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> Rocket League Freestyle Shot Guide How To Ceiling Shot Double Tap Air Dribble Flip Reset

Rocket League Freestyle Shot Guide - How To Ceiling Shot, Double Tap, Air Dribble, Flip Reset?

8/3/2021 11:12:28 AM

Freestyling is like the skateboarding of Rocket League, everybody agrees it looks cool and secretly we all want to pretend like we're freestylers but very few people actually know what they're doing when it comes to freestyling, so in this guide, famous Rocket League Youtuber SpookLuke break down his top shortcuts and tricks for every freestyle shot in Rocket League.

In this guide, we are running through the best advice to hitting the four most popular freestyle shots in Rocket League.

1. Ceiling Shot

Ceiling shots are probably the easiest shot to learn and what we would recommend is the first shot you should learn if you're a new player now. The reason is ceiling shots are the best to learn is because you don't actually need to have your car in the air for that much time, you can use the ceilings and the walls to keep your car in mid-air even if you don't have the best aerial car control. In terms of executing ceiling shots, follow theses tips to learning how to hit them better:

1) Just to get a better setup. With a lot of the other shots you can compensate for a bad setup, but ceiling shots is one of the only shots where if your setup is whack it's going to destroy the rest of the shot.Iif you hit the ball up and it hits the ceiling, it's just going to fall back down before you can even catch up to it, so what you want to do to hit ceiling shots more often is when you're setting it up try to hit the ball as close to the ceiling as possible without hitting it, so you need the ball to fly up in the air hover right around the peak like it's grazing the ceiling and then fall down. If you do that you're going to have the most amount of time to catch up to the ball and your ceiling shot is going to be the easiest to pull off.

2) To practice this what we'd recommend you do is don't go into a training pack because training packs actually ruin the setup. The best way to learn how hard you need to hit the ball for these setups is to just practice it yourself right. At the end of the day, you need to do it yourself to really get a feel for how powerful your touches are, which is another reason learning these ceiling shots is great to start out with because you'll make sure you get the setup down when you're trying to learn new shots later. So hop into free play and first things first practice just chipping the ball up and getting a good setup when it comes to the ceiling shot.

3) If you have bacchus mod another shortcut you can use to practice the setup is click up on your d-pad to put the ball on top of your car, this will allow you to just spawn the ball on the top of your car using that d-pad and then drive it up the wall to get tons of repetitions very quickly. It's the most efficient way to learn the shot.

So to recap the biggest thing when it comes to ceiling shots is just practicing the setup make sure you nail this down run it over and over again in training until you really understand the power you need to hit the ball with and it's going to make hitting ceiling shots so much more consistent for you.

2. Double Tap

Now unlike ceiling shots double taps are where aerial car control starts to come into play right because based on where the ball is going and what your read on the ball is, you're generally going to have to adjust your car a little bit either to the left or to the right to make sure that you can follow through with the double tap. To double taps, there are two main tips to hopefully help you improve this mechanic:

1) The biggest tip for double taps is to make sure you aim your first shot. The most common way we see people mess up a double tap is just making that first touch randomly and then hoping to correct for it after you get that backboard read to somehow hit a nutty angle and score the shot,  but the truth is if you want to hit double taps more consistently, you need to be aiming your first shot to give you the widest angle or in other words the easiest second touch to complete the double tap.

If you're setting up a double tap from the right side wall, generally your target should be somewhere above and to the right of that top right goal post right because, then when you follow the ball off the backward when you get that read, you're going yo have a very wide angle to complete the double. 

2) The second tip is a little bit of a quick tip. If you try to go for a double tap normally without holding down air roll when you make that first touch with the ball, your car is going to experience a sort of knock back from that collision with the ball. But for some weird reason in Rocket League, if you hold down air roll while you connect with the ball, it actually reduces the amount of knockback, your car takes so obviously look if you're spinning using air roll left and you collide with the ball um that spin is going to prevent your car from taking as much knock back. But the cool thing is if you make contact with the ball mid-air and you're just holding down neutral air roll right you're not even aerial lifting or arrow riding you're literally just holding down the air roll without spinning, you're still going to reduce the amount of knockback your car takes. So if you're ever doing a ground to double touch and if you're ever doing a ground to air dribble or really just trying to make contact with the ball in the air, but you don't want your car to spin out, try holding down arrow and see if that reduces your knockback.

3. Air Dribble

Air dribbles are on another level of difficulty, right with double taps and ceiling shots, you can kind of luck your way around it and stumble in to hitting one of these shots, but when it comes to air dribbles and flip resets, you can't really accidentally air dribble right or at least accidentally air dribble well. So here are the tips can help you do it better:

1) With every air dribble try to aim to hit the ball over the net. If you are air dribbling off the right wall, you will aim to score the ball above and to the left of the net and it's really easy to let a ball fall mid-air right and to be overshooting the net. To actually do this when you're setting up air dribbles, we recommend you follow sibel's advice: try to hit the ball in the fourth quadrant for as long as you can. If you hit the ball at this bottom part in the fourth quadrant, you're going to carry it for much longer than you would; if you hit the ball in the second or third quadrant and you're going to maintain control of your carry way longer which overall is just going to lead to a much more potent air dribble. 

Give this a shot - aim to hit the ball over the net try to keep your car in this fourth quadrant so that you're staying under the ball carrying it up the whole time.

4. Flip Reset

When it comes to flip resets we have two pretty relevant tips that we think should help you:

1) First tip to kind of shortcutting flip resets is you need to make sure you are actively seeking out the flip reset. The most common error we see when people going for flip resets is flying up to the ball and expecting the ball to land on you to get the flip reset, if you try to flip reset this way, your resets are going to be super inconsistent and whether or not you get a good reset or a good bounce is basically going to come down to chance. 

And a lot of the time you're just not going to get the reset because you won't have enough momentum pressing down on your wheels to trigger that response from the game client. So what you should be trying to do the most important thing when it comes to flip resets, you need to actually seek out the reset using the slap method. 

2) Basically all this methodology is saying is that instead of flying under the ball and letting it fall on you, you need to fly at the ball as fast as you can and then at the last second pull down on your joystick to slap your car into the ball and trigger a reset. If you can do this properly, you'll find that your resets are so much more consistent and you'll have less of those moments where you think you got a reset, but the game just never gave it to you.

So if you can put these two tips together, right catch the ball in the upswing, and use that slap method to get the reset, you're going to hit flip resets way more often than you were before.

Now with all that being said,  those are the top tips for hitting each of these different freestyle shots in Rocket League now. When you're training each of these mechanics in free play try to keep these tips in the front of your mind, just thinking about these few things is going to help you so much when it comes to actually hitting these shots consistently.