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Rocket League Masamune Designs

Rocket league Masamune design with Jak'd: Obverse,Stride Tide
  • Bodies Masamune-
  • Wheels Jak'd: Obverse-
  • Decals Stride Tide-
  • Primary C4-R4
  • Accent C13-R2
  • PS4 0 K
  • Xbox 0 K
  • Steam 0 K

Best And Cheap Rocket League Masamune Designs

Check out Best Rocket League Masamune Designs, total of over decals and wheels are used for these amazing RL car creations. Here we cover all the cool, beautiful and cheap Rocket League Masamune Car Designs!

Here we share the best Rocket League Masamune Designs, covering the most budget Masamune designs and the unique ideas you want to take a try with your own Masamune! So if you are still struggling on making up your Masamune, or wondering if Masamune can achieve your dreamy battle-car in the game, take a view of our Rocket League Masamune Ideas! We list all  Masamune in different paint, all Rocket League items you used on each design, and the total value (price in Rocket League credits) of each Masamune design for your reference. What's more, if you want to build up this Masamune car design, you can fast to collect all these Rocket League items on Rocketprices.Com at the best prices.