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Last Epoch Target Farming: Best Methods To Target Farm Uniques & Boss Drops in LE 1.0

3/22/2024 2:38:02 PM

In the action RPG Last Epoch, effectively farming for specific gear can make a significant difference in your character's performance. Whether you're after unique items, idols, or exalted gear, knowing how to target farm is crucial. Here's a comprehensive guide on the best methods for target farming uniques and boss loots from Monolith,  Circle of Fortune, Prophecy, and other areas in Last Epoch.

Last Epoch Target Farming Guide 1.0

Last Epoch offers players various methods to target farm items, from uniques to exalted items, which are crucial for character progression. Whether you are a member of a Merchant Guild or playing Circle of Fortune, understanding how to farm effectively can vastly improve your gear and in-game experience. In this guide, we'll go over different farming techniques and offer insights on how to optimize your farming sessions.

Last Epoch Monolith Target Farming

The Monolith of Fate system is a cornerstone for target farming in Last Epoch. Here, you can focus on farming primarily uniques, idols, and even exalted items if you're lucky. Each timeline within the Monolith has specific item classes linked to it. For example, if you're after unique boots like Morning Frost, you would repetitively run the Spirits of Fire timeline.

Tips for Monolith Farming:

Identify the icon that denotes the item type you want to farm, such as boots in Spirits of Fire.

Build up with stability and corruption to delve deeper into the timeline for better rewards.

Utilize Echoes to revert completed ones and repeat high-value nodes for efficient farming.

Remember that higher corruption levels slightly increase the chance of getting Legendary Potential (LP) items.

Last Epoch Circle of Fortune Target Farming

If you're a Circle of Fortune player, you have access to different farming strategies. The Circle of Fortune offers a geographical farming advantage where you can target:

  • Armor items in the North

  • Weapons in the East

  • Trinkets and jewelry in the South

  • Idols, runes, and glyphs in the West

How to Utilize Circle of Fortune:

Complete monolith events indicated by unique icons.

Use lenses to enhance your chances of getting the Last Epoch items you want.

Stack prophecies together for more significant loot explosions.

Last Epoch Prophecy Target Farming

Prophecy farming is another powerful method where you complete specific tasks to fulfill prophecies. This system is incredibly rewarding, but it requires membership in the Circle of Fortune.

Prophecy Farming Tips:

Choose prophecies that suit your farming goals and are cost-efficient.

Roll prophecies that align with the type of items you need, using lenses to block unwanted content.

To find where specific monsters are located for prophecies, utilize the Beastiary on TunkLab.

Best Methods To Target Farm Unique Items With Bonus Rates in Last Epoch

Farming unique items and boss-specific drops is a critical aspect of target farming. For example, the Abomination in the Fall of the Outcasts drops several unique items, and familiarizing yourself with such bosses can lead to better blessings and drops. We'll explore 4 targeted methods, boosting your unique drop rates, and the benefits of both the Merchant Guild and Circle of Fortune. Plus, we'll demonstrate how upgrading items with Runes of Ascension can significantly enhance your gear.

Unique Items Drop Rates and Boosts:

Firstly, it's essential to understand how to boost your unique drop rates. You can increase your chances by up to 22% for unique items and up to 75% for targeted item drop rates. These boosts are crucial for efficient farming, and you should aim to acquire them as soon as possible.

Strategies for Unique and Boss Drops:

  • Choose timelines with increased drop chance blessings for unique items.

  • Focus on timelines with bosses that drop the items you're after.

  • Treat RNG with patience, as sometimes grind translates into better luck over time.

Farming Zones and Item Classes:

Understanding which zones drop specific item classes can save you a lot of time. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Fall of the Outcasts: Unique bows and quivers

  • Stolen Lance: Wands, scepters, staves, and catalysts

  • Black Sun: Helmets and shields

  • Blood, Frost, and Death: Body armors like Sanguinus

  • Empire’s End: Belts and gloves

  • Reign of Dragons: Swords, axes, maces, daggers, and spears

  • Last Ruin and Age of Winter: Relics, rings, and amulets

1. Targeted Farming with Echoes

The Echo system allows you to target farm specific uniques by identifying the Echo that drops the item you desire. For example, if you're after a particular wand for your Warlock build, you can pinpoint the Echo that has a higher drop rate for that item class.

How to Find Specific Uniques:

  • Use Last Epoch tools or the official website to identify where your desired item drops.

  • Search for the item and note the Echo associated with it.

  • Unlock Empowered Echoes and farm at level 100 for higher drop rates.

2. Utilizing Runes of Ascension

Runes of Ascension can be used to transform any item into a unique, potentially with legendary powers. It's a game of chance, but when paired with the Circle of Fortune, you can increase the odds in your favor.

Steps for Using Runes of Ascension:

  • Ensure you have the Circle of Fortune perk active for a chance to preserve Runes of Ascension.

  • Use a Rune of Ascension on an item to randomly reforge it into a unique.

  • Aim for items that fit your build and have high legendary potential.

3. Playing with Friends

Cooperative play offers several advantages, including the ability to trade items directly with party members. This method can be particularly effective when farming for unique items, as you can share drops to help each other complete builds more quickly.

4. Additional Methods for Solo Players

If you prefer to play solo, there are still plenty of strategies to increase your drop rates:

  • Unlock blessings with increased unique drop rates, such as from the Fall of the Outcasts or Blood, Frost, and Death Echoes.

  • Reach rank three in the Merchant Guild to purchase unique items or rank six for unique weapons with legendary potential.

  • Aim for at least rank six in the Circle of Fortune for a doubled chance of legendary potential on items.

Target farming in Last Epoch is a nuanced process that rewards strategic planning and understanding of the game's systems. By focusing on specific timelines, utilizing the Circle of Fortune, and fulfilling prophecies, you can significantly increase your chances of obtaining high-quality gear.

Whether you’re farming for unique items, exalted items, or seeking specific boss drops, the methods outlined above will help you in your quest for better loot. Remember to subscribe and stay tuned for more insights, and if you’ve got any additional tips or tricks, feel free to share them in the comments below. Happy farming, and we'll see you in the game!