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Welcome to Buy Cheap Rocket League Items from Rocketprices.com,
a huge number of Rocket League Crates, Keys, Skins in stock.

> Congrats To 12 Winners Of Weekly Giveaway 72 Get Your Rewards Free Rl Black Market Decal On Rocketprices Now

Congrats To 12 Winners Of Weekly Giveaway 7-2, Get Your Rewards - Free RL Black Market Decal On RocketPrices Now!

12/13/2018 3:49:07 PM

It’s time to get your rewards - Rocket League Black Market Decal from RocketPrices.Com now! Congratulate 12 Lucky Winners Of Huge Weekly Giveaway 7-2 on our Youtube video!

As the rules of Giveaway 7-2, the total comments of the video is only 245 (PDT 00:00AM 6th December To PDT 24:00PM 12th December, Filter duplicate users), so 12 Winners are picked up to win the first 12 Black Market decals which were shown in 7-2 Giveaway video.

7-2 - rewards - cover - news

Now keep reading to check out the winner list and learn how to get your rewards:

Winners & Reward Details

⭐Winner 1 - Edem Kcm Reward 1

Tora (2 keys for switch player)

⭐Winner 2 - Thomas  Reward 2

Hexed (4 keys on switch player)

⭐Winner 3 - Jack Brett Reward 3

Labyrinth (4 keys on switch player)

⭐Winner 4 - Eemeli Tapiola ► Reward 4

Biomas (4 keys on switch player)

⭐Winner 5 - Daniel Amegatse Reward 5

Spectre (4 keys on switch player)

⭐Winner 6 - CanadaRL Reward 6

Parallax (6 keys on switch player)

⭐Winner 7 - Swqiino ► Reward 7

Slipstream (7 keys on switch player)

⭐Winner 8 - MagicBoii Play Reward 8

Storm Watch (8 keys on switch player)

⭐Winner 9 - RayZzeR Reward 9

Default Wet Paint (10 keys on switch player)

⭐Winner 10 - Fm_Fax Reward 10

20XX (10 keys on switch player)

⭐Winner 11 - Loess Reward 11

Heatwave (10 keys on switch player)

⭐Winner 12 - Ronald Sanden  Reward 12

Trigon (10 keys on switch player)

Check out the video of picking winners:(https://youtu.be/qdpk5yi7OiY)

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How To Get My Giveaway Rewards?

 Now watch the video or follow below steps to get your rewards of winning 5-2 Giveaway:

►1) We reply winner's original comment on our Giveaway 7-2 video and send a link to redeem the Reward Order No. on our store, for example:


►2) You access to the link and fill up your private game info on it, then click “Check” to get a Order No. (like ROC18XXXXXX) for trading reward in-game;


►3) Edit your original comment and add the Reward order No. on it, for that we can make sure you are the right winner going to take the reward;


►4) We check back your comment and get the Reward order No., send a e-mail to inform you trading in-game after confirming;


►5) Once your Reward Order confirmed, our trader will invite you in game for trading, please accept friend invite on time. You can track your Reward Order status on https://www.rocketprices.com/order anytime, or check delivery on 24/7 LiveChat;

NOTE: We never ask you pay for the Reward order and send back the items in-game after trading, please ignore anyone who ask you about the rewards Order details or send back items, Beware of being cheated!

►6) Any problem about Giveaway, please message us on Facebook (@RocketItemsPrices)