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> Rocket League Guide To Easily Win Games Tips On Camera Setting, Mechanics Mental Skills, Positioning In The Field

Rocket League Guide To Easily Win Games - Tips On Camera Setting, Mechanics & Mental Skills, Positioning In The Field

4/26/2018 3:24:28 PM

Rocket League, in spite of appearances, is a very deep and multifaceted title. Here are some useful tips to make the most wins in the field.

Two teams of radio-controlled cars, two doors, a field and obviously a large sphere. The target? Beat the opposing team, just like every normal football match, sending the ball on the net. The mechanics that are at the base of Rocket League are summarized in this brief incipit and, as you may have noticed, are extremely simple and easy to understand. However, a few games are enough to realize that the game is more complicated than it looks, both from the point of view of the car's control and, consequently, the ball, and from the strategic point of view.

The goal of this guide is to provide advice that, regardless of your level of experience, can be useful and that you can try to put into practice right away, during your next game on Rocket League.



Before entering the action, it is strongly recommended to go into the Options menu and change the default settings of the camera. The parameters that we propose, also used by the champions of the Rocket League Championship Series, will immediately improve your view on the playing field and will allow you to follow the movements of opponents and teammates more easily.

Rocket League Guide To Easily Win Games - 1

Let's see the most relevant changes:

Camera Shake: disabled. In this way the effects of flickering of the screen are eliminated, increasing cleaning and stability of the frame.

Camera FOV: 100-110 °. By increasing the field of view, the portion of the field framed by the camera is also increased. A wider view inevitably ensures a more complete view of the game.

Camera Distance: 260-300. By increasing the distance between the camera and your car you get a clearer view of what is happening around our car.

Camera Height: 110. Useful especially when the ball is in front of his car. With this change the view is raised slightly, in order to see the opponent's movements beyond the ball.

Camera Angle: -3 / -4. Guarantees a good view of the field without losing the "focus" on your car.

Camera Stiffness: 0.4-0.5. The camera follows more rigidly the movements of its own machine, above all during the drifts and the strong accelerations.

Rocket League Guide To Easily Win Games - 2

Obviously, all the settings can be modified according to your preferences, but we advise you to take into consideration, at least in outline, the indications that we have just reported to enjoy a better gaming experience.



Once the camera parameters are set, we are ready to take the field and put our skills into play. Remember that Rocket League is a game of pure skill, and no object will give you an advantage over your opponents. First, therefore, it is good to distinguish the two categories of skills in the game:

Mechanics Abilities: everything related to the control of the machine and the ball. This category includes shots, passing, parades, dribbling, aerials (ie, the games that take place in mid-air), until you get to freestyle. All these skills can be trained directly in the game or, more selectively, through personalized workouts, available in the appropriate section in the main menu of the game.

Mental Skills: all the skills related to strategy, position in the field and interaction with teammates and opponents. Our guide is focused precisely on this kind of skills, since within the game you will not find anyone who will tell you how to stay in the field, but only teammates ready to criticize you at the first mistake.

To scale the boards of the new tournament system or to increase the rank of the Rocket League competitive system, it is necessary to develop the two categories mentioned above in parallel.

Rocket League Guide To Easily Win Games - 3

Since we said we wanted to focus this guide on mental skills, we start with a very simple concept, but that, unfortunately, is often forgotten: Rocket League is a game based on football, and not on American football. The goal, therefore, is not to earn meters simply pushing the ball forward, but rather try to keep possession, with the goal of building an action aimed at the goal. Clearly, at the beginning, we are all fascinated by the huge flashing sphere that bounces free for the pitch, and our first thought was: "now I use all the turbo I have in the tank and I take it!" and then, in the majority of cases, it is blatantly missing.

One of the best strategies of the game, in fact, is just waiting for the opponent to make a mistake, and then punish him on the break. This does not mean waiting for the ball on goal, but rather trying to apply a constant pressing, so that the opponent feels, under pressure. Especially in 2vs2 and 3vs3, a team member, in rotation, must always be on the ball.



The concept of rotation is fundamental in Rocket League, and one could write an entire article to explain how it works in detail. In short, however, we can try to get around this definition by saying that there are no roles in Rocket League. If a defending player rejects the opposing action, he then automatically becomes the new attacker; as a result, the player who played offense must take the place of the defending mate and be ready to support the action from behind. This technique allows to have a total and constant coverage on the pitch and is therefore at the base of the correct positioning in the field. It is clearly difficult, if not impossible, to give general indications on the position to be taken in the field, precisely because it depends primarily on the game situation.

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However, the key to trying to be in the right place at the right time is to be aware not only of the position of the opponents, but especially of their peers. The first rule, in fact, consists in giving space to one's companion, especially when he is in possession of the ball. Getting in two, or even three, to chase the ball is the best way to take a counterattack. In the same way, however, this space does not even have to be excessive, so that you can always be ready to intervene in the action and support the pressing mentioned earlier.

That said, if your teammates are still beginners and have not deigned to read our invaluable guide, they may not be aware of everything we've talked about so far. In this case, it will be up to you to adapt to their behavior, perhaps opting for a more defensive approach, leaving them at the mercy of their obsessive pursuit of the ball.

Rocket League is a game in which you must inevitably interact with other players. Often, trying to predict the moves of opponents and teammates and adapt to their style of play is much more useful than demonstrating that you can take a ball in the air after making two flick and four twists. As we have already said, however, training and experience are essential to climb the rankings of the game, and the only theory, of which you made a good feast reading this article, will not be enough to make you better players. So you just have to warm up the engines and try to put into practice all the tips collected, so as to incorporate them into your style of play.

See you in the field! Read more Rocket League guides to improve your game experiences! Also you can find best trading for Rocket League crates, keys and items here.