slow it down to 0.125x speed and see the 2 wave dashes. The first is when the back right tire hits the ground, and that wave dash causes the left wheels to hit the ground and the right wheels to come up where he wave dashes again. I think he only had one tire on the ground for the first wave dash and that's why it didn't initially plant him on the ground and instead lifted the back right wheel. It's two wave dashes you can get by rocking your car.

Using the unbalancing of the octane to get is 2nd jump off the first wavedash? They initially thought that you needed the Octane bounce to do it, but they had someone do it with the Dominus. So usedwolf think Batmobile might be a better choice because it also bounces, but they haven't had anyone attempt it on Batmobile yet. It seems like the bounce helps the consistency a bit, but all of us are still far from being able to do it every time. What’s more, usedwolf thinks the biggest factor is that the Octane hitbox is raised slightly off the ground which allows me to rock. This is still just a theory though. 

This is a very useful mechanic, and some player have tried and done it successfully, but for most of players you still have a ways to go before you’ll be able to do this without thinking about it.  For more new Rocket League mechanic guide, welcome to check out our news page. If you are looking for the latest Rocket League ItemsCoupon Code "XMAS" - 6% OFF for you