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> Rocket League Crates Prices Calculated The Most Valued Crates And The Most Expensive Items In Each Crate

Rocket League Crates Prices Calculated - The Most Valued Crates and The Most Expensive Items In Each Crate

9/30/2018 5:01:26 PM

Although we have Rocket Pass in the game now, but Rocket League Crates are still the main special item drops that you can get exclusive bodies, decals, goal explosions, rocket boosts, trails, and wheels. Now total 18 crates are available in Rocket League Trading market, which is the most valued, which is the best Rocket League crate one you should buy, what are the most expensive item you can get from each crate? Here we will present a detailed table of Rocket League Crates Prices to help you figure out this answers.


A Rocket League Player named bl00dySports on Reddit has made a simple calculation about the value of all Rocket League Crates at the moment in RL Trading, based on the containing items of each crate. The current average worth per key of each crate is as follows:

Rocket League Crates Prices In Keys on PC

Triumph0,50360,67240,8413Dissolver - Default49,5-52,5Dissolver - Default49,5-52,5
Zephyr0,49660,66690,8372Mainframe - TitaniumWhite85-93Mainframe - TitaniumWhite85-93
Beach Blast Crate0,4860,67440,8629Cruxe - TitaniumWhite12-14

Player's Choice0,43750,56130,6851Zomba - TitaniumWhite97-105Heatwave - Default15-16
Victory0,39840,53310,6679Infinium - TitaniumWhite19-22Trigon - Default15,5-17
Impact0,3980,5390,68Fire God - Default18,5-20Fire God - Default18,5-20
Champion Crate 40,37160,47850,5854Zomba - TitaniumWhite97-105Heatwave - Default15-16
Velocity0,35790,48980,6217Dueling Dragons - Default21-22,5Dueling Dragons - Default21-22,5
Turbo0,35430,48650,618620xx - Default12-1320xx - Default12-13
Nitro0,34330,42760,512Draco - TitaniumWhite35-41Bubbly - Default16,5-18
Accelerator0,33990,46870,5976J?ger 619 RS - TitaniumWhite9-11Hellfire - Default7-8
Champion Crate 20,32910,45610,583Heatwave - Default15-16Heatwave - Default15-16
Overdrive0,32690,44790,5689Oct. - Lone Wolf - TitaniumWhite10-12Hellfire - Default7-8
Secret Santa Crate0,30690,4460,5851Wonderment - TitaniumWhite16-19

Spring Fever Crate0,30320,42990,5565Illuminata - TitaniumWhite6-8

Haunted Hallows Crate0,29740,41320,5289Octane - Thanatos - TitaniumWhite5-7

Champion Crate 30,2810,37590,4708Heatwave - Default15-16Heatwave - Default15-16
Champion Crate 10,26380,3540,4441Heatwave - Default15-16Heatwave - Default15-16

Rocket League Crates Prices In Keys on PS4

Zephyr0,44440,60450,7645Mainframe - TitaniumWhite75-85Mainframe - TitaniumWhite75-85
Beach Blast Crate0,38270,55430,726Cruxe - TitaniumWhite9-11

Triumph0,38190,50960,6373Dissolver - Default35-37,5Dissolver - Default35-37,5
Player's Choice0,36840,47560,5828Zomba - TitaniumWhite90-105Heatwave - Default13-14,5
Impact0,35930,4970,6347Fire God - Default17-18Fire God - Default17-18
Champion Crate 40,33050,43480,5391Zomba - TitaniumWhite90-105Heatwave - Default13-14,5
Victory0,32620,43970,5531Infinium - TitaniumWhite15-17Chameleon - Default14-15
Champion Crate 20,31320,42120,5291Heatwave - Default13-14,5Heatwave - Default13-14,5
Velocity0,30550,4230,5405Dueling Dragons - Default15,5-16,5Dueling Dragons - Default15,5-16,5
Turbo0,28440,39920,51420xx - Default8-920xx - Default8-9
Nitro0,28270,36610,4494Draco - TitaniumWhite37-43Bubbly - Default9-10
Overdrive0,27340,38950,5055Oct. - Lone Wolf - TitaniumWhite7-9Hellfire - Default4-5
Secret Santa Crate0,26230,37340,4844Wonderment - TitaniumWhite10-12

Spring Fever Crate0,24570,35180,458Illuminata - Crimson8-10

Champion Crate 30,24270,3270,4114Heatwave - Default13-14,5Heatwave - Default13-14,5
Accelerator0,23760,33930,4409J?ger 619 RS - TitaniumWhite7-9Hellfire - Default4-5
Haunted Hallows Crate0,23430,34160,449Octane - Thanatos - TitaniumWhite3-4

Champion Crate 10,19940,26320,327Heatwave - Default13-14,5Heatwave - Default13-14,5

Rocket League Crates Prices In Keys on Xbox One

Zephyr0,40240,49890,5954Mainframe - TitaniumWhite95-105Mainframe - TitaniumWhite95-105
Player's Choice0,31180,39360,4754Zomba - TitaniumWhite100-115Heatwave - Default14-15
Triumph0,31150,38020,4489Dissolver - Default52-53,5Dissolver - Default52-53,5
Impact0,25170,31290,3741Fire God - Default21-22Fire God - Default21-22
Champion Crate 40,24640,30890,3713Zomba - TitaniumWhite100-115Heatwave - Default14-15
Victory0,22420,28370,3432Infinium - TitaniumWhite15-18Chameleon - Default13-14
Nitro0,21310,25810,3031Draco - TitaniumWhite40-45Bubbly - Default16-17
Overdrive0,19990,2850,37Oct. - Lone Wolf - TitaniumWhite5-7Hellfire - Default3-4
Champion Crate 20,1990,26020,3214Heatwave - Default14-15Heatwave - Default14-15
Champion Crate 30,17210,21590,2597Heatwave - Default14-15Heatwave - Default14-15
Champion Crate 10,16920,21130,2534Heatwave - Default14-15Heatwave - Default14-15
Velocity0,16290,21860,2743Dueling Dragons - Default14-15Dueling Dragons - Default14-15
Turbo0,16050,22650,292520xx - Default10-1120xx - Default10-11
Beach Blast Crate0,14090,20280,2646Sovereign A/T - TitaniumWhite7-9

Secret Santa Crate0,11490,16120,2076Wonderment - TitaniumWhite9-11

Accelerator0,10950,16210,2146J?ger 619 RS - TitaniumWhite4-5Party Time - Default3-4
Spring Fever Crate0,10460,15360,2026Illuminata - TitaniumWhite5-7

Haunted Hallows Crate0,06760,10650,1453Revenant - TitaniumWhite2-3

Here the player only summed up the Rocket League Crates Prices for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch is missing, but you can find the Switch on our prices list of all RL Crates. From these tables, we can figure out something:

The Most Expensive Rocket League Crates - Triumph, Zephyr and Beach Blast Crate are the top 3 expensive crates in RL market now, surely they contain the most valued Rocket League items.
Here the player only summed up the Rocket League Crates Prices for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch is missing, but you can find the Switch on our prices list of all RL Crates. From these tables, we can figure out something:

Player's Choice crate Is Hot On Xbox One - We also find something special and interesting, Player's Choice crate is seems more popular to Xbox One players as its price is ranked Top 2 on Xbox One, although its items value is low compare to most of crates.

The Most Valued Crate You Can Buy - Although Zephyr is one of the most expensive crates, but its items value (Xbox One 95-105, PS4 75-85, PC 85-93) are much higher than other top cost crate.

The Most Expensive Items and Black Market - Titanium White Mainframe black market decal is the most expensive items on all platforms with 75 - 105 keys valued.


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