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> Top 5 D2r Best Foh Farming Locations Diablo 2 Resurrected Season 6 Paladin Farming Guide

Top 5 D2R Best FOH Farming Locations - Diablo 2 Resurrected Season 6 Paladin Farming Guide

3/18/2024 3:42:26 PM

If you start the season with Fist of the Heavens Paladin in Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder 6, where are the best places to farm with this particular build? Today, we’re going over the best areas of the farm with the Fist of the Heavens Paladin.


D2R Season 6 FOH Paladin Farming Guide - Top 5 Best Places to Farm with Fist of the Heavens

The Fist of the Heavens (FoH) Paladin build primarily uses the FoH skill which deals lighting damage and shoots out holy bolts that damage demons and undead, while also utilizing the Holy Bolt skill which deals magic damage to bypass demon and undead immunities. It employs the Conviction aura to lower enemies' resistances and break immunities, and utilizes gear like Spirit sword/shield, Enigma armor, and Crescent Moon jewel to excel at farming areas with large densities of demons and undead like Chaos Sanctuary and Cows due to its versatile, ranged playstyle. The build aims to hit the 75% faster cast rate breakpoint minimum and prioritizes skills, resistances, and health while providing good damage and utility through auras. It also has starter, standard, and Tri-Brid variants incorporating Blessed Hammer and uses a mercenary to help with immunes, making it a powerful and popular choice for paladin players in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Next, let's break down the best D2R 2.7 FOH Paladin build farming locations!

D2R FOH Paladin Best Farming Areas 

1. Forgotten Tower (Act 1)

Home to mostly undead/demonic enemies that are weak to FOH damage.

Layout allows for rapid charging between levels with few obstacles.

Dense packs of enemies throughout.

Countess at the end drops runes, including highs. Her immunities don't matter for FOH.

2. Arcane Sanctuary (Act 2)

Ghosts and other undead/demonic foes populate the insane asylum.

Use Teleport to engage enemies safely over gaps without retaliation.

Rooms often have multiple elite/champion packs together.

Overall well-spaced layout keeps killing pace brisk.

3. Flare Jungle (Act 2)

Crammed full of clustered demonic enemies like Fire Golems.

High density means enemies are always near for quick hitting.

Optional superunique packs add variety and rewards.

Outdoor setting lacks obstacles like doors of indoor maps.

4. Chaos Sanctuary (Act 5)

Extremely dense with mixed undead/demon packs everywhere.

Fastest clearing of any area with screen-filling enemies.

Clear whole area in one direction in under 5 minutes typically.

Superb monster exp and High Runes often awarded.

5. Pindle (Act 5)

Solo undead boss resets in seconds from Waypoint.

High rune Unique/Set D2R item drops make a repetitive loop very rewarding.

Safely engage from distance while avoiding Boss inmunities/ strengths.

D2R FOH Paladin Best Farming Tips & Tricks

  • Use FoH from a safe distance to clear large packs. Name lock priority targets to ensure they die.

  • In dense areas like Chaos Sanctuary, continually sweep your mouse to hit as many enemies as possible with each cast.

  • Against immunes, rely on your mercenary's damage while buffing them with Conviction and Fanaticism.

  • Use Holy Bolt on any undead/demonic elites or bosses that are immune to deal good sustained damage.

  • Take advantage of FoH's high range by sniping monsters engaged with your mercenary from a safe distance.

  • Make use of Enigma's teleport to quickly move between elite packs and reposition yourself away from dangerous mobs.

  • Keep your mercenary healed and protected. Pre-buff them at the start of each run with Holy Freeze aura and prayers.

  • Skip immune normal monsters and focus on elite/champion packs that drop better loot.

  • Farm the most efficient areas for your build like Chaos Sanctuary, Arcane Sanctuary, Stony Tomb.

  • Open chests and break barrels in combo with magic find gear for extra loot drops.

  • Keep an eye out for optimal bases and gems/runes while clearing. Pick up everything early on.

  • Know when to revive your mercenary to maintain efficient farming runs.