Welcome to Buy Cheap Rocket League Items from Rocketprices.com, a huge number Rocket League Credits, Blueprints, Skins in stock..

Welcome to Buy Cheap Rocket League Items from Rocketprices.com,
a huge number of Rocket League Crates, Keys, Skins in stock.

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Join Our Youtube Affiliate Program, Earn Free Rocket League Keys At RocketPrices.Com!

9/18/2018 11:16:36 AM

If you are a Rocket League player and want to earn some free Rocket League Keys without paying any single dollar or doing any RL items trading, welcome to join our new Youtube affiliate program! Simply to make a Rocket League youtube video and get 100+ views, then free RL keys can be redeemed on RocketPrices.Com!


RocketPrices.Com as the top Rocket League Trading store, is always aiming to help more players enjoy a better game with our service, so expect offering the cheapest RL items and tradable RL keys, we carry on the giveaway - Play Free RL Crate Open Simulator Win Free Keys/Crates! What’s more, now we have upgraded our Youtube affiliate program and you guys can earn FREE ROCKET LEAGUE KEYS on your own by making a Rocket League video with our site info on it. Let’s spend a few minutes to learn the new Youtube affiliate program before you start.


How To Earn Free Keys By Making Rocket League Youtube Video? Very Easy!

Join Our Youtube Video Affiliate, Earn Free Rocket League Keys At RocketPrices

1. Register Affiliate: Please register an affiliate account here and log in, select the platform (PS4/PC/Switch/Xbox One) your game on.

2. Insert Our Store’s AD Into Your Video: You make a video about Rocket League and insert this short video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IHA5wXPXw0 at the beginning or the ending of your video to help us promote our site, your video should be uploaded after September 18th, 2018

3. Submit Your Video Link: Submit your video link on your Youtube affiliate account on our site, remember that one video can only be submitted one time!

4. Redeem Free Keys With Your Video Views: When you think your video reach a good amount of views (100+ views at least), you can submit the views of the video on your affiliate account to redeem free keys as commission.

5. Earn Free Keys According To Your Video Views: We will send you real in-game Rocket League keys as commission according to the views of your video with our advertising:

- The Keys You Earn = The Total Views/100 (round down decimal places), top out at 10 keys!

For Example: Your video views are 8123, the keys you earn = 8123/100 = 8.123 = 8 Keys

                       Your video views are 1000+, the most keys you can earn = 10 Keys

- If you put our site link: https://www.rocketprices.com and our business introduce in your video description, we will add 1 more keys to your commission

 For Example: Your video views are 1234 and you put our site in description, the keys you earn = 10 (top out at 10 keys for views over 1000) + 1 = 11 keys

6. Get Your Free Keys: We will check your video and offer you Order No. for your commission, you can use it to get the free keys you earn. You need to update the Trade Info for the order (the initial game ID on the order are a false one we set for generating Order in our system), then wait for trading in the game.

Note: This commission rule for the new Youtube affiliate program would be changed during the trailing period! Please check more details on https://www.rocketprices.com/affiliate/youtube

Let’s strive for a win-win result, thanks for your understanding! Also welcome to Earn Free Rocket League Crates and Keys By Playing Our Free Rocket League Crate Opening Simulator:

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