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> Rocket League Tournaments Update On April 3 Brings Tournament Features, New Battlecar, Triumph Crate

Rocket League Tournaments Update On April 3 Brings Tournament Features, New Battle-Car, Triumph Crate

3/22/2018 12:15:54 PM

Independent video game developer and publisher Psyonix has announced that the Rocket League Tournament Update will officially appear on all platforms (subject to certification) on April 3 following a successful beta on Steam last month. In addition to the much anticipated tournament feature that allows players to create tournaments without leaving the game, the update will include a number of enhancements, including Nintendo Switch performance enhancements and various graphics quality enhancements. Psyonix has also released a brand new video titled "Tournaments Inside Look" today, which gives you a first look at the tournaments.


The Rocket League Tournaments update will bring the new mode allows players to build their own custom tournaments in which other players may participate. Everything from arenas and game modes to gamebreaking mutator, bounce level and gravity settings can be modified, allowing for a wide array of ridiculous creations for players to experience. So, for those wanting to play Hoops with a hockey puck or Dropshot with the game’s equivalent of a super ball, eat your heart out.


The full patch notes with more details will release sometime next month before the update. As for the feedback Psyonix got with the Tournaments Beta, it will be using much of it towards “V2” version of Tournaments, which it hopes to release later this year.

Rocket League Tournaments by Psyonix Main


Other important content in the tournament update:

Connection Quality Information - New notification icons that indicate connectivity issues during online games to help troubleshoot issues.

Advanced Garage Options - New options for stacking, filtering, searching, and sorting items.

Advanced Team Customization - The primary color range for battle cars has been expanded to include more shades and players can now choose between "Equip to Blue" and "Equip to Orange" for painted bodies.

Audio Enhancements - Viewer Audio has been optimized to better respond to scores, goals and important moves, and the soundtrack is now available during online and offline games.

Samurai Battle Car - New Import Battle Car available as Limited Drop in the new Triumph Box.

More Contents - Performance improvements and additional graphics settings on Nintendo Switch, New in-game music from Monstercat, and The addition of the Rocket League Triumph Crate.


Rocket League has received more than 150 awards and nominations as Game of the Year, making it one of the best rated games of its generation. Rocket League is a gripping mix of arcade football and car racing, featuring catchy controls, fluid game physics and a community of more than 43 million players. The game is available for Xbox One, the game 4 Computer Entertainment System and for Windows PC, Mac and SteamOS via Steam. Rocket League has over 100 billion possible adjustment combinations, a full off-season mode, friend and competition online matches, and special "mutators" that completely change the rules.  

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