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>870 _ Masamune With Stridetide And Jak Dobverse

Rocket League Masamune Designs

Rocket league Masamune design with Jak'd: Obverse,Stride Tide
  • Bodies Masamune-
  • Wheels Jak'd: Obverse-
  • Decals Stride Tide-
  • Primary C4-R4
  • Accent C13-R2
  • PS4 0 K
  • Xbox 0 K
  • Steam 0 K

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Here we share you the Rocket League Masamune Design with Stride Tide & Jak'd: Obverse, which cost credits on PS4/5, credits on Xbox, credits on Epic/Steam PC and credits on SWITCH. Check out how amazing the Stride Tide and Jak'd: Obverse on Masamune! If you are looking for creating a impressive Rocket League Masamune design, buy Rocket League items on Rocketprices.com.