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Join New Rocket League Giveaways & Win More Free Items On RocketPrices.Com

2/18/2021 5:38:57 PM

On your reliable Rocket League Items Store - Rocketprices.Com, brand new Rocket League Item Giveaways are available, which give all players on all platforms (PC, Xbox, PS4/5, Switch) a complete free way to get painted import car bodies, black market decals & goal explosions, exotic wheels and other rare RL items! Follow us to check out how easily you can join RL Giveaways and win FREE Rocket League Items on RocketPrices.Com!

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1. Sign up an account on Rocketprices.Com, and set your game platform (if you already have an account please sign in to set up)

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5. Then you will see the group of quests you need to finish before the end of the giveaway

6. Click each quest then go to complete the required quest with “Check” button

7. When you’ve completed the required tasks within the specified time, you’ll qualify for the giveaway.

8. At the end of the giveaway, a set number of winners will be randomly selected from the contestants. 

9. Once the winners are selected then they will be announced on the GIVEAWAY and receive an email notification.

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RocketPrices.com reserves the right to decide the winners. All decisions are final. Go to join our giveaways to win Free Rocket League Items now! Also welcome to play our RL Crate Simulator for winning Free Rocket League Credits everyday & Free Rocket League Items every week!